Today we’ll discuss how new food trucks can get off to a good start by utilizing an advertising campaign. Spring is in the air and more food trucks are getting ready to launch their grand openings. So how do they get the word out to their community?

Do they just pull up to their first stop and hope that the wrap on their truck is enticing enough to get their first customers? In many cases we’ve seen some food truck owners fall flat with lack luster opening day/week/month performances.

Advertising has always been a way to get the word out about new businesses; unfortunately, many truck vendors miss the opportunity to shine because they neglected to build an audience or customer base before their inaugural push.

Sample food truck advertising campaign:

Business Name: <Insert Your Truck Here>

Slogan: <Insert Your Truck Slogan Here>

Locations: In list form provide all of your scheduled stops for the week (location and day). We’ve provided some examples.

  • Local Mall (Monday/Thursday)
  • Downtown Plaza (Tuesday/Friday)
  • Local Bar or Pub (Wednesday/Saturday)

Printed Advertisements

Here are few ways you can use print media in your advertising campaign.

  • Flyers at each shopping center entrance with dates/times
  • Newspaper ad/BOGO coupon
  • Local entertainment magazine feature story with owner
  • Flyers at community center and library.
  • Flyers in the pub you are partnering with.


Want to use the public airways to get your message out? Here are some topics to pitch your local affiliates.

  • Interview on local television morning show about truck concept and campaign.
  • Live radio remote from food truck grand opening.


Even though your food truck is a huge sign, there are other ways to inform the public about your location with the help of directional signage.

  • Signs on stakes with arrows at each location while truck present.
  • Sign at each location indicating when truck will return.
  • Sign on mall or bar marquee introducing food truck.

Social Media

This is where food trucks have shined…and for good reason. Most of these can be done for little cost (if any at all).

  • Facebook page: Check In for a free upgrade to a large shake.
  • Twitter: Daily tweets about locations, discounts and specials of the day.
  • Instagram: Show us your Instagram pic for 50% off your next visit.

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People who may know nothing about you (especially if you are preparing to launch your grand opening) are always enticed with the offer of free or discounted food.

  • Free drink coupons for people who attended a movie at the mall. Bring in your movie ticket stub for 10% off your purchase.
  • Register on your website to win a week of free entrees.
  • Bring a friend the next day to receive 50% off for you, 10% for friend.

The Bottom Line

Please be warned…an advertising campaign will get initial customers to show up, but the food your team serves and the service you provide will be what brings them back.

If you’ve run a food truck advertising campaign let us know how it worked, we’d love to hear your story. Facebook | Twitter