Nurses are some of the hardest working and most skilled professionals I’ve ever met. If you’ve ever been in a hospital, you know it’s the nurse who is usually the advocates for a patients wellbeing not the doctor.

If you’re working as a nurse, but are tired of the grind working in a corporate hospital there are numerous franchise opportunities looking for someone with your skills. Some logical franchise businesses you could own and operate include home care services, therapy centers, and other healthcare services.

According to Statista, nursing and residential care facilities in the United States are projected to reach revenues of $269.8 billion by 2024. If you’re not making as much as you’d like with your nursing salary, being on the business side of these healthcare services can be extremely lucrative. Take our 7-minute franchise quiz to get matched with an opportunity values your unique skills. 

Nurse Industry Overview

Getting into the healthcare industry, one must be able to understand what nurses do. Below are some of the tasks and responsibilities that nurses deal with in the workplace.

  • Educates patients on their health – Nurses help patients live healthy lives. They educate them and provide support on the proper ways on how to improve a patient’s lifestyle whether it is about their diet, medication, or exercise that they need.
  • Assists doctors and other healthcare professionals – Nurses help doctors, surgeons, fellow nurses, and other healthcare professionals when it comes to taking care of patients especially during a procedure or a surgery. They also coordinate with them regarding the patients’ medication and on their road to recovery.
  • Records medical history – Nurses record a patient’s medical history and their symptoms which help them diagnose the patient’s sickness. They also collaborate and make these documents available for doctors and specialists to help cure patients.
  • Perform tests – Diagnostic tests, scans, therapy, and many others that a patient goes thru are all aided by nurses.
  • Operate equipment – Nurses are also taught how to operate medical equipment that helps in treating patients

Is a nursing business profitable?

Nursing businesses are profitable. In 2019, it was recorded that there were over 15,000 nursing homes in the United States. Health Care Appraisers have also reported that there are over 18,000 physical therapy centers in America.

Franchising small clinics is also helpful rather than franchising big hospitals, especially if you’re starting out. But do remember that there are many factors that make a nursing business profitable and among these is the competition within the area, location, and services offered.

What’s the demand for nursing services?

The demand for nursing services, especially for private or home healthcare, is high. According to the United States Census Bureau, by 2050 there will be 84 million Americans aged 65 and older and 70% of that age group will not be able to take care of themselves and will need assistance. There are also 5.6 million children that receive 5.1 hours of medical assistance in their homes.

Both the elderly population and children require the services of home healthcare which makes nursing services very much in-demand.

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How much does a nurse make a year?

The salary of a nurse depends on their careers and where they are located. For instance, Alaska has the highest mean salary for nurses as of 2019 which is $40,320. As for careers, a Registered Nurse (RN) makes $77,460 while a Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) makes $181,040.

What are the advantages of joining a nursing franchise?

If you are a nurse with an entrepreneur mindset, joining a franchise is beneficial since it helps you with the following:

Be Your Own Boss

Joining a franchise means you will become your own boss and this allows you to have managerial and supervisory responsibilities. You also don’t have to worry about running the business because joining a franchise means you will also be assisted and trained in all aspects of it.


Nurses never stop learning and in the healthcare industry, you get to learn more new things every day from your patients as well as with the added knowledge of running a business.

Providing Care

A nursing franchise is not only for profit but it is also opening your doors and allowing more people chances to be given the right and proper care when it comes to their health.

20 Franchise Opportunities for Nurses

Nurse Next Door

  • Initial Investment: $108,115 to $202,600
  • Royalty Fees: 5%
  • Franchise Units: 200
  • Franchising Since: 2007
  • Headquarters: Vancouver, British Columbia

Nurse Next Door is a 24/7 health care service that focuses on private and home health care. They have over 200 locations in the United States, Canada, and Australia and the business has grown over 50.9% in the last 3 years.

They started in 2001 when one of the co-founders Ken Sim employed a caregiver for his wife who was on bed rest during her pregnancy. Sim found out that the caregiver he got just faxed in her resume the previous day and had never met her employer. Together with John DeHart, they studied the home health care industry and created Nurse Next Door.

The initial investment to start franchising Nurse Next Door in the United States is $108,115 to $202,600 and the franchise fee starts at $58,000. Here are more reasons to franchise Nurse Next Door:

  1. The business has a Happier Aging philosophy wherein caregivers help their patients still do what they love at their age.
  2. Nurse Next Door is available 24/7 so that if patients and franchise operators need any help with a sudden schedule change or any inquiries, they can be reached at any time.
  3. Nurse Next Door doesn’t just offer medical caregivers. They also offer non-medical services for patients who require assistance with cleaning, light housekeeping, cooking, and personal care.

ATC Healthcare

  • Initial Investment: $136,900 to $223,200
  • Royalty Fees: Unknown
  • Franchise Units: 43
  • Franchising Since: 1996
  • Headquarters: Lake Success, New York

ATC Healthcare is a professional staffing service that helps facilities such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, community health centers, in-home patients, schools, and other health facilities find the right healthcare providers to work for them temporarily. Think about them as an overall human resource department for those looking for healthcare professionals.

ATC Healthcare started in 1971 under a different name then and grew to become a business that has seen 7.5% growth in the last 3 years. The franchise fee starts at $50,000. If you need more reasons to franchise ATC Healthcare, here are a few to note:

  1. Healthcare professionals can choose to work full-time or part-time. ATC Healthcare provides several options to choose from whether that’s working a local contract, travel contract, or per diem.
  2. You don’t need to be experienced in healthcare staffing should you choose to franchise ATC Healthcare. They offer training programs and support so that you have everything you need when you start franchising with them.
  3. Analysts claim that the staffing industry is growing even further in 2021. Coupled with the growing population of elderly people, healthcare professionals are greatly needed and ATC Healthcare is there to help professionals out and assist them where they can find work.

Miracle Ear

  • Initial Investment: $119,000 to $352,500
  • Royalty Fees: $48.80 per aid
  • Franchise Units: Over 1,500
  • Franchising Since: 1983
  • Headquarters: Plymouth, Minnesota

Miracle Ear is a hearing aid company that was founded in 1948. For more than 70 years they have been providing hearing aid solutions to their patients. These solutions have made them grow into a leading hearing aid business that is ranked number 84 in Entrepreneur’s 2021 Franchise 500 Rank.

Here are several reasons as to why you should franchise Miracle Ear in your area:

  1. Miracle Ear provides hearing aid device repairs, adjustments, cleaning, checks, and annual hearing tests. They also have hearing evaluations to better understand and give customers a proper device to use.
  2. Miracle Ear is known to offer free lifetime services to their customers. A service like this is a big deal which makes Miracle Ear a sought-after hearing aid company because of the aftercare they provide.
  3. Miracle Ear is a big name in the hearing aid industry. When you franchise with them, you get specialized support and national marketing. You also get an exclusive territory deal wherein Miracle Ear assures you that no other franchisee can acquire a location near your designated area.

BrightStar Care

  • Initial Investment: $105,735 to $170,457
  • Royalty Fees: 5.25%
  • Franchise Units: 342
  • Franchising Since: 2005
  • Headquarters: Gurnee, Illinois

BrightStar Care is another home healthcare service and also offers medical staffing services. They’ve been in the business of healthcare since 2002 and they’re located in all 50 states. Their team is mostly composed of registered nurses.

BrightStar Care also uses an exclusive technology platform that’s centralized which makes all their scheduling, payroll, and handling of patients easy to do.

The franchise fee is $50,000 and the term of agreement is 10 years. They also provide a veteran’s incentive of $5,000 discount from the franchise fee of your first unit. As for their healthcare services, here are reasons why you should sign up to become a BrightStar Care franchise operator:

  1. Every case at BrightStar Care is managed by a Registered Nurse. And though it’s not a state licensing requirement, patients and customers are assured they’re being provided with skilled caregivers that are carefully screened by management.
  2. The business is accredited by The Joint Commission, which is also responsible for accrediting Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, and other healthcare organizations. This assures franchisees that BrightStar Care maintains high standards and quality of healthcare.
  3. The first locations of BrightStar Care that operated in 2020 have seen a combined average revenue of $2,152,771. Entrepreneur also ranks them as having a 3.0% growth over 3 years.

GNC Franchising

  • Initial Investment: $200,000 upwards
  • Royalty Fees: 6%
  • Franchise Units: 6,019
  • Franchising Since: 1988
  • Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

GNC is a vitamin retail store that also sells supplements, minerals, sports nutrition, energy, and diet products. They also produce their own products. They’ve been in the business of franchising since 1988 and have over 6,000 locations worldwide.

What’s important to note about the products that GNC sells is that some of them are exclusive to their store only. What they offer are premium brands and GNC offers product innovation as well as quality vitamins that are trusted by many.

The initial franchise fee to start a GNC in your area is $20,000. Aside from the affordable franchise fee, these are the reason to apply as a GNC franchise operator now:

  1. The training programs you receive for new franchise operators are in 3 phases: one week training at a GNC store, one week classroom training at the GNC headquarters, and having a GNC field representative assist you on your first week of opening. You’ll also get ongoing support from GNC after you open your store.
  2. GNC Franchising offers financing to qualified applicants. They might also award a Protected Territory agreement for you when you put up a GNC store.
  3. GNC is the #1 Vitamin Retail Franchise according to Entrepreneur Magazine for 25 years straight which makes them a well-known brand and easy for you to market should you be awarded as a franchise operator.

The Joint Chiropractic

  • Initial Investment: $203,397 to $378,697
  • Royalty Fees: 7%
  • Franchise Units: 639
  • Franchising Since: 2003
  • Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona

The Joint Chiropractic is a series of clinics in the United States that helps people with pain relief in their spine or joints. Since 1999, the clinic has dealt with a lot of patients’ complaints on neck and back pain and to this day, they continue to make their clinics accessible to many.

The Joint Chiropractic ranks number 58 on Entrepreneur’s 2021 Franchise 500 Rank and has seen a 54.0% growth in 3 years. Here’s why you should franchise them:

  1. The convenience of The Joint Chiropractic’s locations makes them a well-known clinic. They’re located next to accessible food or coffee shop establishments that one can just walk in through their doors and be relieved of their pain quickly.
  2. The business setup is simple. Only one service is offered at The Joint Chiropractic which is spinal adjustment. This is done by hand. Patients pay at a monthly rate on a membership plan or they can also pay for just a single visit.
  3. The Joint Chiropractic claims they are a proven successful business. Their average gross sales in 2020 for all of their franchise clinics that operated in that year were $488,771.

Caring Senior Service

  • Initial Investment: $100,899 to $160,116
  • Royalty Fees: 5%
  • Franchise Units:52
  • Franchising Since: 2002
  • Headquarters: San Antonio, Texas

Caring Senior Service is a home care franchise that provides non-medical care to the elderly. These services are personal care such as bathing and dressing, transportation, errand service, meal preparation, companionship, and many more.

The business has been running since 1991 and has an initial franchise fee of $35,000. Other reasons for you to franchise Caring Senior Service are:

  1. You don’t need to have home care or healthcare experience when you want to franchise Caring Senior Service. All you need are good organizational skills, communication skills, and willingness to work with the team. The company will also provide you with a three-week training system. Coaching and ongoing support are also provided.
  2. Caring Senior Service’s 5-year franchise agreement is flexible as compared to other home care franchises. Multiple renewals are also possible.
  3. Caring Senior Service has an active involvement in your business wherein they are available for your inquiries and needs 24/7. They also do national background checks, regular supervisory visits, and create individualized service plans.

ARCPoint Labs

  • Initial Investment: $200,000 to $300,000
  • Royalty Fees: 7%
  • Franchise Units: Over 100
  • Franchising Since: 2005
  • Headquarters: Greenville, South Carolina

ARCPoint Labs is a diagnostic testing franchise that has customers ranging from physicians, small and medium-sized businesses, legal systems, and individuals. Their services include DNA testing, drug and alcohol testing, and blood work. They even have background screenings for employment verification, driving records, county vs. national criminal records, and the like.

The company has been around since 1998 and Entrepreneur ranks them with a 23.8% growth in 3 years. Their initial franchise fee is $54,500. If you’re looking for more reasons why you should franchise them, check this out:

  1. ARCPoint Labs provide a 12-month training program as well as ongoing support that helps you on your way to running a diagnostic testing center.
  2. They cover medical testing and background screening so your target market is wider and can provide higher revenue.
  3. For franchises that were open at least 12 months in 2020, their average gross profits were $292,000 to $508,000. They have over 100 locations which make them convenient to access.

American Family Care

  • Initial Investment: $1,008,000 to $1,441,500
  • Royalty Fees: 6%
  • Franchise Units: 246
  • Franchising Since: 2008
  • Headquarters: Birmingham, Alabama

American Family Care is a franchise of urgent care clinics that offers pediatric care, family care, diagnostic procedures, clinical lab testing, vaccinations, x-rays, physical exams, and more. They’ve been around since 1982 and continue to be a well-known urgent care clinic in 26 states.

AFC is in Franchise Times Top 200, Number 82 on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 Rank for 2021, and is also in the Inc. 5000 list. The franchise fee to start AFC in your area is $60,000.

If you’re looking to franchise a hospital, franchise AFC. They may not be a big hospital but their urgent care clinic can also function as one on a smaller scale. Here are other reasons to join the AFC family:

  1. Urgent care clinics are on the rise. These clinics receive 89 million patients yearly. If you franchise with them, your AFC could be a big help to the community and provide urgent care to families near you.
  2. AFC’s training programs cover newcomers and veterans when it comes to providing urgent care. You’ll receive marketing support, the right technology, and the proper research and development to keep your clinic competitive.
  3. The services offered by AFC are wide which means your patients can get all their needs under one roof.


  • Initial Investment: $317,000 to $600,000
  • Royalty Fees: 6%
  • Franchise Units: 7
  • Franchising Since: 2014
  • Headquarters: Marble Falls, Texas

If you’re looking to franchise a wellness studio, check out Serasana. The name means “to be healthy” and Serasana lives by this mission of building a community full of hope and healing through their services which are a mix of rejuvenating remedies such as yoga, acupuncture, massage, and healing teas.

Here are three advantages of franchising Serasana:

  1. They’re not just your average spa. Sure they offer the usual amenities and services at first glance. But Serasana uses these avenues to provide quality relief and healing services that help their clients find peace and get rid of anxiety and stress. When you franchise with them, it’s like providing a high quality level of healing experience for your clients that they won’t be able to find in a usual spa.
  2. They have two options for interested franchisees: Essential or Classic. The Essential Option covers 2,400 square feet, a modified tea bar, and 6 treatment rooms. The investment for this is $317,000 to $481,800. The Classic Option covers 3,500 square feet, a full tea bar, and 7 treatment rooms. With two options, you can choose which one fits your budget.
  3. Once accepted as a franchise operator, you will receive intensive training online, in a classroom, and on-site. Your investment also covers assistance in choosing the ideal location for your unit, software, equipment, supplies, furnishings, website, and social media platforms among others.

Assisting Hands Home Care

  • Initial Investment: $80,650 to $152,600
  • Royalty Fees: 4% to 5%
  • Franchise Units: 159
  • Franchising Since: 2006
  • Headquarters: Nampa, Idaho

Assisting Hands Home Care is a non-medical home care service for the elderly and for people needing assistance. They cater to clients who need personal care such as meal preparations, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, and companionship. They also offer support and care for clients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Assisting Hands Home Care also employs skilled nurses that can help with medication administration, post-surgical care, and physical therapy among others.

Franchising Assisting Hands Home Care will provide you with the following advantages:

  1. They do not require clinical training or medical background for you to franchise them so even if you’re not a nurse, you can sign up to be a franchise operator. What they’re looking for is good management skills and a “high level of compassion”.
  2. Assisting Hands Home Care assures you that your area is exclusive territory. This means that you have a reasonable distance from other Assisting Hands franchisees.
  3. A discounted franchise fee is available for multiple franchises.

The Good Feet Store

  • Initial Investment: $123,770 to $229,275
  • Royalty Fees: 0.5%
  • Franchise Units: 165
  • Franchising Since: 2003
  • Headquarters: Carlsbad, California

The Good Feet Store is a series of franchise centers that help clients find the right arch support for their feet. They employ arch specialists to help cater to clients’ needs by performing balance tests and fittings to get that perfect size and fit.

Entrepreneur ranks The Good Feet Store as Number 388 in their Franchise 500 Rank for the year 2021 and according to them, it has a 20.7% growth in over 3 years. The initial franchise fee is $25,000. Here are more reasons to franchise The Good Feet Store:

  1. Becoming a franchise operator with them assures you of marketing support, analytics, products, partnerships, and ongoing operations that make The Good Feet Store successful.
  2. The Good Feet Store has high reviews from their customers which helps you understand just how successful this business can be with the right business mindset.
  3. The Good Feet Store isn’t only located in the United States but is also found in 5 countries. This wide reach can help strengthen the business’s global presence.

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Pearle Vision

  • Initial Investment: $416,647 to $650,089
  • Royalty Fees: 7%
  • Franchise Units: 548
  • Franchising Since: 1980
  • Headquarters: Mason, Ohio

Pearle Vision is an eye care center that sells lenses and frames, conducts eye exams, and checks on clients’ eye conditions. They stand by the philosophy of “eye care first, glasses second” which is why people come to them for their service.

They’ve been around for 50 years and have over 548 locations. The franchise fee to start a Pearle Vision is $30,000. The advantages of franchising with them are:

  1. You can franchise Pearle Vision in the United States and Canada. The territories made available for you are many with a targeted market aimed at Atlanta, Austin, Los Angeles, Memphis, and many more.
  2. Pearle Vision is owned by Luxottica which is a plus if you’re a franchise operator because you get access to fashionable brands to sell in your store such as Oakley, Ray-Ban, and Persol.
  3. Pearle Vision has 30 years of experience in the business so you can be assured that the business model that they have is tested and proven for success.

Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa

  • Initial Investment: $581,326 to $695,146
  • Royalty Fees: 5-6%
  • Franchise Units: Over 400
  • Franchising Since: 2006
  • Headquarters: Trevose, Pennsylvania

Hand and Stone is a spa that also caters to massages, facials, and hair removal. They have over 400 locations in the United States and Canada and have been in the business for 17 years.

The business was started by a physical therapist in 2005. The name of the spa was from the founder’s son who based the logo and name on their signature massage, the Hot Stone massage, and is a dedication to indigenous people and their history of healing.

Hand and Stone is open 7 days a week and the franchise fee is $42,500. Here are some of the advantages you can expect when franchising Hand and Stone:

  1. Hand and Stone has a lot of services to offer under one roof so your target market is wide and can range from people looking to beautify themselves and to those who want a relaxing day off.
  2. Hand and Stone’s spa services are known to be affordable. The rates for their services are considered 30% lower than other traditional spas. This makes them more approachable and convenient to the public.
  3. The skincare business in America is expected to reach $800 billion in 2025. Franchising with Hand and Stone means you’ll be part of the growth of the skincare industry.

Interim Healthcare

  • Initial Investment: $125,000 to $198,500
  • Royalty Fees: 3.5% to 5.5%
  • Franchise Units: 623
  • Franchising Since: 1966
  • Headquarters: Sunrise, Florida

Interim Healthcare is a home care service that also offers hospice care and specialized home care for people with diabetes, mental health, dementia, ventilator care, and the like. The business has been around for 50 years and is considered one of the longest-running healthcare franchises in the United States.

Interim Healthcare has proudly served over 170,000 patients annually. Entrepreneur ranks them as having an 8.5% growth in over 3 years.

The advantages of running an Interim Healthcare are:

  1. The business has a well-developed business model as well as an established reputation that makes them one of the trusted home healthcare in the United States. Being a part of their franchise family means you’ll also be trained in the highest quality of healthcare service to offer to your patients.
  2. You will receive training once you are accepted as a franchise operator. The training is developed by experienced healthcare business professionals so you know the basics and what needs to be done in running Interim Healthcare.
  3. The services offered by Interim Healthcare are vast. In just one brand, clients can find all things they need when they’re looking for a healthcare service.

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Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers

  • Initial Investment: $138,750 to $361,500
  • Royalty Fees: 6%
  • Franchise Units: 431
  • Franchising Since: 2013
  • Headquarters: Sarasota, Florida

Fyzical is a physical therapy clinic geared towards improving balance, orthopedic rehabilitation, occupational and pelvic therapy, fitness, wellness, and many more. They treat muscle and joint conditions and they accept clients of all ages.

The wellness programs and evaluations they give to their clients help them feel better. They also provide free consultation programs, massage therapy, and other specialty services.

Here’s why you should franchise Fyzical:

  1. If you are a physical therapist with existing practice and would want to franchise Fyzical, the business can help you transition into becoming one of their locations.
  2. Fyzical doesn’t just pattern their locations the same way. They determine which service is more in-demand in your area and help you stand out in your community.
  3. The franchise has strong marketing support with the help of TV commercials, social media, webinars, and their website so you don’t need to worry about getting the business name out there.

Home Instead Senior Care

  • Initial Investment: $128,000 to $160,000
  • Royalty Fees: 5%
  • Franchise Units: 1,144
  • Franchising Since: 1995
  • Headquarters: Omaha, Nebraska

Home Instead is a home care service for seniors and patients that offer services such as personal care, transportation, and specialized Alzheimer’s care. Each client receives a customized care plan that is designed to suit their needs. This is especially beneficial for clients looking to have someone look after their loved ones at home while they’re away.

These are the advantages of franchising with Home Instead:

  1. Home Instead has 26 years of experience so when you join them, you can be rest assured that the training you receive is developed through the years of expertise they have on home care. You also get support from Home Instead 24/7.
  2. They have over 1,000 locations and they’re known in 14 countries across the globe.
  3. Home Instead is an award-winning franchise by Franchise Business Review. They help small businesses and make home care affordable and accessible to many.

Massage Envy

  • Initial Investment: $551,850 to $912,000
  • Royalty Fees: 6%
  • Franchise Units: 1,112
  • Franchising Since: 2003
  • Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona

Massage Envy is a wellness center that has over 1,000 locations. They specialize in massages, total body stretches, and facials. It has a membership-based setup and every customer can request a personalized massage for certain areas of their body to receive stress relief.

Here are reasons to franchise Massage Envy:

  1. They’re featured in several franchise sites such as Franchisegator, Franchise Times Top 200, and the International Franchise Association which shows that they are a credible franchise.
  2. Once accepted to become a franchise operator, you will be learning and training from Massage Envy’s team that has years of experience in branding, construction and design, operations, development, and marketing.
  3. Massage Envy has a veteran incentive of $9,000 off the franchise fee of their first unit and $7,000 off the franchise fee for subsequent units.

24-7 Nursing Care

  • Initial Investment: $48,250 to $63,300
  • Royalty Fees: 5%
  • Franchise Units: 2
  • Franchising Since: 2017
  • Headquarters: Miami, Florida

25-7 Nursing Care is a nursing referral service based in the United States wherein clients can request for a nurse caregiver to look after their loved ones at home. They offer both medical and non-medical care and can be requested to work for 2 to 24 hours.

If you’re looking into franchising 24-7 Nursing Care, here are some reasons you should check out:

  1. You can choose whether you want to franchise a single unit or an area development franchise which means you can lock in a wide territory and build multi-units of 24-7 Nursing Care.
  2. 24-7 Nursing Care offers hands-on training and ongoing support when you decide to franchise with them.
  3. They’re known to have a low start-up cost with a franchise fee of $34,900.

Visiting Angels

  • Initial Investment: $84,085 to $125,885
  • Royalty Fees: 3.5%
  • Franchise Units: 639
  • Franchising Since: 1998
  • Headquarters: Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

Visiting Angels is a senior home care service that offers personal care, companion care, and respite care. They also have services for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. They make sure that a client’s loved one is well treated at home where they believe makes them feel “secure and comfortable”.

For 25 years, Visiting Angels creates custom care plans for their clients based on their needs and preference. The home care providers that work with Visiting Angels are also experienced professionals and the jobs that the company offers them can be full-time or part-time.

  1. According to the data that Visiting Angels provided, the business claims that they average nearly $1 million in gross sales yearly with 15% to 18% in net profit.
  2. They have a comprehensive training program where they teach you all you need to know in running a senior home care service. Operation directors meet with franchise operators regularly and the support that Visiting Angels’ gives is constant.
  3. They have a strong marketing campaign which you can benefit from. They use TV commercials that air on CNN, Fox News, HGTV, and MSNBC. They also publish their ads in print, on the radio, and internet.