When speaking about customer passion, do you think of customer passion for your brand? Or your passion for your customers? I think most people would assume the former, but you can’t have that without the latter.

A passionate customer base is attainable for every food truck. Developing customer passion is all about creating engagement with your customer. It’s a relationship built over time as consumers’ thoughts and feelings about your food truck are positively reinforced.

Customer passion doesn’t just happen; it has to be built over the long-term. Let’s look at what causes customer passion:

  • Consistent experience

  • Brand identification

  • Trust

Build Your Sales With Free Customer Passion

Have you ever loved a product or service so much that you couldn’t wait to tell everyone you know about it? All over the web, people’s passion for delectable food has led them to share their love via YouTube videos Yelp, blog posts, Twitter and Facebook. These natural spokespeople have created valuable buzz and helped in the exponential growth of sales in the mobile food industry, and the best part, it’s all for free.

Find your most devout customers and ask them to rave on their blogs or create Facebook groups in support of your food truck. If there are already natural spokespeople out there singing your mobile businesses praises, harness that customer passion for free.

To build customer passion, you have to be consistent in meeting your customer’s needs, but you have to be tuned into what your local marketplace sees as value.

What other ways can food truck owners use customer passion to build their mobile food empires? We’d love to hear your thoughts. You can share them in the comment section below or on social media. Facebook | Twitter