Outside of seeing your food truck from time to time, how visible is your food truck to potential customers? To maintain stable growth and healthy business, you may need to boost your visibility to attract customers; and hopefully a steady stream of new customers showing up at your service widow. Because of this, today we’ll discuss three ways for food truck vendors to attract new customers to your truck.

3 Ways To Attract New Customers To Your Food Truck

Pay Attention To The Competition

As you work to attract new customers to increase your food truck’s customer base, it pays to look around and see how your competitors are marketing their mobile food business.

For example, do you see your competitor’s press releases in the local newspaper? Familiarity helps breed trust. If your potential customers see your competitor’s name every time they open the paper they are becoming the food truck name, they trust.

Are your competitors taking out ads on Facebook or regularly publishing on LinkedIn? Do competitors deliver samples for potential customers? Keeping up with the competition when it comes to marketing your food truck may level the playing field. If your competitors consistently engage in a set of marketing initiatives, it may be an indication that the initiatives are paying off.

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Team Up With Local Businesses

When food trucks partner with other local business it usually leads to a win-win situation for both businesses. In a mutual agreement, both businesses may be able to benefit from a ready-made clientele. For example, if you’re food truck owner, you can partner with bar owner in your area. If you provide catering services, you can partner with an office complex. The possibilities are endless, and may help you both attract customers to your respective businesses.

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Quality, Quality, Quality

Ultimately, if you’re serious and want to attract new customers to your food truck, it helps to pay attention to the quality of your product and services. Giving customers a quality experience may help you generate two outcomes: repeat customers and customer referrals. Both are indispensable avenues for growing your mobile food business.

The Bottom Line

As research shows, repeat customers spend 67 percent more than new customers. So retaining existing customers is a great way to improve your average ticket totals. On the other hand, customer referrals may be one of the most cost effective sources attract new customers to your service window.

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