The bar sector generates more than $23 billion each year and that figure will likely increase in 2022. Americans can’t resist a good party. And considering the past couple years, they deserve to chance to let loose and get their groove on. 

You’ve probably seen bars serving liquor drinks during events, commonly called mobile or portable bars. Mobile bars come in various forms, from a plank resting on beer kegs with a table cloth over to converted horse trailers to fully built-out mobile bars. These services are often flexible offering professional bartenders or cocktail enthusiasts the chance to take their show on the road without all the overhead of a traditional bar. 

Looking to DIY your mobile bar truck? Take the first step by identifying a creative business name that will be unforgettable to any party-goers… even the morning after. Attract the event planners and customers with these more than 300 creative mobile bartending business names. Stick around until the end of this post and I share each step you’ll need to open a mobile bartending business. 

Mobile Bartending Name Ideas

On-site bartenders deliver a different experience for guests. Live bartenders mixing, garnishing, and serving alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks during events can make your event stand out. Politely helping guests to be aware of choosing drinks menu items is a delightful way to impress, especially if you’re serving cocktails. However, nothing beats an excellent service paired with an intriguing name for the business. Get drunk on these suggestions.  

  • Hard Served
  • Mix To Haven
  • Shaken Glass
  • Wicked Cocktails 
  • Fiery Savor Wheels
  • Shake It Up
  • Steel Shaker
  • Tipsy Wheels
  • Portable Mixer
  • Cocktail Muncher
  • Drink Dealer
  • Fun Punch
  • Weekend Daze
  • The Wet Creator
  • Quested Drink
  • Round Glass
  • Mamita Barita
  • Hired Mixer
  • Flip and Sip
  • The Forerunner
  • Urban Mixologist
  • Main Tapster
  • Barman Control
  • Tapper Man
  • Glass Top
  • The Evening Barkeeper
  • Bombarded Boys
  • The Public Ace
  • CupBop
  • Wheeled Drink
  • Sweet Martini
  • Dazed Ice
  • Mobile Mix
  • Road Drinkers
  • Wet Cart
  • Shunky Town
  • Drunk Party Town
  • Cherry Isle
  • Island Coco
  • Bars and Cars
  • The Alternatives
  • Hot Punch
  • Punk Toper
  • Inside Soused
  • Punch Insider
  • Juicehead Servers
  • Bootleg Steward
  • Busboy Tipsers

Mobile Bar Names

Are you planning to serve drinks from a mobile bar? You could convert a horse trailer or concession trailer or order a prefabricated unit. Browse the possible name ideas this type of bartending business below. 

  • Bar Sider
  • Drink Wheeler
  • Tot Gizmo
  • Spot Libation
  • Aero Booze
  • All Round Bar
  • Itinerant Soda
  • Wild Rover
  • Cup and Street
  • Wandered Spirit
  • Migrant Bar
  • Stray Bar and Grill
  • Yielded Bar
  • Sour Pint
  • Mint and Lemon
  • Wheeled Cocktail
  • Road Tosser
  • Angled Bar
  • Tin Jam
  • Steel Corner
  • Travellers Booze
  • Aero’s Tavern
  • Site Lounge
  • Light Barrel
  • Spurred Mocktail
  • Temperance Juice
  • Street Saloon
  • Wheeled Bistro
  • Migrant Brewery
  • Pinta Tonic
  • Coupe Refresher
  • Stray Pub
  • Trail Mix
  • Pacific Boulevard
  • Chilled Fusion
  • The Wild Concoction
  • Alco-HALL
  • Hooch Blend
  • Peg Infusion
  • Road Top Mixers
  • Road Runner Fusers
  • Old Road Bevie
  • Drinks and Town Drivers
  • City Strikers
  • Rural Daze Infusion
  • Running Pub
  • Mobile Runners
  • Gin Wheelers
  • Pandora Corner
  • Roads, Wine, and Vine
  • Parked Hostelry
  • Unprohibited Drinks

Fun Bartending Names

Bartender serving a cocktail.

Adding humor to your name helps break the awkwardness between the guest and bartender. Of course, the booze helps with that too. Put a smile on the face of party-goers by choosing a funny name for your bartending business. 

  • Drink Witch
  • Ride a BOOZE 
  • Beer Toast Masters
  • Alcohol Scientist
  • That’s Grape
  • The Devil’s Drink
  • Twerk It Like Tequilla
  • Lord Of The Beers 
  • Hangover Pub 
  • Freezing Glass
  • Spicy Boozer
  • Alcohol Billz
  • The Punch 

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  • BAR Exam
  • Wild Escapade
  • Rusty Brewery
  • Wet Barrel
  • Glass Juicer
  • Manual Drink Mixer
  • Fifth Road
  • Potion Hideout
  • Wasted Bartender
  • Robbed Club
  • All Day Drunk
  • Drink Facilitator
  • Old Time Liberty
  • Past Time Former
  • The BREWms Men
  • Party Collada
  • Roadtime Bar
  • Tiki Tok
  • Young Dazzler
  • Shake Shacker
  • Bar Haven
  • The Magician
  • The Glass Doctor
  • Just the Bar
  • Drink that Drive
  • Mixed Mixes
  • No Permanent Trip
  • Tipsers Rent
  • Mix For Lease

Bartending Company Names

Bartending schools (Yes, it’s a thing.) provide training for bartenders to make mixed beverage recipes, identify liquor types, use bar equipment, tap beer kegs, and industry legalities. In order to stand out in a competitive market, a unique bartending company name is also essential. 

  • Glass Royalties
  • Green Bottles
  • Mid Urban Empire
  • 45th Rounders
  • Barmaid Founder
  • Sharp Busboys
  • Doorman Road
  • All Time Mixer
  • Leekour Masters
  • Fine Winer
  • Dry Sparklers
  • Fire and Faze
  • Mix Glazer
  • Cocktail Club
  • Funky Town Co.
  • Drink Cartridge
  • The Booze Corner
  • The Bartending Co.
  • Drink Excursion
  • Une Pinte Alcohol Mix
  • Barmaid Corner
  • English Socialites
  • Fine Mixer
  • Elite Fusion
  • Chaser Agent
  • Glass Wheeler-dealer
  • Cup Steward
  • Oak Hustle
  • Plastic and Metal
  • Smooth Rock
  • Thrash Bookers
  • Blend Collectives
  • Spicy Tonic Fusion
  • Fused and Pull 
  • Local Point
  • Side Hustlers
  • Midnight Revolution
  • Black Alley
  • Old Den
  • Tank Bevvy
  • Fine Gauge
  • Outdoor Gaze

Female Bartender Names

Who runs the mobile bar? GIRLS!

Did you know 58.7% of all Bartenders are women in the United States? Feel free to use some of the female bartender names I provided below if you need an alter ego. 

  • Mocktail Hostess
  • English Barmaid
  • Lass Barkeeper
  • Glass Nanny
  • Drink Attendant
  • Red Hostess
  • Punk Stewardess
  • Dependent Mixer
  • Beverage Sculptress
  • Booze Maiden
  • Tope Heroin
  • Brewery Clerk
  • Lady Spiker
  • Bottle Hugger
  • Lady Spirit
  • Gin Stealer

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  • Rosé Server
  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Drink Consort
  • Concoction Goddess
  • Glass Girl
  • Drink Vixen
  • Godmother Mixer
  • Bottle’s Wife
  • Spirit Heroine
  • Urban Countrywoman
  • Drink Falcon
  • Shaker Queen
  • Liquid Persephone
  • Spice Merchants
  • Thirst Heather

Horse Trailer Bar Names

Horse trailer transformed into a mobile bar.

Did you know that you can innovate and transform a horse trailer into a profitable mobile bar? Primarily, a horse trailer is used to transport horses, but you can outfit these to create unique events.  

  • Glasses and Rooks
  • Booze Kick
  • Flaming Flying Drinks
  • Ride And Sober
  • Drunk Mobile
  • Outskirts and Corkscrew
  • The Tipsy Rider Bar
  • The Travelling Butler
  • Nomad’s Cocktails
  • Riding Tavern
  • The Wheeled Mixer
  • Wild and Wooden
  • Pint’s Mixes
  • Restored Caravan
  • Pub on Wheels
  • Cozy Saddle
  • Wild n’ Paradise
  • Four Wheeled Bar
  • Trailed Bar
  • Intoxicating Van
  • Cart Brewery
  • Vintage Hub
  • Covert Bottle Station
  • Chilled Van
  • Thick Edge
  • Swave Rave
  • Brew and Malt
  • Poshed Bin
  • Drunken Rover
  • Stray Tipsers
  • Rustic Avenue
  • Saloon’s on the Go
  • Dispensing Barrel
  • Moving Counter
  • Rhum Yard
  • Sparkling Brewery
  • Musty Cellar
  • Popping Bottles
  • Out of Nowhere
  • Tipsy Dressage
  • Tinky Drinky
  • Vivid Liquids
  • Old Cellar
  • Vibrant Hallucinations
  • Alcohol Free Mixes
  • Riding Vixen
  • Steels and Logs
  • Topsy Drinkers
  • Landed Servers
  • The Kicked Spirits
  • Horseshoe Bottle
  • Old Mix In’s
  • The Reusables
  • Old Time Road
  • Wheels and Horses
  • Drunk Top

Barmaid Names

Barmaids are referred to as female bartenders who are making and serving alcoholic beverages. It’s a bit of a throwback term that I don’t think I’ve ever used in real life. 

  • Rosa Serbedora
  • Sizzling Curls
  • Madam Milagrosa 
  • Sister Skirt
  • Miss Serbesa
  • Lady Marmalade
  • Girl Mixer
  • Glass Daughter
  • Ol Daisy
  • Bottle Mistress
  • Sweet Apple
  • Darling Mix
  • Adorable Tessa
  • Miss Agua
  • Sola Prima
  • Madonna Booze
  • Madam Ruby
  • Le Lita
  • Mi Aura
  • Fancy Chiqa
  • Bottle Bonita
  • Drink Usherette
  • Cocktail Pilgrim
  • Red Soul Sister
  • Mixes Blithe
  • Bar Gal
  • Jewel Mixer
  • Glass Enchantress

Steps to Start a Mobile Bar Business

Mobile bar in a garden event.

About $75,000 annually is the average revenue of a mobile bar. Due to the increasing demand, venturing into the mobile bar business is a wise choice. Parties, celebrations, weddings, and private events are increasingly being held in non-traditional locations, such as fields, parks, flower fields and barns.

This can be a profitable business that can be started on a strict budget if you’re a little scrappy. For example you can buy a used horse trailer between $15,000 – $25,000. Of course, you’ll need need to outfit the trailer and convert it into a bar, which will run another $10,000 – $20,000. 

Here’s the basic steps you’ll need to take to start a mobile bartending business.

Plan your business.

Create a business plan for mobile bartending service. In order to acquire an idea of how much it would cost to open a bartending business, you should create a business plan that details everything you need to get started. This could include taps, a sign, lights, 3-compartment sink, refrigeration, ice maker, blender, shaker, and POS system to name a few. Don’t forget about the cost of insurance either. 

Don’t forget to research the cost of business and liquor licenses as well. Often, you may need to get a temporary liquor license to legally serve at events. These licenses could cost anywhere from a $100 to a few thousand depending on where you plan to vend.

Add up your expected revenues and expenses and then calculate how much money you have to spend on equipment to get your business off the ground.

Doing this will help you determine whether or not you will require a loan. Set the goals and vision of your mobile bar business and take everything that is necessary for starting your own. Before its registration, this is the time where you can think of your possible business name, location, theme, and so on. Choose a unique concept that helps you stand out from your competitors. 

Determine business structure and register.

Before registering your business, you’ll need to determine the structure. You could create a  partnership, sole-proprietorship, LLC, or corporation. This will make your mobile bartending service a real business in the eyes of the government. Learn more about creating an LLC for your mobile bar business here. 

Get An Alcohol Permit. 

To offer beer, wine, and hard liquor to the general public, you must have a liquor license in every state. Beer and wine are typically served in different establishments from liquor, which necessitates a separate license. To sell hard liquor in most states there will be stricter requirements.

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Depending on your state’s laws, you may be required to provide financial statements and a business plan as part of the application process. If you plan to start a mobile bartending business in your county or city, you may also need to obtain additional permits. Before you get started, be sure you have all the necessary licenses in place.

Invest in Tools and Vehicles

Glasses of all shapes and sizes are essential for your mobile bar, along with the bar itself and the equipment needed to hold and serve beer. Along with the aforementioned tools, you’ll also require a truck and trailer and a variety of cocktail shakers and electric blenders.

It’s easier for mobile bartenders to go from one place to another if they use vehicles that are hybrid bars/vans or trucks rather than bars on rollers. In order to maximize your profit margin, you must choose the type of transportation and bar-type that will allow you to move from one location to another. Of course, you don’t want to skimp on equipment either. This mobile bar will be a reflection of your brand.

Select your mobile bar station.

Choose a vehicle, van, or horse trailer that fits your budget and goal. Make sure to evaluate if your preferred vehicle helps increase the functionality of your bartending business. Take into consideration that the spaces must have enough spaces for liquors, glasses, shakers, and other bartending equipment. Spending a little more on a higher quality mobile bar station will often save you in repetitive maintenance and time in the future. 

Find your best bartender.

In order for your business to get on top of the game, an aesthetic counter is only a tiny piece of factor to attain success.  You also need to hire a bartending staff that possesses great qualities, experience, and credentials. If you’re just getting started this is probably you!

How to stock your mobile bar.

For a variety of drinks and mixes to sell at your bar, you’ll need to find alcohol wholesalers who can actually provide you with all the necessary drinks that you need. This could include beer, wine, gin, whiskey, or vodka depending on your menu and specialty. One place you can find lower cost alcohol is Costco and other discount retailers that sell on volume. 

You can also find local discount merchants, microbreweries, and internet wholesale distributors that sell alcohol to businesses. In the future as you grow the business, supplier contracts might help you manage your business more effectively and enhance your bottom line you expand into multiple units. 

Market your business. 

Showcase photos of your mobile bar at events on social media to increase discoverability. Every time you serve at an event it’s a new free marketing opportunity. Not only do your guests discover your service, but they may promote your cart using their social media accounts too. Feel free to reach out to event planners and give them a discount if they refer you to their clients as another proven marketing strategy.