The results for the Hot Dog Vendor for 2017 are in. Topping all other contestants with the most votes out of the over 90,000 votes collected over the last two weeks, congratulations goes out to Natedogs out of Minneapolis, MN for winning our 2017 Hot Dog Vendor of the Year Contest!


Nathan Beck is a professional singer and self-taught chef. He loves to sing and he loves to cook. But more than that he loves to inspire and encourage others to cook and to sing and to enjoy all the small moments in life. Like enjoying a good hot dog.

He developed this love for hot dogs from his dad and from a lifetime of trips to the MN State Fair where he can enjoy delicious foot long hot dogs. He started up his cart in May of 2011 and has been a busy man ever since.

Natedogs features all-natural, locally sourced hot dogs and bratwurst. You can find him in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. When asked if he could describe his cart in one word, he said it would be “Serving”. Whatever he does with the cart, he wants it to be about serving the community first. Not only serving food, but serving people.

We’ll learn more about the Natedogs and their award-winning cuisine in the near future and report back to you.  Congratulations to Natedogs and their enthusiastic voters/diners!

Rounding out our top 5 Hot Dog Vendors for 2017 are:

2. Yeti Dogs Anchorage, AK

3. Small Time Hot Dogs – Winona, MS

4. Victory Dogs – Medford, OR

5. Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs – Buffalo, NY

We would like to thank all of the competitors as well as all of our readers who voted for in our 2017 hot Dog Vendor of the Year contest.