Growing a catering business is no easy task food truck vendors. The biggest problem is that they are responsible for wearing multiple hats. From driving to staff training, from cooking to marketing. Marketing for for your food truck catering, can be a challenge, because you have to know which events are right for your food truck and how to get more catering jobs.

Consider these tips to land more catering jobs for your food truck business and watch it grow.

Get More Catering Jobs For Your Food Truck

Get To Know Your Market

Understand your target customers and plan ways to reach these individuals. Although it may seem on the surface that it would be easier to market a food truck catering business that could provide anything that any potential customer might want, you can actually target your marketing more effectively and reach more potential customers if you narrow down your specialty and look for a specific type of client.

Approach Event Venues

Talk with the management of local venues that host events. Museums, schools, religious institutions, private clubs, concert halls, theaters, sports arenas, and many other places host events. The people at these venues who book and coordinate events are in position to recommend you to potential customers. Some venues may be interested in a formal relationship, taking you on as their official caterer. Also consider to venues that rent out their space to the public. These locations are great to forge a mutually beneficial relationship of cross-promotion.

Network Frequently

Get to know people in your area who may be looking for caterers. Let them know about the services you offer in order to hire you for the event. If your food truck specializes in wedding catering, get to know bakers who specialize in wedding cakes, and if you specialize in meals using sustainable ingredients, network with local environmental groups.

Use Local Event Calendars

Sign up for notifications from local event calendars to alert you when major events are approaching in your area. This gives you an opportunity to take the initiative and approach the event organizer yourself. You can submit a proposal or call and offer to cater the event at a competitive rate.

Build Online Presence

Create a strong online presence and update it regularly. Launch a n attractive website with professional photographs of your food and your events. Use social media to keep past customers current on exciting events. Build an email list. Post a blog that provides information about different types of food you are exploring, and provides information that helps potential customers navigate the process of hiring and working with your food truck.

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The Bottom Line

Catering can be a satisfying and profitable revenue stream for food truck owners. But marketing and getting more catering jobs can be tricky. Unlike restaurants, which largely stay in one place and attract nightly customers through a consistent presence, food trucks often rely on intermittent events such as weddings. As a caterer, food truck vendors can get more catering jobs by patiently and effectively building your brand, and by choosing a specialty and then seeking opportunities to connect with customers who fit into the appropriate demographic.

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