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For today’s Did You Know we will look at Whisky fun facts.

Whisky Fun Facts: Whisky is the term used in connection with a broad category of alcoholic beverages. They are made through distillation of fermented grain mash, which is then aged in wooden casks. Whisky is consumed across the world, though in different forms. For example, Scotts prefer their own Scotch whisky. Americans love their Bourbon.

  • The world’s largest producer and consumer of whisky is located in India.
  • August 29th is National Whisky Sour Day.
  • Malt Whisky red wine is more useful because it contains more ellagic acid – an antioxidant that can stop the growth of cancer cells and to resist heart disease.
  • There are five basic classifications of whisky – Irish Whisky, Scotch Whisky, Bourbon, Canadian Whisky and American Whisky.
  • During the “Dry Law” in the U.S. was only allowed whiskey drink, but only for “medical needs”.
  • The official founding date of Scotch is the year 1494. On this date, John Cor bought 500 kg of malt for the production of “aqua vitae.”
  • Americans acknowledged whiskey and began producing his own just after Prohibition 1920.
  • If the bottle is written “whisky” it is precisely manufactured in Scotland, if “whiskey,” then not in Scotland.
  • A closed bottle of whisky can be kept for more than 100 years and it will still be good to drink.
  • The dark color of whisky comes from the wooden barrels in which it is aged. The wood expands and contracts with the change in temperature, making the movie in and out of the wood. The compounds from wood give whisky its dark color.

Whisky Fun Facts We Missed

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Reference: Wikipedia: Fun Facts about Whisky.

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