Returning customers are the life-blood of a food truck business, and each and every return customer starts off with a first visit to your service window. Don’t forget that returning customers are so more than just repeat customers. Returning requires an active decision and action on the part of an individual. Return customers will go out of their way to do business with you.

So what can you do to ensure those first time customers come back a second or third time. Your food and service can be great, but if that is where you stop thinking about keeping a customer returning for more, you are missing some opportunities.

The Secret To Turning First Timers Into Returning Customers

So how do you know it’s a customer’s first visit? Your service window attendant’s welcoming statement should gather information so they can tailor the service and make the visit special. This can be done quickly and easily with one question.

Have you been here before?

Whatever the customer’s answer, this is the opportunity to give more information about your food truck menu, how long you’re been open, best way to find your truck.

Service for first timers may need to be a little different to what’s offered to your returning customers:

  • Share information in small chunks, rather than one long speech at the beginning. Take several opportunities to talk about the specials, the menu, the beverage choices and any up coming special events.
  • Gather contact details. Hand each new customer a small card asking for their email address. Ask and you may receive…don’t ask and you’ll never be able to start a customer list.
  • Offer other ways to stay in touch. If you have a Website, Facebook Page or Twitter account (which you should have), make sure they’re on the menu board and on your food truck’s wrap. You’ll be surprised how many customers will check them out before they even get their order.
  • Send them off with a souvenir. This can be a business card and a copy of the menu. You never know where this marketing literature will end up or who else may get to see them. Also, remind them about your website and social media accounts: “They’re on the card and on the menu”.
  • Follow up with an email. Remember how you already got it (see item two on this list). Food truck owners I have spoken with and send feedback forms to all of the customers who join their mailing list. In most cases they tell me they get between 50-75% of them returned with positive or constructive feedback. Set apart about 30 minutes a week to send your new customers a feedback form.

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The Bottom Line

Use these suggestions to help bolster the number of returning customers to your food truck. In doing this, you will also gain word of mouth marketing that these new loyal customers will provide…all free of charge.

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