Did you know 31% of employees quit their jobs during the first 6 months of last year? Some publications are call this phenomenon “The Great Resignation.” In spite of this employment mega trend there are specific actions a company can take to retain talent. Ensuring anniversaries and other career landmarks are acknowledge is one simple step to demonstrate employee contributions are valued.

If you’re an employer, manager, or coworker, a work anniversary message it’s only about years spent with a company. It’s about recognizing specific contributions to the business as well.

Here are 151+ positive work anniversary messages and quotes you can share with your friends, workmates, and even a favorite boss.

Work Anniversary Message Examples

  • Congratulations on this special day! You have been with this company for 20 fruitful years. Cheers!
  • This day, may you be truly blessed for we have been blessed to have you on our team. Happy 8th work anniversary!
  • You’ve helped mentor dozens of employees in our coffee shop over the past 2 years. Let’s celebrate with a Venti dark roast on us.
  • May you find more meaning in your work and your life as a whole. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Happy work anniversary.
  • You are the most proficient auditor on the team. You’re creative accounting skills allowed us to drop an extra 10% to the bottom line last year. Your skills and time here have been invaluable.
  • Happy work anniversary and may God lead you to a more meaningful & happy work-life.
  • You are one of the best examples of what a good employee is. You always hit sales goals. Happy work anniversary.
  • More innovations ahead. Happy work anniversary.
  • Your work attitude has been so amazing. Happy work anniversary and continue to be good.
  • May you continuously lead your team to success. Happy work anniversary!
  • Happy work anniversary! No one can beat you in Sales! You are the best!
  • Thank you for making us the number one pharmaceutical firm! Happy 10th anniversary!
  • We would like you to know how grateful we are for having you in this company. You have shown such an excellent performance. Happy 7th year work anniversary!
  • You deserve a grand celebration for bringing us this far. Happy work anniversary!
  • I didn’t ever imagine that you would stick with this company. Happy ten long years!
  • May you continuously strive for success! Happy 6th work anniversary!
  • Seeing how you’ve become from the day you first worked here, I cannot be so proud. Happy anniversary!
  • I would first like to extend our gratitude to how you’ve worked hard to achieve your goals and the company. Happy anniversary and may you continuously be successful in life!
  • You have surpassed all the challenges in this job and have excelled past our expectations! Happy anniversary to such an amazing employee!
  • Thank you for letting us believe that change brings success and happiness! Happy work anniversary!
  • Happy work anniversary! We cannot be in this place were it not for your will and power.
  • Happy 5th work anniversary! Through good times and bad times, you were with us. Thank you very much!
  • To someone who has so much dedication to his job, happy work anniversary!
  • Thank you for leading us on the right path! Happy work anniversary!
  • Your heartfelt dedication to your job has motivated us thoroughly. Thanks a lot and happy 5th work anniversary!

Work Anniversary Message to Boss

  • Happy anniversary to the boss who has led us to great heights.
  • There has never been a boss who has made us stronger in work and in spirit! Happy anniversary & hope you find happiness always.
  • You lifted me up when I was deeply troubled last year. You’re a one of a kind leader and mentor.
  • Thanks for being a leader. Not a micro manager.
  • Your dedication can be seen all day, all year round. Happy anniversary to the best boss one can ever have!
  • Thank you for teaching me how to be a good and innovative marketing man. Happy anniversary!
  • We really admire your commitment to the organization! Happy 8th work anniversary!
  • You make us so proud to be our boss. Your achievements are remarkable. May you enjoy your work anniversary celebration!
  • Your teachings are all stuck in my mind for me to follow. Happy anniversary!
  • Whether or not you believe in yourself is not the question. We all look up to you and regard you as the best in this company. Thank you and happy anniversary!
  • You’ve always impressed us with your achievements. Happy work anniversary, boss!
  • To the most patient boss I know, happy work anniversary!
  • I never had someone who is so persevering and kind, who seriously takes his work with much gusto. Happy work anniversary!

In the midst of all the hardships we have encountered in this company, you still make us smile. Happy work anniversary.

  • Thank you for teaching us how to be proactive. You are not only work-oriented. You care so much about us. Happy work anniversary!
  • To the boss who has shown that life is not just work! Happy work anniversary!
  • Should we live to work or work to live? Thank you for your continuous enlightenment and wisdom. Happy work anniversary!
  • To the 6-foot asset of our company, wishing you a blissful work anniversary!
  • You’re the boss who we consider a true friend. Please stay with us a little bit longer. Happy anniversary!
  • We’ll surely miss your teachings and pieces of advice. Happy anniversary and enjoy your retirement!
  • You have treated us not as your employees but as part of your family. Happy anniversary and may you always have a big heart!
  • Thank you for being people-oriented. You are not only here to meet set goals but to help all of us be good & motivated employees. Happy work anniversary! 

Work Anniversary Message to Coworkers

  • To the most precious woman in QA, happy anniversary!
  • You have withstood the test of time. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary to our team leader, to the guy who has made us feel that we belong.
  • Thank you for your hard work and diligence! You have been a good example to us. Happy anniversary!
  • I cannot imagine coming to work and not seeing you here. You are the sunshine of my life. Happy anniversary and thank you so much!
  • We have shared so many special moments and so many secrets in those 20 years that we’ve been together in this firm. Happy anniversary! Be happy!
  • I know that you can never forget this special day. Happy anniversary! To more unforgettable days in this company!

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  • Through good times and bad times, you have been beside me always. Happy anniversary! Hope you continuously enjoy every minute of your stay in this office.
  • Happy work anniversary! Please always bear in mind that without you, we cannot be this strong.
  • To someone who is so reliable and admirable, happy work anniversary!
  • Grateful are we to have a coworker like you who is willing to sacrifice his personal life to meet the company’s objectives. Happy 15th work anniversary!
  • Colleagues like you should be honored! Happy anniversary! Cheers and more success!
  • Wishing that you will have more fruitful years in this firm. Good luck & happy anniversary!
  • May you have all the luck in the world in the next years to come. Happy work anniversary!
  • You are not just a co-worker. You are an adviser, a mentor, and a very good friend. Happy work anniversary!
  • Happy work anniversary to someone who is really admirable! We are so proud of you. Happy 10 long years in this organization!
  • To the person who has the best work ethic! Happy work anniversary!

Funny Work Anniversary Messages

  • Nowhere can we find someone who is very willing to open the office door in the morning and lock it at night when all of us are already asleep. Kidding aside, happy work anniversary!
  • May you continue serving us coffee, with or without cream! Happy work anniversary, our friend!
  • In the 10 years of your stay here, you have shown me how to pretend that I’m working. Kidding aside, happy glorious 10-year anniversary!
  • You have survived another year! May you have all the strength to survive the coming years, too! Happy work anniversary!
  • Thank you for being our elevator girl through the years! Happy anniversary!
  • We are counting on you to always be our leader in team-building events. Don’t ever leave us! Happy 20th anniversary!
  • To my office seatmate who is always willing to lend an ear to all of my sad stories, happy work anniversary! Don’t worry. I will give you earplugs on your next birthday.
  • The boardroom will surely miss your loud, booming voice if you leave us! Happy work anniversary! Just stay here, please.

Meetings will never be the same without you, the number one commenter and a brave fighter! Happy work anniversary!

  • I want to know how to sleep with open eyes! Please teach me before you leave. Happy work anniversary!
  • To the one and only office worker who never misses coming to work even if she’s sick, happy work anniversary! Please have a rest day. Experience life!
  • Traveling two hours to work & staying in the office has never been boring because of your funny stories! Don’t stop making us laugh. Happy work anniversary!
  • Happy work anniversary to the girl who can be in curlers even if the boss is just a few steps away!
  • Can anyone please inspect my neighbor’s drawer which is filled with food and drinks? No eating in the office, right! Happy work anniversary and may you continuously enjoy life!
  • To the guy who has the guts to sleep on the clinic couch even past lunch break! Happy work anniversary!
  • Thank you for treating us always to delicious meals. I will never forget you because of this. Happy work anniversary! Where will you treat us now?

Work Anniversary Message to Friends

  • Times spent in the office are unforgettable because of you. Happy anniversary.
  • You never let pressure come on your way. You can deal with it and that’s what we admire about you most! Happy work anniversary!
  • To the best person who can deal with much stress with a cool head and a strong mind. Happy 15th work anniversary!
  • Happy work anniversary to the person who really has a strong determination to succeed in how job.
  • In the 12 years we’ve been together in this work, I can truly say that you have been so patient. Happy anniversary, friend!
  • There can never be hard work for you. You accept everything just like that, as easy as pie! Happy 5th year work anniversary!
  • I can only say this to you since you are my special friend. Please bring more snacks to munch on so we would always enjoy our work. Happy anniversary!
  • To a very courageous lady, happy anniversary!
  • To my role model, thank you, and happy work anniversary!
  • To the best teammate I have ever had, may you always be courageous and helpful to those in need. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary to the person who’s such a quick thinker!
  • You are like my morning coffee, always there to wake me up. Happy work anniversary!
  • Thank you for your lovely insights and pieces of advice. Happy anniversary!
  • May we follow in your footsteps. Teach us how to be good teachers. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy work anniversary and cheers for more fulfilling years ahead!
  • Thank you for being there always to share your mind and food with us. Happy work anniversary and hope that you won’t get tired of being a good friend.
  • Thank you for being such an inspiration. We love you. Happy anniversary!
  • Another year has gone so quickly and we are both celebrating our 10th year in this company. Happy anniversary and thank you for leading us to greater heights!

Work Anniversary Message Response Examples

  • Thank you for all of your greetings. I will surely cherish this day!
  • My heart is filled with joy. You have made this day so memorable, and I thank you.
  • Anniversaries are unforgettable with friends like you. Thank you for making this day fun and exciting!
  • My stay in this company would not be memorable were it not for all of you. Thank you for your great work, too!
  • I sincerely want to thank those who have been with me during my 20 years of stay in this firm. I will never forget each and every one of you.

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  • Thank you for your sweet and endearing messages. Continue striving for success.
  • Be optimistic always. Be courageous and fight for the truth. Thank you for believing in me.
  • Hoping that I made a positive impact on every person here. Thank you for your thoughtful messages.
  • I will always cherish the days I spent in this firm. Thank you and have a blessed day.
  • May the years be as rewarding as this year. Thank you for all your good work, and your meaningful messages.
  • In a few years, I will be resigning. I hope that the lessons I have imparted will always be remembered. Thank you for your anniversary greetings.
  • I would like to thank you for valuing my hard work in this job.
  • Seeing everyone at this anniversary party has made me realize that life has indeed been good to me. You are the structures that made this company strong, and I thank you for this.

Work Anniversary Card Messages

  • Thank you for leading us to the right path. Happy work anniversary!
  • Thank you for being the perfectionist you are! You really are such an amazing employee! Happy work anniversary!
  • Happy work anniversary to a very loyal and hard-working person!
  • Happy work anniversary to the boss who has always been our inspiration!
  • To my co-worker who has been full of insights & positive thoughts, happy work anniversary!
  • You are such an inspiration to the team! Happy work anniversary!
  • Happy work anniversary to the person who has helped this company grow!
  • Success has never been that reachable were it not for you. Happy work anniversary!

We are so grateful to have a dedicated employee like you on our team! Happy work anniversary!

  • Goals are easy to meet because of you. Happy work anniversary!
  • To the mentor who is always willing to give a helping hand, happy 20 years anniversary!
  • Your accomplishments will truly be remembered! Warm wishes on your work anniversary!
  • You have made us winners! Happy work anniversary, and may you win in life always!
  • Thank you for your enthusiasm for work! You are the best! Happy work anniversary!
  • To one of the few guys around here who makes work really fun, happy work anniversary!
  • We made more than our targets because of you! Happy work anniversary to the greatest leader one could ever have!
  • Another year, another set of targets accomplished! Happy work anniversary to such an outstanding performer!
  • We are so lucky to have you in our firm. Thank you for being so proactive and diligent! Happy work anniversary!
  • You always lead the way to success! Happy work anniversary and thank you very much!
  • Wishing you a happy work anniversary! Thank you for being so faithful to the company!
  • You’ve shown your best always! Happy work anniversary!
  • Thank you for your time well spent with our team. Happy work anniversary!
  • Looking forward to another rewarding year working with you. Happy work anniversary!
  • My meals at the cafeteria will not be that satisfying if you were not around. Thank you and happy work anniversary!
  • We’re so lucky to have you in our firm! Happy work anniversary and may you continuously strive for success!
  • We are so thankful to have an employee who is as smart and as hardworking as you. Happy work anniversary!
  • To the best asset, a company can ever have, happy work anniversary! 

Work Anniversary Quotes

  • “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else. Happy Work Anniversary.” – Unknown
  • “Progress is man’s ability to complicate simplicity. Happy Work Anniversary!” –Unknown
  • “To my favorite colleague – congratulations on achieving such an impressive milestone. I know how valued you are by both the company and coworkers alike. Have a great anniversary.” – Unknown
  • “Success never comes in a day. It comes with strong determination and with great hard work, and you are an example of that. I wish you a Happy work anniversary.” – Unknown

“You being our senior have always been the source of inspiration for us. May the coming years in this organization be more prosperous and fulfilling for you. Happy Anniversary!” –Unknown

  • “Words are not enough to thank you for everything you have done so far for us. However, I would like to extend my warmest greetings on the occasion of your Work Anniversary. Kudos to you!” – Unknown
  • “It takes only one to make a difference and you have displayed it every day since you have started working with us. Today you achieved another milestone in your professional career. Happy Work Anniversary.” – Unknown

Work Anniversary Quotes for Employees

  • “You have never stopped amazing us with the perfectionism you display in your work. It’s already been five years now since you started working here. We are incredibly grateful to you for all your amazing years of work. Wishing you a happy 5th work anniversary.” – Tiffany Crawford
  • “Thank you for being part of our company’s success over the years. We greatly appreciate and value your hard work and success. Happy Anniversary.” – Unknown

“On this blissful and charming day of your Corporate anniversary … may you continue the journey of success with pride! I wish you happiness and many more years of success!” – Unknown

  • “Congratulations on your corporate anniversary!” – Unknown
  • “Having an employee like you is a matter of utmost pride and gratitude. Your loyalty and hard work have set an example for everyone in our organization. Thank you for being part of our organization. Happy Work Anniversary” – Unknown
  • “Your cool head and ability to deal with pressure are huge assets to us and we’re so pleased to wish you a happy work anniversary. Hopefully, there will be many more to follow.” – Unknown
  • “Employees like you are the pride and joy of this company. We are proud to have you here.” – Unknown
  • “Your attitude makes you what you are: a winner! You inspire and motivate the team like no other. We wish you a happy work anniversary.” – Unknown
  • “In a short time, you have achieved so much. You’re an example of how hard work takes you to serious places. Wishing you a happy anniversary.” – Unknown

Funny Work Anniversary Quotes

  • “Happy work anniversary to a coworker who has many talents, including the spooky ability to sense when there are donuts in the break room.” – Unknown
  • “I will always choose a lazy person to do a hard job, because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” –Unknown
  • “Congratulations! I think all your hard work calls for a party!” – Unknown
  • “Seeing as it’s your anniversary today how about going a little easy on us? Congratulations!” – Unknown
  • “Congrats on surviving another year at your job. Lesser mortals would have gone insane by now.” – Unknown
  • “It’s another year down of tolerating you and looking ahead for many more years to be passed working with you. Happy work anniversary.” – Unknown
  • “Happy work anniversary! Don’t you dare think about taking another job – but if you do, please take me with you.” – Unknown
  • “People like you make this company what it is. And I mean that in a good way – really!” – Unknown
  • “Congrats on another year of thankless work. It’s taking them longer than expected to bleed you dry.” – Unknown
  • “I was going to suggest a party but I guess you’re too busy working! Happy anniversary.” – Unknown

Don’t forget to take 5-minutes let employees know the company cares for their success. You can take your appreciation up a level with additional vacation leave, salary bonuses, or special gifts. A final touch to celebrating their work anniversary is by sending them messages that show gratitude and care for the work that they do on a handwritten card or by email. I promise this is one email message that won’t be deleted.