Do you need evidence that you and your food truck staff must verify food truck orders from your customers? In a recent survey conducted by SMG Benchmark Database, it was confirmed that when a server repeats a customer’s order back to them, it ensures the order was heard correctly and has a significant positive impact on the customer’s experience.

When an order is repeated the customers were found to be satisfied 82 percent of the time versus the 60 percent satisfaction when an order was not repeated. You have one chance to get the order right; otherwise, that customer might not return.

How To Verify Food Truck Orders

  • Order System. You need to utilize an accurate order-entry system. This can include a paper ticket system or Point of Sale (POS) software.
  • Training. Train staff to complete their tasks correctly and efficiently the first time.
  • Verification. Verify food truck orders for accuracy during and after order production.
  • Double Check. Ensure the food is what the customer wanted.
  • A Final Check. Verify that every item the customer expects is present, including bread, sides, napkins and utensils. Whenever possible, go over the order with the customer at the point of pick-up.

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The Bottom Line

Verifying a customer’s order is a simple way to improve accuracy and minimize the number of problems your customer experiences. When an order was repeated the survey found that only 7 percent of the orders had problems versus the 20 percent that occurred when the orders were not repeated back to the customer.

Do you verify food truck orders at your truck? Are there other tips you would suggest to those who don’t yet? Share your thoughts in the comment section below or social media. Facebook | Twitter