It is a good idea to prepare your food truck staff for emergencies. Do your employees know what to do in case of a food truck emergency? What if there’s an explosion, a fire, or another type of emergency in or around your truck? Your employees need to understand what their roles are in the event of an emergency. You need to train your staff in every possible emergency scenario.

How To Respond During A Food Truck Emergency

Whether an accident happens to a co-worker or one of your truck’s customers, your staff needs to know how to respond. Here are a few steps you and your staff should take.

  • Take care of the injured individual immediately; try to reduce any discomfort and embarrassment the individual may feel due to the accident.
  • Treat the individual with respect by being courteous and helpful.
  • If possible, take the individual away from the area where the incident occurred.
  • If the injury occurs to a customer and he’s alone, ask whether he would like to call someone or if you may make a call on his behalf.
  • Ask the individual to describe what caused the accident.
  • Let the individual decide whether he needs an ambulance or medical treatment. If they are unconscious, immediately call 911.

Medical Aid

Situations may arise where medical attention is required while emergency responders are on the way. Have staff members trained in CPR and first-aid procedures, and supply work areas with a fully stocked first-aid kit. Contact agencies such as the Red Cross to provide the training as well as additional tips for your food truck.

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The Bottom Line

A food truck emergency situation can arise at virtually anytime. Because of this, it’s important for the safety of your employees and customers to develop emergency procedures. These procedures should be based on the locations your truck parks, as well as generic occurrences like generator failures or inclement weather.

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