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For today’s Did You Know fun food facts we will look at Cranberry fun facts.

Cranberry Fun Facts: Algonquin Indians were among the first to harvest wild cranberries. They used them for food, medicine, and as a symbol of peace.

  • November 22 is National Cranberry Relish Day.
  • There are several theories as to the origin of the name ‘cranberry.’ One is that the open flowers look like the head of a crane; another is that cranes like to these sour berries.
  • Americans consume 400 million pounds of cranberries each year. 20 percent are eaten during Thanksgiving week.
  • In 1994 the Cranberry was made the official state berry of Massachusetts.
  • The cranberry is one of three fruits native to North America. The other two are the Concord grape and the blueberry.
  • There are approximately 333 cranberries in a pound, 3,333 cranberries in one gallon of juice, 33,333 cranberries in a 100-pound barrel.
  • Cranberry juice contains a chemical that blocks pathogens that cause tooth decay
  • 90% of all cranberries are wet harvested. The bog is flooded then a great big eggbeater knocks the berries off the vine. They float up to the top of the water where they are scooped up.
  • Cranberries can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one month, or in the freezer for up to nine months.
  • In 1868 a standard 100 lb. barrel of cranberries sold for $0.58 in Philadelphia, PA.

Cranberry Fun Facts We May Have Missed

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Reference: Wikipedia facts about Cranberries.

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