Did you know that gratitude can make your workplace more productive? It’s true. Gratitude cuts down on employee turnover by impacting employee job satisfaction, loyalty, and behaviors in the best way possible.

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, it’s the perfect opportunity to recognize the essential role employees play in your business. If you aren’t sure what to say, you can use any of these Thanksgiving messages for work. I suggest editing these slightly to make them more genuine for your workplace. 

Thanksgiving Messages for Colleagues

Let your colleagues know they matter.

  • I wish you positivity in everything life has to offer, thank you for making this workplace a much better place. Your commitment to our customers shines through each day. 
  • Sending best regards on this day of giving thanks, I wish you good food on your plate, good health, and a great feedback on our work. You’re one of the people I look up to; one of the best workmates I’ve ever had.
  • To my dearest colleague, wishing you hope, love, and peace on this day of saying thanks. You have been one of my greatest beacons of hope in survival in our line of work. Thank you!
  • You’ve taught me so much this year about accounting, spreadsheets and sales. I am grateful you took me under your wing and I’ll continue using these skills for the remainder of my career.
  • Happy Thanksgiving to my one and only work buddy! I am thankful for a lot of things but I’m most thankful in having you in this office, your expertise has been a blessing.
  • Sending the warmest of wishes through your journey and may all of your hard work paints a thousand colors to your life. You have been the warmest in this workplace, and for that, I thank you for your existence.
  • Out of everyone in our workplace, I am most thankful for your existence. You have brought color into the corners of this office. Wishing you the best in all of your endeavors!
  • On this day of giving thanks, let’s enjoy the days that we have spent together in this workplace, the smell of papers, and the scent of coffee for our long nights.

Thanksgiving Messages for Work

Make your workplace more meaningful with these messages of gratitude.

  • As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches in the United States, I wanted to take a step back and reflect on all the work our incredible staff has accomplished this year. We are powered by people like you and know that you are valued.
  • After countless rejections, one thing that I am thankful for is deciding to apply for this job. This job has taught me perseverance, and patience; this work made me a better person. 
  • Nothing in this world would have been a better work opportunity for me than this one. I have achieved a lot of things by pursuing this job: financial stability, career fulfillment, and great opportunities. For that, I am very much thankful.

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  • On this day of giving thanks, I would like to express my gratitude to the office that accepted me even though I am not as well-seasoned as those who have applied with me. This company saw my potential when I couldn’t see it myself. Thank you for honing my talents and skills.
  • There’s a lot of things that I am grateful for and that is for my love in this career path as this has fulfilled my lifelong childhood dream. Thank you!
  • This thanksgiving day, I want to express my eternal gratitude to this work for providing me limitless opportunities and for helping me sustain my daily needs. All the best!
  • Before having this work, my life has been boring and dull, completing the same routine day by day. I am grateful that I have found my way into this new career venture as it has helped to add an extra spice to my ultimately boring life.

Thanksgiving Messages to Teams

Are you looking for the right words to thank a rockstar team?

  • This Thanksgiving, I would like to thank you all for being wonderful teammates. My success is yours as well. God Bless!
  • These past few years have been hard and I could’ve never done it without your support and brilliant ideas. I am forever grateful.
  • First of all, I would like to say sorry for all of my lapses. I have been blessed with a merciful team that has carried me throughout the semester. Thank you very much, I am forever indebted to you all!

On this day of giving thanks, I thank you all for the support, love, and ideas you have pitched in our every meeting and conceptualization. I hope you continue to be blessed with a brilliant mind in all of our endeavors. I love you all!

  • I always thank the God Almighty for giving me a chance to work with you. You all have been a great help in all of our work: in conceptualization, script writing, and helping me view things in a different light. You all have been the best and I wish to my lucky stars that I get to be teamed up with you again.  All the best!
  • Your professional support, guidance, and love has helped me reach my goals; the pinnacle of my work life. You have been with me since day 1 and we helped each other grow and be better everyday.
  • This team is no doubt the most professional, caring, and brilliant team this company has ever assembled. I am grateful for being a part of this group for a lot of things— but that would be a lot to enumerate. Long story short, happy thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Messages to Organizations


Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Boost the confidence and the social morale of the members of your organization with these message ideas:

  • We wish you a great Thanksgiving and hope you are able to enjoy it with your family and loved ones. Sending you laughter and lots of stuffing this Thanksgiving. 
  • We are grateful for you to be part of the team. We hope that you get to enjoy this thanksgiving full of warmth and love.
  • Thank you for taking the time to be a partner organization with us. We could not have asked for a better partner. Thank you for the hardwork and dedication, happy thanksgiving. 

This Thanksgiving we are grateful for your help and looking forward to continuing our partnership next year. Your organization is truly appreciated.

  • We appreciate your patronage this and every year. Wishing you to have a delicious Thanksgiving feast!
  • Sending good wishes to everyone at your organization. Without everyone’s help it will put us in a difficult situation. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Being passionate about your organization’s goal also influenced us to aspire our own goals too. All the best to everyone this Thanksgiving holiday!

Thanksgiving Messages to Clients

  • We are thankful for your patronage and we have a great time working together with you. We wish you a happy thanksgiving.
  • Throughout the years we are thankful for your continued support. We appreciate your business all year long. Happy Thanksgiving Day from all of us! 

Have a blessed Thanksgiving season. May you be showered with good health, prosperity, happiness, and love. 

  • Thank you for your patronage, we appreciate the time to serve you. Looking forward to working with you next year!
  • We have had an amazing season since you became part of our community. Wishing you a great Thanksgiving holiday!
  • This Thanksgiving holiday, we hope that you will continue to be a part of our family. We appreciate the time you have spent with us.
  • We are thankful for doing business with you throughout the years. From all of us, a heartfelt Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Message for Employees

  • Thankful to have a very talented employee like you. I hope your Thanksgiving will be filled with prosperity and happy memories. 
  • This season helped me realize how grateful I am for having an employee like you. We are very lucky to have you and make this year a success. Wishing you all the best and enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday!
  • Thank you for your effort in building the company for what it is today. Enjoy your well-deserved vacation and have an awesome Thanksgiving.
  • Thanksgiving is a perfect time to say, “thank you,” we appreciate everything you have done to the company. Celebrate this season and create lasting memories.

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  • Thank you for bringing your A-game to work and brimming with energy to take on tasks. Having you as an employee is truly a pleasure. Happy thanksgiving.
  • In this time of Thanksgiving, I want to express my gratitude for your work ethics and going above and beyond. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  • It is a great time to show our appreciation for employees like you. Thank you for the work you have done to make this company great. We wish you a happy thanksgiving with a lot more blessings. 

Why should you send Thanksgiving Messages at work?

happy thanksgiving

A time for gratitude.

Here are some reasons why you should express how grateful you are to have them in your team:

  • Create a healthy social environment at work. When you show how thankful you are for employees, they feel valued and important. Beyond being a note you leave on their tables, Thanksgiving messages give people a sense of fulfillment and belongingness knowing that they have somehow made an impact, may it be in your life or in the company. Though professional boundaries have been set in the workplace, it shouldn’t stop you from from building relationships with teammates. After all, they’re the people you spend most of your time with.
    • Strengthen bonds.  A positive thanksgiving message will help you establish deeper relationships with staff. A simple thank you can break-down an employees wall. 
  • Motivate employees to be more productive. According to a Glassdoor Survey, 80% of employees are more motivated to work harder for a boss who appreciates them. Appreciation can improve the bottom line performance of your company. Who knew?

How can you express gratitude to coworkers?

Here are some simple ways to express gratitude for colleagues during the Thanksgiving holiday in November. 

  • Make saying ‘thank you’ a habit.  Make a list of two employees to thank each week. In fact, starting with this step is crucial in cultivating a culture of gratitude in the workplace. Saying ‘thank you’ to an employee makes them feel acknowledged and appreciated for their toils. It will also make them feel happier and more confident at work. 
  • Send a personal, authentic thanksgiving note. Giving thanks should not only be done during the holiday. As much as possible, you should do it whenever you can, wherever you may be. Writing your co-workers a thanksgiving message is a more genuine way of doing that. Put effort in expressing your thoughts by pointing out what they’ve done or shown that made your work experience more productive and meaningful. Whether you would send it through a handwritten note or via email, it would never fail to touch their hearts. 
  • Make a freedom wall for gratitude. If you want to express gratitude as often as possible in the workplace, encourage your employees to do it as well. Put up a freedom wall for gratitude and tell them to pin a sticky note there everytime they encounter something that made them grateful that day. It may seem a simple activity, but watch a miracle unfold when you’ll have a room filled with appreciated and motivated employees. 
  • Free Food. I used to work for a company that gave away a free turkey each Thanksgiving. You had the choice of bringing the turkey home or giving it away to a family in need. I thought this was a really cool tradition that you don’t see many companies doing. If you think about it, giving away a bird to employees only costs $30 – $40 per employee. And it’s a terrific way to help the hungry in the local community for anyone who decides to donate their bird.

Nothing inspires employees more than a thank you note combined with the occasional raise and opportunity for advancement. I hope you have found a thanksgiving message for your workplace here. You can express this gratitude by email, face to face, or a handwritten card.