Do you worry about sounding weird or creepy when complimenting a woman… Especially at work? Giving a compliment has never been more confusing. 

If you want to give a compliment that doesn’t offend a woman it’s best to keep things simple. Keep it genuine and kind when expressing for your appreciation of her skills. If you’re not sure what to say, dive into these safe compliments I put together for you.

Compliments On Women

  • You change my life in the most beautiful way possible.
  • Your presence fills the absence of joy in my life.
  • You are the cup of coffee that awakens my dreams in the morning.
  • You’re one of a kind because your kind soul is the one that made me see the goodness in life.
  • This world is already blessed enough to have you living in one of its cities. Having you beside me is nothing less than a divine miracle.
  • You’re an art painted with different sides of a masterpiece. 
  • Even leaves would fall for the season of your beauty. 
  • Somewhere in this world, finds healing because of the curing effect of your words.
  • Your writing style makes me want to build a library filled with your stories only.
  • Your mind is a museum I would love to wander around in my free time.

Compliments On Women At Work

If you’re not sure how to compliment your co-worker these compliments are safe to say. 

  • Your ideas on (topic) were revolutionary! You enlightened me about the issues. Thank you for making me understand them better.
  • I can’t wait to see your brilliant ideas come to life!
  • You have inspired me to strive to become the best version of myself.
  • I am proud to see you make the most out of every second of your life and reach greater heights.
  • The company made the right decision to invest in your potential. So far, you have brought so much value to the company, and we’d love to see you grow even more!

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  • Seeing you become passionate about your work gives me the confidence to pursue my dreams as well.
  • Your resilience will surely bear the fruit of success in the near future.
  • I admire how much attention you give to the details of this project. With your precision and accuracy, we have delivered the best results to the client.
  • I have always believed your potential to be great. Now, you’re on your way to being the employee of the month!
  • The eloquence of your pitch has been compelling to the investors.

Compliments On Women’s Personality

Complimenting a female supervisor at work.

Do you want to appreciate someone for simply being who they are? 

  • You remind me of my favorite pillow: soft, comforting, and someone I would cherish for a lifetime.
  • If strength were a person, she would be you.
  • You bloomed with grace and radiated your blessings to others.
  • If you were a flower, you would bloom in spring because you radiate a warmth that’s only felt after winter slips away.
  • Your compassion makes the world a better place to live in.
  • I have always admired how passionate you are with your advocacy. 
  • The coziness of your presence keeps me safe in times of uncertainty.
  • Your adventurous spirit inspires me to go beyond my comfort zone.
  • I could forever get lost in your eyes whenever you talk about the things that matter to you the most.
  • I love how you know when to speak your mind and when to dwell in silence to listen to others’ thoughts.
  • I have been struggling with my self-esteem but seeing how much you embrace yourself makes me want to love myself too. 

Compliments On Women’s Appearance

If you want to appreciate a woman’s appearance, tell her more about what you like about the way that’s authentic. 

  • I love how the colors of summer on your clothes make you look charming and refreshing. 
  • I love how the products accentuate the features of your face. You’re already naturally beautiful but with this glam look? You’re a living art!
  • Your classic beauty adorns the plainness of the Earth. Every flower blooms at your presence in their meadow. I’m grateful to exist to see you live every day.
  • If I were a painter, I would paint you on every canvas that I lay my hands on.
  • God must have taken His sweetest time recreating the finest beauty on Earth for your genuine soul.
  • It’s almost impossible to ask me what’s my favorite feature of you. I will not have an answer to that because your beauty is the harmonious sum of every part of you.
  • I think that the features you call your “flaw” has a unique charm that makes you more beautiful. It’s hard to see it that way for now but once you fall in love with yourself more than I ever could, you will realize that you were made perfectly all along.
  • If I were to guess, I’d say you were a royal from your past life. You have the features of a delicate yet strong majesty that could command a thousand knights at a snap of a finger.

Compliments On Women’s Eyes

Your eyes are beautiful.

Have you ever been drawn to someone’s gaze before? Feel free to use these compliments to appreciate them.

  • If the restless ocean would hide somewhere and dwell in peace, it would swim around your pupils and never dare to leave.
  • Your eyes are glazed with the hue of the formidable grounds. Your gaze has the warmth that could nurture a soul and bloom offsprings of hope.
  • Gravity must have found its home in your eyes. Your stare could tempt anyone’s soul to get lost in your world.
  • Your eyes are the color of the sky when moonbeams pierce through to comfort the lost.
  • Wolves would howl their love for your cosmic gaze.
  • I love it when your eyes smile with your lips. You’re a precious ray of sunshine I would keep forever.
  • It amazes me how your eyes could speak so much about how you felt inside. Your gaze is so sincere I felt comfortable having a moment of weakness.
  • The conviction in your eyes says a lot about your dedication to this cause. It’s truly admirable!
  • I can’t eat ice cream in front of you. Your sweet gaze melts my heart.
  • Honestly, your almond eyes has so much power over me. I’ve never met someone with a gaze as compelling as yours. 

Compliments On Women’s Body

When you want to appreciate someone’s body, you have to be careful not to focus on her looks or you would sound creepy. Here are some examples:

  • I crave hot choco and warm cuddles whenever I think of you.
  • If I could swap bodies with someone for a day, I would choose you.
  • I haven’t seen a photo of you where you don’t shine with beauty.
  • Your hard work is really paying off. I can see your progress beautifully!
  • Indeed, your hands are made to bring beautiful ideas to life. 
  • You are the prime definition of God’s masterpiece.
  • The color of sunset on your skin is stunning!
  • The warmth of your color really made your eyes look more vibrant. 
  • I love having you in my arms. It’s the only time I felt at home. 
  • I can see why the wind loves to breathe whenever you are around. Your silky hair flows with it gracefully!

Compliments On Women’s Dress

Girls complimenting their friend’s dress and giving gifts.

  • You always know how to accentuate your curves with your clothes. I’d love to learn from you!
  • You could literally pick any top and bottom from your wardrobe, and you would still look gorgeous!
  • I admire how versatile you are with your aesthetic. Whether you dress in cottage core or go for a soft girl look, you would still look fantastic!

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  • Wow, the neutral hue of your dress brings out the classic elegance of your beauty.
  • Your summer-themed floral dress made you look bright and bubbly. I love it!
  • I’ve been taking note of how you dress yourself because you inspire me to find the style for me.
  • You could totally rock the runway with that stylish dress of yours!
  • There’s no such thing as being overdressed when you have a gorgeous face like that!
  • It must have been fate when you found the dress. It seemed like it was tailored just for you!
  • I love seeing you wear that flowy dress. You bloom gracefully like your favorite spring flowers and I can’t help but smile. 

Compliments On Women’s Shoes

Did her shoes catch your attention? The compliments will make her smile. After all, shoes are an extremely safe compliment. 

  • No one would dare to compete with you in stilettos. You’re too powerful!
  • Your favorite shoes are my favorite, too, because when you wear them, I get to see you reach greater heights. 
  • Elegance exudes with your shoes.
  • I love how you always find the right pair of shoes to complete your look. You’re always put together!
  • I can’t imagine you wearing a different pair of shoes with that outfit. Those shoes really elevated your look!
  • Wow, you finally got the red soles! Red must be your color because you look bloody amazing with those shoes!
  • You could pretty much kick any critics with that pair. Your shoes look sick!
  • If I’d put myself in your shoes, I would feel amazing.
  • You look like a lovely fairy with your floral shoes. Adorable!
  • Honestly, I’d let you step on me with those kicks. They look fire with your outfit!
  • I love your high heels. They’re empowering!

Compliments On Women’s Smiles

Make her smile more with these compliments.

  • I know when your lips curve into a smile because my lips does that as well.
  • No matter how gloomy my day has been, a smile from you could clear the grumpy clouds in my head.
  • That sweet curve on your face never fails to reassure me when I’m having a bad day.
  • Your smile is so charming it could turn any frown upside down.
  • I made your smile as my life purpose because it melts my heart to see you glowing with happiness.
  • Who needs a happy pill when your smile is enough to make me happy?
  • I got your smile tattooed in my mind.
  • The sun must have been envious of your glow whenever you smile.

Tips For Complimenting Women That Aren’t Weird Or Creepy

Empowered woman empowers other women.

A compliment can be a blessing and a curse. It could either boost her confidence or trigger her insecurity especially if the compliment is about appearance. If you want to appreciate her genuinely, here are some tips you should keep in mind.

  • Say things indirectly: The prime rule in complimenting is to not focus on appearance. If you want to appreciate her that way, tell her HOW she caught your attention. Be visual with your words and try not to mention her physical appearance as much as possible so you wouldn’t come off as invasive. Reference her skills or work instead of looks. 
  • Let Her Know Her Impact On You: Nothing’s more heartwarming than knowing you made a positive impact on someone. To do this though, you have to take your time getting to know her. Please take note of the things you appreciate about her and ponder how that made you better in any way. When the right time comes, let her know your thoughts about her and make it as detailed as possible. Do it genuinely and respectfully, and you will melt her heart.
  • Don’t force a compliment: No matter how good your intentions are, she could still not take your compliment as one. Mind your tone, wordings, delivery, and everything that affects how she feels about your thoughts. Be wary of her response and ensure that whatever you have to say will make her feel good in the best way possible.

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed reading the compliments we featured in this article. Feel free to use any of them to compliment a woman in your workplace.