Whether you’ve been in operating a food truck for 5+ years, or you’re just getting your mobile food business on the road, having a social media presence is imperative. The average consumer usually conducts due diligence before committing to a food truck, and they often start online research with social media. This is why we are sharing our social media rules for new food truck vendors.

4 Simple Social Media Rules For New Food Truck Owners

If you are a food truck businesses that is just starting out follow these simple social media rules:

If you create them they will come

Give customers a reason to engage with your food truck brand, and keep the selling to a minimum. Make your food truck likeable and interesting with fun, engaging, and though provoking updates about your business and your employees.

Watch what you say

Social media for your food truck isn’t a place to vent personal, religious or political views. Simply voicing your personal opinion can alienate half of your prospective customers.

Know what networks to join

Many food truck vendors choose to engage in on only one social media platform. This is a huge mistake. Create a presence for your mobile food business on the most known social media platforms, as well as emerging ones.

At a minimum

  • Facebook: A food truck favorite for years, Facebook makes it easy to stay connected to followers and customers as you tackle busy days. Add photos of your schedule or daily specials on as you head out to your next parking location, post updates between shifts and handle customer service issues throughout the day.
  • Twitter: As one of the most popular social networks by vendors, Twitter is an ideal place to market your food truck brand, manage customer service issues and network with the industry (all in 140 characters).

Other popular social media platforms

  • Instagram: One of the fastest growing social media networks in the mobile food industry so you may want to start an account. With Instagram you can snap a photo inside or outside of your truck or use an existing image.
  • Pinterest: This is one of the best platforms to reach new customers using images of your menu. From You can add photos, which users can pin and add to their own boards for inspiration.

Growing in popularity

  • Snapchat: Not necessarily the first social media you should join to market your food truck business. With Snapchat you can send quick messages, photos or short video clips (they will disappear after they’re viewed).

Post every day

It’s not proper social media etiquette to set up accounts and tweet or post once or twice and drop off the platform. This is where creating a social media calendar can come in handy. Social media marketing requires a good balance between sales and marketing, with a lot of non-sales related updates in between.

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When it comes to using social media to build your food truck business, the worst action is no action, and your biggest problem is being invisible, not being talked about negatively. As long as your truck is part of the conversation on social media, you can hear what’s being said about you and eliminate (or at least slow down) negative perceptions about your mobile food business. But if no one is talking about your food truck, you have no chance for growth.

Do you have any additional social media rules for new food truck vendors? Share your ideas in the comment section below or on social media. Facebook | Twitter