At, we do our best to publish objective, non-biased reviews on our website. In an effort to add transparency to our process we’ve published our review guidelines here. We keep this review process consistent to give you apples-to-apples comparisons of products and services mentioned on our website.

What’s the Review Evaluation criteria? 

From this rating system, 1 is the worst and 10 is best for each area of the evaluation.

Price: We want you to get the best deal possible on an LLC formation. We rate LLC formation services by lowest price so you can be confident you’re getting a great deal based on the value and features offered. 

    • Price: 
      • How much does the service cost compared to the competition?
    • Value:
      • Are there additional features, benefits, or unique value that justifies the price?
        • Examples:
          • Is EIN number included? 
          • Is rush delivery included? 
          • Is there an improve level of customer support?

Customer Support + Refund Policy: We believe LLC formation companies should offer hassle-free refunds and easy to get a hold of customer support if you have questions. We clearly list each company’s refund policies.

    • Refund Policy: 
      • What are the terms?
    • Customer Support:
      • Phone Number:
      • Chat:
      • Email:

User Reviews / Company Reputation: We evaluate reviews published across the web to help determine if this is a company you can trust for your LLC formation.  

    • BBB
    • Reddit 
    • Trustpilot 
    • Twitter
    • Other properties

Ease of Use: The goal of LLC filing services is to make the complicated process of forming an LLC straight forward. We evaluate how simple it is to complete the LLC formation process across different service providers. 

    • How many steps to complete the filing process. 
    • Straight forward instruction on what you need to file an LLC. 
    • Number of upsells. Too many upsells can be frustrating from a user experience perspective. 
    • Clarity of the product or service being offered.

Total Score: At the end of each review, we add up the scores to a total of 40 based on the criteria above. The higher the score, the more confident we feel about this product or service.

Additionally, we do not accept payment for our reviews. We may have affiliate agreements and get a commission for some products, but the rating is not influenced by this. Accuracy and helpfulness of our product reviews is the primary goal. You can view an example of one of our published reviews here.

If you have questions about our review process or anything else, please contact us here. We look forward to speaking with you.