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For today’s Did You Know we will look at Potato Chip fun facts.

Potato Chip Fun Facts: Potato chips are American’s favorite snack food. They are devoured at a rate of 1.2 billion pounds a year.

  • A chef reportedly invented potato chips in 1853, but he wasn’t trying to make the world’s best snack food. Chef George Crum sent the paper-thin potatoes cooked until they were crisp to a customer in his Saratoga Springs restaurant who complained that his fries were too thin. “Saratoga Chips” became a menu favorite, but potato chips didn’t gain widespread popularity until they were mass-produced in the 1920s.
  • March 14th is Potato Chip Day!
  • When the United States entered World War II, potato chips were declared a “nonessential food” that had to halt production immediately.
  • Potato chip bags are only partially filled for a reason: The additional space adds cushioning to prevent breakage.
  • On September 13, 2013, Corkers Crisps set a new world record for the largest single bag of potato chips. The bag measured 18 feet tall and comfortably housed more than 2,515 pounds of chips.

Potato Chip Fun Facts We Missed

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Reference: Wikipedia: Fun Facts about Potato Chips.

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