The USDA’s Economic Research Service reports American adults are eating healthier and researching the nutrition information of their food more than ever. One sign of the healthier habits taking hold is the number of juice bars popping up across the country to meet consumer demand. More than 5,200 juice bars are currently operating in the United States, including well-known names like Nékter Juice Bar and Smoothie King

Do you have an interest in joining this trend and starting a juice bar business of your own? Then you’ll need to come up with a creative name for the business venture. I’ve come up with more than 500 creative name suggestions for juice bar businesses. Stick around until the end of the post and I share the cost estimates to get started along information about retail stores versus juice trucks

Various fruit juices are perfect for hot weather!

Juice Bar Name Ideas

Here’s a list of distinct juice bar names to kick off your brainstorming session. 

  • Fruity Fuel Co.
  • Lucky Pulp
  • The Gentle Juice
  • Flavor Me Fruity
  • Pulp Dose
  • Juicy Escape
  • Genuine Juice
  • Sunshine Queen
  • Vacay Juice
  • The Wellness Recipe
  • Fruit Fairy
  • Nature Express
  • Juice Boulevard
  • Fruit Vengeance
  • Pulp House Co.
  • Tropic Magic
  • Fruit Celebrity
  • Happy Nature
  • ReJuice N’ Rejoice
  • Golden Pulp
  • Señor Fruitas
  • Pulp Organika
  • Pixie Pulp
  • The Organic Life
  • Wellness Blvd.
  • Tropical Gals
  • Live Peachily
  • Juice O’clock
  • Fruit Minute
  • Crafty Pulp
  • Juice Masters
  • Vegan Pulp Bar
  • Viva Juice Co.
  • Uncle Marty’s Juice Bar
  • Urban Nature
  • The Fruit Scoops
  • The Nature Dream
  • Liquid Love Juice Bar
  • The Nature Cozina
  • Pulp Fusion
  • Nature Terrace
  • Juice N’ Bites
  • Mister Lemon
  • Zen Juice Station
  • 24-Carrot Juice Bar
  • The Nature Origin
  • Happy Sips
  • Glow & Grow Juice Bar
  • Sunrise Pulp
  • Berry Alive
  • Hawaiian Gem

Smoothie Shop Name Ideas

According to industry forecasts, the juice and smoothie bars industry will continue to grow over the next five years. Is your goal to open a smoothie shop? Here are some name ideas you can use. 

  • Fresh Museum
  • Blend of Paradise
  • Wellness Planet
  • Blend & Brew
  • Smoothie River
  • Busy Smoothie
  • The Fruit Tank
  • Sip Fiction
  • GigaSip Co.
  • Hippie Blends
  • 88th Block Smoothie
  • Urban Smoothie Cafe
  • Honeydew Crew
  • Nature Bucket
  • Crave Smoothie
  • The Good Straws
  • Island Berry
  • Herbs N’ Smoothie
  • Smoothie Supplier
  • Shake 2 Go
  • Detox Guru
  • The Smoothie Habit
  • Nature Momma
  • Epic Nature
  • Call It Smoothie
  • Garden’s Recipe
  • Smoothie Bliss
  • Frozen Factory
  • Tropical Refresh
  • Igloo Cafe

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  • Igloo Smoothie Cafe
  • Ice Fest Co.
  • Easy Peasy Smoothie
  • Berry Monsta
  • The Islander Smoothie
  • Blend Delights
  • Smoothie Sailor
  • Nature Machine
  • Ice N’ Pulp
  • Buzzy Berry
  • Twinkle Smoothie
  • Frozen Getaway
  • Cosmo Smoothie
  • Fruit Bomber
  • Pulp Galaxy
  • Cray Cray Smoothie
  • Fruity Mountain
  • Nature Mania
  • Mega Blend
  • Wellness Addict
  • The Zen Blend
  • Fresh Jungle

Juice Shop Name Ideas

Staff serving drinks to a customer in a juice bar.

Among the well-known juice brands in the United States include Juice Press, Pressed Juicery, and Juiceland. Here are some creative name suggestions that haven’t been taken yet. 

  • Islander Juice Co.
  • Swirl And Blend
  • Summertime Machine
  • The Sweet Life
  • Rainbow Pulp Cafe
  • Juice Lava
  • The Juice Theory
  • Triple 8 Juice
  • Fairytale Blend
  • Nature’s Potion Co
  • Squeeze N’ Drink
  • Greenville Juice Bar
  • Juice Foreva
  • Lemon Crew
  • Fruit Haven
  • Drink N’ Nourish
  • Detox Mama
  • The Genius Juice
  • Berry Capital
  • The Juice Sanctuary
  • Jumpstart Juice
  • Nirvana Juice Co.
  • Tropical Elixir Co.
  • Juice & Beyond
  • The Juice Alchemist
  • Hawaiian Alley
  • Nature’s Gallery
  • Juice Venus
  • Pulp Battalion
  • Enchanted Pulp
  • Pulp Arena
  • Glow Baby
  • Goin’ Fruity
  • Juice Chamber
  • Fine Tropic
  • Juice & Treats
  • Rise Up Pulp
  • The Juice Studio
  • Fruit & Harmony
  • Fruity Daze
  • Green Leaf Juice
  • Island Gal’s Juice Bar

Juice Shop Names in the United States

Juice and smoothie bars in the United States have shown consistent growth year after year. In 2019, there were 5,829 businesses compared to 5,655 in 2018. If you intend to open a juice shop in the Land of the Free, here are some ideas.

  • Hollywood Zen Blends
  • Cali Barley
  • Springfield Juice Co.
  • Santa Fe Juice Bar
  • Hawaiian Blends
  • Honolulu Tropical Delight
  • Little Rock Juice Co.
  • Killua Juice
  • Seattle Greenery
  • Aloha Juice Bar
  • Last Frontier Blends
  • Grand Canyon Juice
  • Golden State Juice Inc.
  • Sunshine State Juice Shop
  • Evergreen State Blends
  • Beehive Barley Juice
  • Lone Star Juice Cafe
  • Palmetto Juice & Smoothie
  • Ocean State Blends
  • Empire State Of Blends
  • Magnolia Organic Juice Co.
  • Vermont Naturals
  • Florida Vital Juice
  • Liberty Juice Cafe

Juice Shop Names in Dubai

Preparing smoothies made to order.

If you are planning to establish a juice shop in Dubai, I’ve got some ideas for you too. You can get inspiration from the following Dubai-based juice shop names like The Kana Cafe, Juice World, and Fruit Shop On Greams Rd.

  • New Dubai Organic Blends
  • Waterfront Juice & Smoothie
  • Persian Gulf Juice Cafe
  • Global Village Cafe
  • Bur Dubai Blends
  • Jumeirah Barley Juice 
  • Downtown Dubai Blends

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  • Emirate Fresh & Organic
  • Safari Juice Blends
  • Cityspace Juice Bar + Cafe
  • Doha Road Juice Co.
  • Marhaba Cafe
  • Dubai Juice Lounge
  • Juice And The Cityscape
  • The Boulevard Blends
  • Emirates Rd Cafe
  • Al Diyafah Juice Cafe
  • Jumeirah Beach Blends
  • Dubai Tropical Pulp
  • Emerald Juice & Smoothie
  • Alserkal Avenue Blends
  • Al Meydan Rd Cafe
  • Baniyas Road Smoothie

Green Juice Names

Green detox juice with ginger and mint.

If you’re selling green juice but uncertain of what to name it, I came up with the following suggestions.

  • Green Squeeze
  • Kiwi Mama
  • Green Aura Co.
  • Barley Babe
  • Kale Delight
  • Forever Green
  • Green Magic Co.
  • The Green Machine
  • Green Street
  • Rainbow’s Green
  • Kale Essence
  • Kale Squad
  • Celery Gallery
  • The Sweet Lime
  • Savage Cabbage
  • Mint To Be
  • The Green Combi
  • Kale Fusion
  • The Kiwi King
  • Kiwi Lab Juice
  • Sunny Kale
  • Green Goodness
  • Herb N’ Smoothie
  • Herbivore’s Blend
  • Herb Delight
  • Dose Of Greens
  • Marry Me Celery
  • Parsley Barley
  • The Green Recipe
  • Heavenly Green
  • Simply Green Co.
  • Garden Green Blend
  • Mint & More
  • Kale Me Juice
  • Green Glory
  • Kiwi Bomb
  • Mother Earth Blends
  • The Salad Smoothie
  • Greens & Beyond
  • Green Apple Blvd
  • Cucumber Chamber
  • Green Lemon Co.
  • That’s O-Kale!
  • Oh Kale Yeah
  • Kale-r Smoothie
  • Kale ‘Em Smoothie
  • Leafy Juice Alley
  • Avocado Studio

Tropical Juice Names

Another famous variation of healthy juices is the tropical juice made from tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango, passion fruit, and many more. Among the established tropical juice brands in the US include Simply Tropical Juice Drink and Tropicana. 

Do you have a new tropical juice to offer in the market? If so, check out these name suggestions to pair with the fruit blend.

  • Pineapple Blvd.
  • Hawaii Blends
  • Tropical Kiss
  • Taste Of Paradise
  • Surf & Blend
  • Tropical Juice Studio
  • Island Tour Blends
  • Boat Ride Juice Bar
  • Cozina Tropica
  • Mango Nirvana
  • Paradise Dew
  • Palms & Paradise Blends
  • Krazy Koko
  • Hawaiian Lush
  • Breeze And Blends
  • Island Chronicles

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  • Tropical Splash
  • Zesty Paradise
  • Lush Blends Co.
  • Tropical Bucket
  • Tropical Barley
  • Tropic Verse Juice
  • Sun Station Juice
  • Oceanside Juice Cafe
  • Happy Waves Co.
  • Marine Juice Bar
  • Breezy Coco
  • Hawaiian Club
  • Thai Blends
  • Tropical Uptown Juice
  • Fine Tropics
  • Super Tropic
  • Breeze Experience

Coffee and Juice Bar Names

Barista preparing cappuccino in a coffee shop.

Apparently, juice bars in the style of cafes are also a thing. If you ever decide on establishing one, feel free to use these creative name ideas for your coffee and juice business.

  • Greens & Coffee Grounds
  • The Fusion Cafe
  • The Nature Cafe
  • Brew And Blends
  • Robusta & Greens
  • Latte + Pulp Cafe
  • Happy Brew Co.
  • Tropical Street Cafe
  • Fresh Squeeze Cafe
  • Breeze Bar & Cafe
  • Juiceland Cafe
  • Juice Lifestyle And Coffee
  • The Organic Barista
  • Beans And Barley
  • Arctic Blend Cafe 
  • 88 Blends And Coffee
  • Glow Coffee 
  • Nirvana Coffee And Juice
  • Juice N’ Bites
  • Bean Cafe & Bistro
  • Liberica Organic Cafe

Funny Juice Bar Names

Think of different ways to make your juice bar brand unique by mixing a little wit and humor into your brand. You can use puns and tweak some words to make your brand stand out, but remember not to go overboard as to offend anyone. Here are some suggestions for funny juice bar names to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Squeeze The Day
  • Bravocado Blends
  • Juice Bee Happy
  • Guac My World
  • Orange You Glad
  • The Comfort Fruit
  • Kale-r Beets Cafe
  • The Carrot-tie Kid
  • Just Beet It
  • Kale-fornia Blends
  • Just Carrot On
  • Celery-brate Time Cafe
  • My Valen-lime Blends
  • One In A Melon
  • Citrus Got Real
  • I Guava Juice
  • Allripe For Now
  • So A-peel-ing
  • Savage Cabbage
  • Just Romaine Calm
  • You’re So Lime

Ice Cream and Juice Bar Names

Milkshake topped with ice cream and sprinkles for a sweet treat.

Besides offering healthy juices at your bar, you can also serve ice cream and milkshakes. If you’re opening an ice cream and juice bar, here are some name suggestions.

  • Arctic And Organic
  • Squeeze & Freeze
  • The Fruity Dairy
  • Flavor Galore Cafe
  • Dairies N’ Berries
  • Frosty And Blends
  • Dairy Greenery Cafe
  • Vanilla Bean And Greens
  • Organic Blends N’ Bites
  • Frozen Sweets Indulgence
  • The Sweet Course
  • Brain Freeze Gals
  • Lick N’ Bite
  • Cool Time Wonderland
  • Summertime Blends
  • Frosty Fruity Swirl
  • Swirly Snowman
  • Berry Street Cafe
  • Classic Frosty + Cafe
  • Berry Juice Bar + Creamery
  • Dairy Elixir
  • Creamy Valley
  • Icy Empire
  • The Cool Twist
  • Cozy Snowman Juice Bar
  • Splendid Frost And Blends

How Profitable is a Juice Bar?

A juice bar or shop can be a lucrative business. You can earn anywhere between $100,000 and $600,000 annually, according to reports. Profits for your business will vary depending on location, overhead costs like rent and insurance, marketing, and customer volume.

The profit margins of juice bars can be higher than those of other restaurants since labor and expenses are lower than a restaurant. There is no need for a full kitchen staff and cooking equipment won’t be running all day long. But keep in mind there will be decisions you’ll need to make that impact profitability. 

One example is the choice of whether to use organic or non-organic fruits inside smoothies. Organic fruits and vegetables are going to cost more to provide to customers. You’ll need to decide whether to increase menu prices to pass those expenses along to consumers or operate less profitably. A lot of the bars I’ve been charge a premium for organic juices.

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Juice Bar?

Customer ordering two juices.

Excluding the operational costs, startups for juice bars can cost anywhere between $25,000 and $400,000 per year. Each juice shop has varying build-out costs, location, and store sizes—this is why the estimated cost range is so wide ranging. 

For instance, leasing a space that needs little remodeling will keep costs low. However, if you want to renovate your space completely, the price would be much higher after investing in permits, furniture, tables, blenders, and other equipment. Here I’ll explain some of the factors that can influence startup costs of a juice bar.

  • Independent or Franchise – Choosing to open a franchise of a popular juice or smoothie business like Smoothie King or Nékter Juice Bar is an excellent way to build recognition and branding for your new business. However, the cost of a franchise will raise your startup costs, and you will have to pay royalties on an ongoing basis. Going independent, on the other hand, helps you retain more profit. But you’ll be in charge of 100% of the branding and processes of the business. 
  • Starting a juice business from home – The number of entrepreneurs running their businesses from home is rising. If you prefer to do business at home, you can actually turn your kitchen into a juice factory (of course, with the proper permits and inspections for a cottage food business), and sell your products online with delivery or at local markets.
  • Juice Cart, Kiosk, or Juice Truck – By nature, juice bars need very little space. In lieu of a brick and mortar, think about a mobile business like a juice cart or food truck. You can start the business much more between $40,000 – $70,000 with a truck or kiosk-style location as opposed to a retail store location.

A juice bar is a smart business idea for an operator that’s passionate about health, wellness, and customer service. Consumers are gravitating toward healthier, plant-based foods, and they desire products that are good for their health and the environment. There’s never been a better time than now to open a healthy juice bar.