You know that point when you realize you forgot something crucial (in a discussion, in an order, etc…), but it’s too late to do anything about it? That’s the oh shit moment nobody wants to confront, but eventually, every food truck owner will need to apologize for a mistake. Here are four steps to take when it’s your turn.

How To Recover From An Oh Shit Moment

  • Admit the mistake. Fessing up expedites the recovery process. People respect honesty and integrity and, with time, your mistake will be ancient history. While it’s tempting to shirk responsibility or slink away, it only makes matters worse.
  • Take action. This brings us to the next step in the recovery process. Now that you’ve acknowledged your mistake and taken responsibility for it, it is time to get back to work, doing whatever we can to fix the problem or, at the very least, making certain it will not happen again.
  • Try to laugh at yourself. If it’s appropriate, go ahead. Joking around gives others permission to do the same. After all, nobody wants to work for someone who take themselves
    too seriously.
  • Reframe the discussion. People will want to talk about the mistake forever. Give the blunder its due, but refocus the conversation on what matters most: moving forward.

We all make mistakes, and you have the power to choose whether to show integrity by being honest and owning up to those mistakes, or pretend that you’re perfect by covering your mistakes up. Adopting these practices may not make mistakes any less embarrassing, but it will help prevent disasters and ensure that you don’t make the same mistake twice.

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