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Ravioli Fun Facts: Ravioli are type of filled pastas that are sealed between 2 layers of thin dried dough. Some ravioli served with beef or cheese and added with tomato, tomato-meat, or tomato-cheese sauce.

  • The earliest mention of Ravioli or raviolo (singular) comes from the writings of Francesco di Marco, a merchant of Venice in the 14th century.
  • March 20th is National Ravioli Day.
  • Typically, ravioli are boiled and served with a rich sauce, although some parts of Italy bake their ravioli in cream sauces after boiling them.
  • All ravioli starts with a pasta dough, typically made by mixing egg, flour, salt, olive oil, and water. The dough is kneaded and worked to a smooth, moist consistency, and then allowed to rest while the filling is made.
  • The filling is usually cooked and mixed with egg so that it stays together, and after it cools the dough is rolled out into a flat sheet to make ravioli. Small spoonfuls of dough are placed approximately half an inch (one and a half centimeters) apart before another sheet of rolled out dough is carefully placed on top. A ravioli rolling pin is rolled over the two pieces of dough and the filling, sandwiching the filling into small pockets of dough which can be gently cut apart and cooked.
  • Ravioli appears in In India, a popular dish called Gujiya is similar to ravioli, however it is prepared sweet, with a filing of dry fruits, sugar and a mixture of sweet spices, then deep fried in vegetable oil. The dish is a popular food prepared during the Holi festival, mainly in the northern, northwestern and central parts of India.
  • The Guinness World Records’ record for the longest ravioli measures 96 ft 1 in and was achieved by Amway Russia in St Petersburg, Russia, in August of 2013.

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