Your food truck may have a great menu or excellent service but your mobile food business won’t grow unless people know you’re out there. That requires marketing your food truck. But what kind of marketing? Online, mobile, Google, Facebook, direct mail or even printed flyers. Where should a vendor begin the process?

It all starts with a marketing plan. A marketing plan for your food truck is s a written strategy to help achieve your goals and spread the word about your mobile kitchen on wheels. Today we’ll help you help yourself with this process.

3 Marketing Plan Apps To Assist In Creating Your Food Truck Plan

Here are three marketing plan apps food truck owners can use to help you figure out your needs, understand your competition and develop a cost-effective marketing strategy.

Marketing Plan Premier

Marketing Plan PremierThis comprehensive iPad app is both a fill-in-the-blank tool and a mini-marketing text book. Marketing Plan Premier relies heavily on the idea that all good businesses provide a solution to a consumer problem. The initial steps involve defining that problem and how your food truck solves it.

From there, the app helps you analyze your competitors, determine your target market and come up with a price. Finally, the app briefly runs you through options for advertising.

Once you fill in all the blanks, Marketing Plan Premier inserts your answers into a pre-written multi-page, executive summary. You can export the finished Word document by email or through Dropbox.

Price: $9.99

Marketing Plan App

If you don’t need a lot of guidance, Marketing Plan App can get you similar results in less time. The app is available for iOS and Android, and it’s formatted to work with the smaller, mobile phone screen.

This app can help you craft everything from your Vision Statement and market analysis, to helping you determine your marketing budget. After you fill in the blanks, save the document as a PDF or Word doc, then email to export or print straight from your device.

Price: $9.99 for iOS, $7.99 for Android. 


MarketMyBizThis marketing plan app comes from a very unusual source: the government of Australia. MarketMyBiz is an app for the iPad or Android tablets. It isn’t as wide-ranging as Marketing Plan App, but the navigation structure is intuitive and you won’t get bogged down in boxes as you move from page to page.

This app also includes a section that helps you discover your weaknesses and helps you create a plan to address each one.

When you’re finished, MarketMyBiz compiles your answers into one, simple report that you can print from the tablet or email as a PDF.

Price: Free

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The Bottom Line

Ideally, after writing food truck marketing plans for a few years, you can sit back and review them, year after year> Then check the progress of your food truck business. Of course, sometimes this is hard to make time for, but it can provide an unparalleled objective view of what you’ve been doing with your mobile food business life over a number of years.

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