The results for the Best Food Truck Graphics for 2017 are in. Topping all other contestants with the most votes out of the over 8,600 votes collected over the last two weeks, congratulations goes out to Souped Up out of Buffalo, NY for winning our 2017 Best Food Truck Graphic Contest!

Souped Up

Souped Up is Buffalo’s first and only gourmet soup and sandwich truck. According to their website: Soups for all seasons. Soup is often thought of as comfort food for cold weather, they showcase how diverse soup can be.  From light gazpachos to hearty stews, from chicken noodle to coconut curry, there’s something to please every palate throughout the year. Their niche is taking what people like to eat, no matter the season, and turning it into a soup, they call that food for the soul.

We’ll learn more about the Souped Up team and their award-winning design in the near future and report back to you.  Congratulations to Souped Up and their enthusiastic voters/diners!

Rounding out our top 5 Food Truck Graphic Designs for 2017:

2. Holyoke Hummus – Holyoke, MA

3. Twisted Catfish – Houston, TX

4. OffBeat Eatz – Houston, TX

5. Galaxy Donuts – Seattle, WA

We would like to thank all of the competitors as well as all of our readers who voted for in our 2017 Best Food Truck Graphic Contest.