Food truck owners have always been required to wear a lot of hats. Menu creation, food prep, cooking, HR, public relations, accountant and we could go on. With so many things plates to spin, marketing their trucks can often get put on the backburner.  Unfortunately, too many vendors miss out on the growth that marketing strategy an provide their mobile food businesses. A great way to generate new faces at your service window is called an inbound marketing strategy.

While you may not be familiar with this term, it’s a technique that some food truck owners are already using. Inbound marketing shares your food truck brand with local consumers through blogs, email newsletters and social-media marketing, to name a few. These platforms bring customers to you instead of trying to draw them in with the use of advertising purchases, or in technical jargon…outbound marketing.

Try to incorporate one or more of these four easy marketing tactics into your inbound marketing strategy to increase the size of your customer lines and sales figures.

4 Steps To Building Your Food Truck Inbound Marketing Strategy

Leverage The Web

Don’t assume that once you have created your food truck website that your time online is done. Get your brand out on the web, link up all of the social networks you use back to your website. Using this tip in your marketing mix will help drive traffic from a wider spectrum of sites and increases the potential reach for your brand.

Make sure that you check the “About” section at Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn to make sure you have your elevator pitch about who you and your food truck business are, what you cook and why someone should take the time to track your truck down.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Creating a blog isn’t an easy task, but there is a tremendous upside to providing your customers with great content. Not only does it help establish you as a food truck business expert, but it also helps to boost your website’s search ranking.

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Contribute To Local and Industry Websites

Just as writing a blog for your food truck business, this involves some writing on your part, but it’s well worth the investment. Find local and mobile food industry websites that accept guest posts written by vendors. Getting your name out there will get you established as a thought leader and help will help generate business leads.

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Provide Testimonials

The best way to build confidence in the food and service you provide is through testimonials from people who have eaten from your truck or had your food truck cater one of their events. Look at the number of ways this can be done thanks to all of the social networking platforms available.

Don’t forget to share the positive media coverage that your food truck receives. There’s nothing like giving potential customers an outside look into your food truck business.

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We hope this article helped shed the light on creating an inbound marketing strategy for your food truck business. If you have any additional marketing strategy tips you would like to share feel free to share them in the comment section below, Tweet them to us or post them on our Facebook page.