When hiring your food truck staff members, you need to look at each individual and see how each of them balances passion vs talent. Today we’ll explain why you should be looking for candidates with a good mix, but lean toward the passion side of the equation.

Passion vs Talent: Which Is More Important In Your Staff Members?

Choosing between passion and talent is tough, but it’s something food truck vendors must do on a regular basis.


If you don’t look for passion in the people you hire for your food truck, you could end up with employees who never show you their creative productivity.

Get to know your candidates as thoroughly as possible, even before you have an opening for them. Ask them why they do what they do, what disappointments they’ve had, what their dream jobs would be. Look for fire in their eyes as they talk about the work itself, and listen for a deep desire to do something that hasn’t been done before. When you talk to their references, listen for mentions of passion.

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Talent is a skill that individuals develop or just have.  On the other hand, passion is something someone is or becomes. Talent can certainly bring success but passion coupled with talent can bring success and fulfillment in their lives.

People are more creative when they feel passionate about their work. Whether they are driven by interest, enjoyment, satisfaction, or a sense of personal challenge, they are more likely to take risks, look for multiple solutions to a problem, and seek out the best one rather than the easiest. These are the people you want on your food truck team.

Finding Candidate With Balance

When asked to choose between a passionate but inexperienced candidate one who lacks commitment, most vendors will ask, “Can’t I have passion AND talent?”

Of course you can want employees that blend the best of both. The challenge is to find the sweet spot between the two. To determine whether you want a more talented or passionate employee, ask yourself this question. Is you food truck in need of an boost of energy? Do you place a premium on passion as part of your food truck’s culture? Could it benefit from someone who is ready to work with passion and embrace a any learning needed to get them up to speed? Or do you have a greater need for proven experience to run your kitchen or service window, and deliver on their first shift in your truck?

By evaluating your food truck’s culture, needs, and your ability to train, you can keep the stability of your truck while tapping into the power of passion.

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The Bottom Line

Everyone is naturally good at something. Whether it’s cooking, social media, or scheduling, each and every person has some talent. Some people have many talents. We also have our passions or in other words the things we care the most about and get the most enjoyment out of doing. Talents and passions can overlap, but sometimes they don’t. It’s up to you as the employer as to which is more important to you.

When it comes to hiring your food truck staff, which has won out in the passion vs talent battle? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Facebook | Twitter