Winter is here, which means that people are bundling up to keep the cold at bay. You can help keep your customers warm while they stand in line at your food truck. Today we’ll share some portable equipment, cold weather promotional products and tips to help. The tips and equipment are functional, the merchandise is stylish and is a great way to get your brand out there and help your customers warm and cozy.

10 Ways To Keep Your Customers Warm

Portable Heating Equipment

  • Wall Mounted Patio Heaters. Commercial patio heaters can make your food truck line a comfortable destination for customers in the winter. Most manufacturers offer a number of options for truck wall mounting depending upon your tastes and budget. These include natural gas, electric and propane heaters.
  • Portable Heaters. When the cold weather hits, portable heating units can be placed on sidewalks or adjacent to your truck to keep customers warm and toasty.

Branded Merchandise

  • Fleece Hoodie. A high quality and cozy fleece hoodie sweatshirt is a winter staple for a reason. There is almost nothing more comforting than waking up in a cold morning and wrapping yourself in a comfortable sweatshirt. Fashionable and functional, these pieces are an excellent offering for valued customers.
  • Scarf. Scarves are a key part of winter and fall fashion. Both fashionable and functional, they keep your neck warm so you can stay healthy and warm all season long. By offering customers cold weather products such as these, you both advertise and help them stay toasty and comfortable.
  • Winter Hat. Hats are always in style year round but are especially great in the winter. You can also offer them in a variety of colors to match your food truck brand.
  • Mugs. There’s nothing better during the winter than a hot mug of tea or coffee. In fact, nearly everyone owns and uses mugs year round regardless. They are definitely great promotional products worth investing in.
  • Blankets. Who doesn’t love to be wrapped in a warm and soft blanket in the dead of winter? Offer customers the ultimate in soothing comfort with some thick and pleasant winter blankets. They’ll be glad for it when the winter gets freezing cold.

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Customer Warming Tips

  • Keep A Shovel And Salt On Your Truck. Thanks to winter being here, most parking lots and walkways are likely topped with a lovely coat of white snow that could cost you a pretty penny if you don’t clear it quickly. Food truck customers do not want to stand in a pile of snow while waiting to place their order. Why would they stand in a snow drift in front of your truck when they can go inside and order at a restaurant?
  • Keep The Area Near Your Truck Clear Of Ice And Snow. Property owners face legal obligations to keep their property clean, safe, and ice-free. Even if you park in an area you don’t own, if you fail to shovel a sidewalk or other public walkway, and someone slips and falls, you could potentially face a lawsuit.
  • Serve Coffee Or Other Warm Drinks To Customers. You may not normally sell coffee, but if you offer it as a way to keep your customers warm, they will be more willing to stay in line longer. Have an employee pass out small cups of coffee if the line gets long and even offer them the opportunity to get a large coffee if they buy one of your promotional branded coffee mugs (see above).

The Bottom Line

Customers are your food truck’s lifeblood. Without them, you don’t have a business at all. Use these suggestions and tips to keep your customers warm while they wait in line at your truck. If done properly your winter business sales can skyrocket.

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