Announcing a death on social media accounts would have seemed slightly taboo ten years ago. But not anymore. With the decline of readership in local newspapers as a source of local death announcments, social media websites like Facebook have become a common place for families to announce the death of a family member and provide information about an upcoming funeral. 

Of course, the human resource team of a business must also consider publishing these announcements, especially if there is an unexpected death of a high-ranking member in the company like a Vice President or CEO.

Click any of the links below for sample messages of funeral announcements you can post on your social media websites like Facebook or Instagram. I hope you’ll find the perfect way to honor the late person and inform everyone of the funeral details.

Funeral Announcement Sample Messages

  • In memoriam of [full name of the deceased person] [years of life]. The honor of your presence is requested at a memorial service [day of week], the [date] at [time] o’clock in the afternoon. We shall hold the memorial service at [location]. May his soul rest in peace.
  • With great sadness, the [last name of the deceased person] family announces the death of our father and friend, [full name of the deceased person]. [First name of deceased person] passed away in a tragic car accident coming home from work [or insert the reason of death if preferred] on [day of week],  [date], at the age of [insert age]. Arrangements to follow. [Insert name] was a loving father, committed husband, and caring neighbor. He will be missed on this earth. No phone calls or condolences, please. 
  • We are sad to announce the passing of our [insert relationship to the deceased] on [date of death]. Her/his love, laughter, and generosity will be dearly missed by all.
  • Please join us to celebrate the life of [insert full name of the deceased]. [Provide further details of date, time, and location of wake]. [Insert the first name of the deceased] would be honored with a gift to her favorite charity [insert choice of organization or beneficiary].

Celebrating the memory of [provide the full name of the deceased person] [date of birth – death]. The [last name of deceased person] family is sad to announce the passing of [full name of deceased person]. Her laughter and warm presence will be missed by all.

  • In loving memory of [full name of the deceased person]. Join us for a memorial service to celebrate [first name of the deceased] life at [location of wake] on [day of the week], [date], [time].
  • You are invited to a memorial honoring [insert full name of the deceased person] [date of birth – death]. The [last name of family or deceased person] family is sad to announce the passing of [insert full name of the deceased]. We invite close friends and family members to join us for his celebration of life service at [location] funeral home this upcoming [day of the week], [date], [time].
  • A life well lived. Please join us for a service in memory of a beautiful person. This is not so much a funeral is it will be a celebration of a fulfilled live. We will recall the different parts of this persons life. [time, date, location].

Funeral Wake Sample Messages

  • Please accept these flowers as an expression of our heartfelt sympathies. You are always in our prayers and thoughts.
  • Your mother was such a brilliant person. I remember her spending years teaching the children in her neighborhood how to play the piano. The world is a better place because of her presence.
  • Remembering [deceased person’s name] wonderful and gentle soul will forever remain in our hearts. May he/she rest in peace and live on within the memories of her/his loved ones.
  • The person who has left us all will always be an important part of our memories and thoughts. Let’s remember the good times spent with him and move ahead in life.
  • Look at Death as a door to eternity and a beginning of new life. Honor the decision of the Almighty and pray that the soul finds peace in heaven. 
  • I can’t believe [name of deceased person] is gone. I can’t imagine life without his/her smile and laughter. Praying that he/she is finally at peace and that though they are not here anymore, they will always be alive in our memories.
  • Wishing you love to bring comfort, the courage to face the days ahead, and happy memories to forever hold in your hearts. And whatever you need, I’m here.
  • I’m sending you and your family my sympathy. May our friendship and prayers help you through this difficult time.

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  • I was so sad to hear about your [relationship of the message recipient to the deceased, i.e mother’s, father’s] passing. [Name of deceased] was a wonderful friend. Love to you and the rest of the family.
  • I feel honored and blessed to have known your [relation]. I honestly count him/her as a blessing in my life, and I will miss him/her. My sympathies.
  • The impact you had on our lives is very difficult to forget. You have left us with such wonderful memories that we shall cherish forever.
  • My sorrow cannot be adequately expressed in words. My condolences, and please know that I’m here for you at any time. I pray for peace for his/her soul.
  • All we have left are the joyful memories we shared with our loved ones after the tears have dried and the goodbyes have been uttered. I’m hoping these can provide you some solace during this trying time.

Private Funeral Announcement Messages

Forever in our hearts.

  • The [insert family name] family cordially invites you to attend a private memorial service for [insert name of the deceased loved one].  On [day] at [time], the funeral service will be held at [location and address]. A brief reception will take place at our home after [insert address].
  • In memory of [deceased person’s full name]. On [date], [Full Name] passed away in the presence of his/her friends and family. [Remaining members of the close family] are left behind by [him/her]. The entire community is to be commended for their generosity and assistance to our family during this trying time. Services will be held in private. In place of flowers, contributions can be donated to [cause/beneficiary].
  • It is with grief that we announce the passing of [name of the deceased], which occurred on [date of death]. Cherished wife/husband of [name of spouse], mother/father of [name of children], and grandmother/grandfather of [grandchildren]. Family and friends are invited to a funeral service on [provide date and time], at [location of wake].

My dear friends and family, I find no solace in composing this email. However, I had to inform you that our dearly adored [Tom] had passed away. We know that this is a surprise to everyone. Although he was a vigorous and healthy individual, life doesn’t always go as hoped. We have a funeral service planned for [day and hour] if you can come. We would all find great solace in sharing his life and his experiences with you.

  • [Name] died peacefully at home on [date of death] at the age of [years]. Dearly beloved son and brother of [parents and siblings]. A funeral service will be held on [day], at [time], at [place and address]. Family and friends are invited to attend.
  • To all of my friends and family, because you’ve all followed me through the best of journeys and life experiences, I am inclining to share something private. After spending the last six months with my brother, looking for a cause to live, and ultimately found the reason for loving. I invite all of you to be a part of our lives on [day and time of wake] if you are able to attend. Even at the most heartbreaking moments, life is a series of experiences.
  • With the humble acceptance of God’s will, we announce the passing of [name] on [date of death]. She was the beloved brother/sister of [siblings], son/daughter of [parents], and aunt of [niece/nephew]. On [day] at [time], the funeral service will be held at [location of wake]. Burial service immediately after, followed by a reception.
  • We humbly mourn [name ]’s on [date of death]. She was adored by her parents, siblings, and nieces and nephews. On [day] at [time], the funeral service will be held at [location and address]. Burial service immediately after, followed by a reception. Please send money to [name of charity] in place of flowers.
  • Family and friends of [close family or friends of the deceased] are respectfully invited to attend the funeral service for [name], which will be held at [location] on [date], beginning at [time]. Following, a burial service will be held at [location of the cemetery].
  • After a long and courageous fight [name of the deceased] died peacefully surrounded by family on [date]. We cordially invite you to his funeral, which will take place at [location], on [day] [time]. He will live on in our hearts forever.

Mass Funeral Announcement for Social Media

  • The [family name of the deceased] family is sad to announce the passing of [name] on [date]. A service will be held at [location] on [date and time]. Light refreshments will be served afterward at the [location].
  • In Loving Memory of [name] [date of birth – passing]. A loving husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather has passed away. He was a man who made the most of every day. There was never a wasted second or a sunny day that went to waste. He made an effort to make everyone around him happy throughout his life. Although his body of work speaks for itself, he was known for his unwavering honesty and commitment to improving humankind. We cordially invite you to attend his/her funeral service that will be held at [location] on [date and time]. 
  • Gone Yet Not Forgotten [name] [date of birth – passing]. Our brother/sister, [name], was a family man/woman and [vocation] who dedicated himself/herself to [work/purpose]. Her/his love, laughter, and generosity will be dearly missed by all. We cordially invite you to attend his/her funeral service that will be held at [location] on [date and time]. 
    • Always in Our Hearts [name] [date of birth – passing]. Even though our dear [name] only spent a short while in this world, her influence on our lives and the lives of others will never be forgotten. Her spirit was contagious, and her laughing helped to forge connections. We know that her love has brought you to this day, even though there are no desires powerful enough to bring her back to us. She will always be at peace in each of our hearts. We cordially invite you to attend his/her funeral service that will be held at [location] on [date and time]. 
  • No one has spread more loveliness in one lifetime. [name] [date of birth – passing]. If ever a life spoke so passionately of love, it was [name]’s. He/she gave us all a gift with his/her life and presence. Every aspect of his/her life was a celebration of grace, selflessness, and love. His/Her every action served as a reminder of the importance of celebrating one’s passion. Please continue to support the causes he/she supported in order to honor his/her great life. The funeral service for him or her will be held at [location] on [day and time], and you are warmly welcome to attend.

Death Announcement Messages

Listening to the eulogy.

  • Dearest loved ones, we are sorry to have to bring you this message today. But we wanted to let you know that [name] has passed away. We sincerely hope that you can attend his wake on [date]. There are no words to adequately express the grief in our hearts. We regret that we couldn’t call each of you individually to deliver the news, and we know that this message will bring great heartache. But our hearts are also broken. The funeral for [name] is set for [day and time]. We would be really relieved to see you there.
  • Fellow (group or club), time is an unkind companion. I recently learned that [Shelly] passed away. I’ve spoken to [name’s] husband/wife/kids, who are utterly devastated. Despite the fact that I am not happy about giving you this message, I am nevertheless giving everyone notice of his/her funeral. Please decide to come together on [day and time] with everyone so that we may all remember her together.

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  • Dear Ones, it brings me no consolation to tell you that [name] has passed. Although I am aware that a phone call would have been a better medium for this message, I am too devastated. Despite your distinctions, she cherished each and every one of you. Like any proud [relation] would, she frequently discussed your lives. He/she would have wanted me to express his/her love even now, but I am at a loss for words. We would appreciate your presence on [day and time] at [location] if you can. 
  • To [name of group], I must inform you all with great grief that [name], our friend and [relation], passed away unexpectedly. I am aware that you have all spent a lot of time getting to know him/her and will find this period to be very difficult. You are all welcome to attend the funeral, which will be held on [day and hour], as his wife, [name], has informed me.
  • Dearest friends, for those of you who haven’t been informed of this bad news yet, [name] has passed away. Here’s the link for her funeral date and time. I didn’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but I also wanted to ensure that we support her family. Please direct message me if you have any questions.
  • Commemorating a Life Loved. Our friend, [name] has passed away [day, date] quietly in her home. Many people are saddened by her passing, especially those who knew her best. In accordance with [name]’s last requests, no service will be held at this time. We appreciate your love and concern.
  • A real hero, a close companion, a brother/sister. [Name], a beloved father/mother, son/daughter, sibling, and uncle/auntie, has passed away on [day, date]. On [day] at [location(s)], a funeral mass will be conducted for us to remember him/her together. Please join us on [day] as we honor [name], a friend to all and a hero to many.

How do you announce a funeral in the social media era on websites like Facebook?

Always remembered.

  • Details are essential. The information you should include in a funeral announcement should be very simple to read and provide individuals invited with all the information they need. The essential details you should include are the full name of the deceased, when they were born, the date of their death, the time and location of the funeral, and whether the funeral is public or private.
  • Timing of the post. Your announcement’s timing must be considered. You don’t want the deceased’s close friends and family to find out about the passing from a social media post. You can then publish your funeral notification online after making sure all of the deceased’s loved ones are already notified privately.

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  • Privacy Settings. Making changes to privacy settings is another way to discourage unauthorized attendees from seeing this announcement. You can change the privacy settings on social media to let various users see or not see a post. You can prevent individuals you don’t know from seeing the specifics of the funeral by switching an account from public to private.
  • Maintain Decency. Maintain professional and respecful language in a funeral announcement. Keep emojis out of these messages. 
  • What would the deceased person want? You should also think about the wishes of the recently deceased. You might want to go with a more traditional funeral notice if they were a private person or did not use social media often. 

Finding the appropriate words to communicate about your loss to others can be difficult, whether it be through a death announcement with a local newspaper or post on social media. Each of those mediums has its own lingo and vocabulary, making it challenging to know what to say during this sensitive time. Hopefully, you’ve found a sample that speaks to you and discovered a few practical tips when sending a funeral notification.