The primary goal of every food truck owner is pretty much the same. Get people to your truck’s service window and have them place an order. With the growing number food trucks, that can mean that you must give people some sort of an incentive to do so. That doesn’t mean your food isn’t good or that your customer service is awful. It just simply means that there are a lot choices out there. You need to give people a slight nudge in your truck’s direction. There are countless ways to do this. However, one way that works very well for a lot of food trucks is starting a birthday club.

A birthday club is where you ask customers to sign up for an email list from your truck. In doing so, you ask for their birthday. When it’s time for their birthday, you send them a coupon for a special offer that’s usually good through the week of their birthday. Some vendors offer an entire meal for free, while others offer half off a meal, or a free side dish. The offer is completely up to you.

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Are you still not convinced? Today we’ll share some reasons a birthday club may be good for your food truck business.

4 Reasons To Add A Birthday Club

  • People almost never eat alone on their birthday. If you can entice one customer with a birthday to come to your food truck, you’ll be rewarded by the orders (full priced) from their friends.
  • People spend more money on their birthday. If there’s one day that people allow themselves to splurge on food and drinks, it’s their birthday. Birthdays offer a rare opportunity to attract brand new, reluctant, or second-chance customers. The guests of the birthday diner may have been unlikely to try your food truck on their own, so you have an opportunity to convert them into regulars.
  • Having a birthday club is a competitive advantage for your restaurant. If a potential customer has to decide between eating at your food truck(with a well-timed birthday discount) or eating at one of your competitors (at full price), they will choose your truck almost every time.
  • People talk about their birthday plans to their friends and family. Because of your birthday club, the answer to the question “What are you doing for your birthday?” will include the name of your truck. This is valuable word of mouth marketing.

The Bottom Line

The more customers you have to market to, the bigger impact it will have on your food truck’s sales and profit. Start your food truck birthday club today. You and your customers will love the business it generates every day of the year.

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