So you have collected email addresses from your customers and built your food truck email newsletter list. You’ve spoken with your customers to find out what they want from your email newsletter. So now all you have to do is click the send button, RIGHT?

Food Truck Email Newsletter Checklist

Sending email newsletters can be an extremely useful marketing tactic for your food truck but a lot of planning and testing must be in place before it’s sent. Before you send your food truck email newsletter to the world, check off each of these items (that apply to you) to ensure that your email newsletter has the impact you want it to.

  • You have permission to send your email newsletter to every person on your list.
  • Your newsletter has a primary objective.
  • Your From line clearly identifies your food truck.
  • You are sending your email from an email address that your list members will recognize.
  • Your Subject line prompts your list to open your email.
  • Your email content is easy to read.
  • You write headlines that are short, clear, and concise.
  • Your paragraphs are short summaries of larger bodies of information.
  • Your email contains a strong call to action.
  • You use images that help to tell the story of your email.
  • Your newsletter has white space that makes the text easy to read.
  • Your email content is valuable enough to save or share.
  • You checked all links to make sure they work properly.
  • You are prepared to handle inbound responses.
  • Your email contains an offer that is valuable to your email newsletter list.
  • You are sending your newsletter at a time when your list is likely to see it.

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The Bottom Line

If you’re considering implementing an email marketing program but are still not so sure about why, we hope this checklist helps you understand how email marketing can turn your customers into more loyal customers who, in turn, are more profitable customers.

If you have additional items for this email newsletter checklist, let us know so we can add them. You can share them below, on our food truck forum or social media. Facebook | Twitter