I admit it. I went through a bit of a smoking phase during in college. I was in a cover band where we would be playing small town bars and frat parties on the weekend. during some of these gigs, we would be playing music for 3 – 4 hours with the benefit of free tap beer. After the show ended, another “benefit” was the free cigarettes offered by party goers who wanted to drink with the band. After a few drinks, I would oblige their offer and share a smoke.

But after I while I started to notice something. I began craving a cigarette during the day. A few months after this point, I realized I needed to quit smoking socially or it could turn into a longterm habit.

If you operate a business like a restaurant or bar, it’s still a good idea to put up no smoking signs alerting patrons to take it outside. In this post, I put together a long list of anti-smoking calls-to-action that urge people to stop using tobacco for their health, environmental, and financial benefit.

No Smoking Slogans

Have a no smoking policy at your restaurant or bar? These short messages make it clear that smoking isn’t allowed in an entertaining way.

  • Smoke Your Meat, Not Your Cigarettes. No Smoking Here!
  • This Bar’s for Glasses and Laughs, Not Ashes and Coughs.
  • Inhale Burgers, Not Smoke – No Smoking Allowed!
  • Keep Your Butts in the Chair, Not on the Air – No Smoking!
  • We Serve Cocktails, Not Cough Attacks. No Smoking, Please.
  • Our Only Smoke Comes from the Grill. Keep it Cigarette-Free!
  • Drink, Laugh, and Be Merry, But Please, No Smoking.
  • Smoking Here? You’re Barking Up the Wrong Bar!
  • Our Ribs are Smoky, But Our Air Isn’t. No Smoking Allowed.
  • No Puffing, Just Stuffing – This is a No Smoking Zone.
  • Our Only Burns Come from Hot Plates, Not Cigarettes.
  • Smoke Flavors, Not Filters – Keep It Smoke-Free Here!
  • Got a Light? Not for Cigarettes – No Smoking Allowed.
  • We Smoke Our Salmon, Not Cigarettes. Keep it Clear!
  • We’re Flame-Grilled, Not Smoke-Filled. No Smoking, Please.
  • Love is in the Air, Not Smoke – No Smoking Here.
  • Pour Decisions Allowed, Smoking is Not.
  • Fresh Air Served Daily. Help Us Keep It That Way – No Smoking.
  • Cigarettes Don’t Pair with Our Pairs – No Smoking Allowed.
  • Savor the Flavor, Not the Fumes – This is a Smoke-Free Zone.
smoke butt

Time to put out your last butt.

Funny No Smoking Slogans

  • Quit Smoking: Save Your Lungs and Your Funds.
  • Cigarettes: Because Who Needs Savings or a Sense of Smell Anyway?
  • Smoking: Burning Money and Lungs One Puff at a Time.
  • Be a Quitter, Get Fitter, and Your Wallet Gets Bigger.
  • Smoke Less, Breathe More, Afford the Door (of a nice restaurant, that is).
  • Drop the Cigs, Save for Rigs (or shoes, or trips).
  • Cigarettes: The Only Thing You Can Drop to Become Instantly Richer and Healthier.
  • Quit Now, Because Oxygen is the New Eau de Parfum.
  • Cigarettes: Turning Wallets into Ash Since Forever.
  • Love Yourself More, Smoke Less, Save Galore.
  • Give Up the Smoke, Attract Better Folk.
  • Swap Smoke Rings for Healthier Things.
  • Smoke and Broke? Coincidence? I Think Not.
  • A Cigarette a Day Keeps Your Money Away.
  • Quit Smoking and Discover Riches Beyond Cigarettes.
  • Smoking: Because Who Needs a Full Bank Account and Pink Lungs?
  • Your Lungs Called, They Want a Break-Up with Cigarettes.
  • Smoking: The Anti-Saving Plan You Never Wanted.
  • Cigarettes: Where Your Money Goes Up in Smoke.
  • Be Richer in Health and Wealth – Say No to Smoke.
  • Smoking: Like Burning Cash with Every Breath.
  • Be Attractive, Don’t Be Distractive – Quit the Stick.
  • Smoke Your Last, Be a Blast, and Save Fast.
  • Cigarettes: Not the Hottest Dating Profile Pic.
  • Cigarettes: Because Who Wants to Smell Nice and Have Money Anyway?

Anti-Smoking Slogans 

  • Breathe Fresh, Ditch the Ash. Your Health’s Worth More Than Cash.
  • Smoke-Free Life is the Key to Thrive. Keep Your Lungs Alive.
  • Cigarettes: A Losing Bet. Choose Health, No Regret.
  • Kiss the Ash Goodbye, Let Your Health Sky-High.
  • Quit the Fumes, Embrace Blooms. Smoking Only Grooms Dooms.
  • Smoke Ends Where Wellness Begins. Drop the Sin, Let Life Win.
  • Inhale Life, Exhale Smoke. For a Future Bright, Not Broke.
  • Break Free from the Smoke, Live Life Unchoked.
  • Clear Air, Clear Mind. Leave Cigarettes Behind.

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  • Stub Out the Cig, Start Living Big. Your Health’s a Gig.
  • Smoke’s No Joke, It Only Chokes. Breathe Free, Break the Yoke.
  • Ditch the Puff, Life’s Tough Enough. Choose Health, Be Rough.
  • Let Go of Smoke, Grab Life’s Rope. Climb to Health, Full of Hope.
  • No Smoking, No Joking. Choose Life, It’s Invoking.
  • Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust. Quit Smoking, In Health We Trust.
  • Every Cigarette Refused Adds Days Amused. Choose Life, Not Abused.
  • Say No to the Glow, Let Your Health Flow.
  • Swap Smokes for Strokes of Life. Breathe in Health, Not Strife.
  • Smoke Not, Worry Not. Your Lungs Need a Healthy Plot.
  • A Drag a Day Keeps Good Health Away. Choose Smoke-Free, Stay Okay.
  • Cigarettes are Yesterday, Breathe Health Today. Make the Switch, Don’t Delay.
  • Smoke Less, Smile More. Your Lungs, Not Ash, Adore.
  • Quit the Habit, Live the Magic. Breathe Life, Not Tragic.
  • Smoke’s a Trap, Life’s a Map. Navigate to Health, Not a Nap.
  • Cigarettes? Just Fumes and Regrets. Choose Fresh Air, No More Debts.

Anti-Smoking Slogans that Rhyme

  • Smoke and joke, but health’s no hoax.
  • Puff by puff, you’ve had enough.
  • Skip the smoke, it’s not a joke.
  • Drop that cig, do a health jig.
  • Smoke ain’t chic, quit this week.
  • Light up your mind, leave cigarettes behind.
  • Be smart, don’t start, keep a healthy heart.
  • Kiss the ash goodbye, live high and dry.
  • Butts away, live another day.
  • Smoke’s a drag, life’s more than a fag.
  • Quit and fit, better than a nicotine hit.
  • Say nope to smoke, it’s a slippery slope.
  • To puff is rough, you’re tough enough.
  • Lose the lighter, life’s brighter.
  • Ciggies are silly, quit willy-nilly.
  • Smoke is a joke that makes you choke.
  • Burn calories, not tobacco leaves.
  • Crush the pack, get your health back.
  • No more puff, you’re strong enough.
  • Quit the stick, feel fantastic.
  • Take a hike, cigarette, we don’t like.
  • Breathe in joy, not tobacco’s ploy.
  • Ditch the cig, dance a health gig.
  • Smoke no more, life has more in store.
  • Stub out the habit, catch health like a rabbit.
smell cigarette smoke

The look I get when catching a whiff of cigarette smoke.

Cigarette Slogans Against Smoking 

These slogans aim to be catchy and engaging, blending humor with a clear message about the benefits of quitting smoking and leading a healthier lifestyle.

  • Cigarettes: A Drag You Don’t Need.
  • Be a Quitter, Be a Winner – Drop the Cigarette Dinner.
  • Butt Out, Breathe In – Cigarettes Are a Sin.
  • Put Down the Pack, Get Your Life on Track.
  • Give Up the Smoke, It’s No Joke.
  • Smoke-Free, the Way to Be – For You and Me.
  • Cigarettes: Cancelled by Popular Demand.
  • Cigs Away, Live to Play Another Day.
  • Say ‘Bye’ to the Lighter, Your Future’s Brighter.
  • Don’t Huff, Don’t Puff, You’re Tough Enough.
  • Cigarettes Are a Bummer, Quitting Is a Summer.
  • A Cigarette Refused Is Healthiness Infused.
  • Ditch the Smoke, It’s No Joke.
  • Nix the Nicotine, Be a Health Machine.
  • Cigarettes Out, Confidence In.
  • Kicking Butts, Earning Struts.
  • No Puffing, Just High-Fiving – You’re Thriving!
  • Smoke Breaks Are Fake; Choose Health for Heaven’s Sake.
  • Cigarette-Free Is the Key to Glee.
  • Quit the Stick, Make It Quick.
  • Smoke Your Last, Make It a Blast.
  • Snub the Smoke, Be an Awesome Folk.
  • Cigarettes, Not Today; Choose a Healthier Way.
  • Breaking Up with Cigs, Starting New Gigs.
  • Toss the Tobacco, Embrace Tomorrow.
cigarette habit

Do you have what it takes to kick the habit?

Quit Smoking Slogans 

  • Puff, Puff, Pass on Smoking. Choose Health Over Habit!
  • Make Your Life a No-Smoking Zone!
  • Quit Smoking: Breathe Life, Not Smoke!
  • Trade Your Cigarettes for Fresh Breaths of Freedom!
  • Kiss Tobacco Goodbye. Your Lungs Will Love You!
  • Butt Out, Work Out. Swap Smoke for Sweat!
  • Don’t Let Your Life Go Up in Smoke. Quit Today!
  • Crush the Pack, Not Your Health!
  • Ditch the Drag. Breathe Easy, Live Happily!
  • Smoke-Free Is the New Sexy. Drop the Cig!
  • Put Out the Cigarette, Light Up Your Life!
  • Tobacco’s Trash. You Deserve Fresh!
  • Ashes to Ashes, Butts to Bins. Quit Now, Health Wins!
  • Get High on Life, Not on Smoke!
  • Be Smarter, Not a Starter. Say No to Smoking!
  • Cigarettes Are Cancelled. Choose a Healthier Episode!
  • Kick Ash, Take Names. Quit Smoking Today!
  • Inhale Positivity, Exhale Addiction!
  • Say Goodbye to Smoke Breaks, Hello to Life!
  • Stop Smoking, Start Living. Your Future Self Will Thank You!
  • Ditch the Cig, Embrace the Big Picture.
  • Cigars Away, Clear Skies to Stay.
  • Vape No More, Open New Doors.
  • Clear the Smoke, Embrace Health’s Cloak.
  • Say Farewell to Cigarettes, Hello to Fresh Sunsets.
  • Cigars Be Gone, Breathe Deep from Dawn.
  • Leave Vaping Behind, Peace of Mind You’ll Find.
  • Snuff Out Cigs, Start Living Big.
  • Wave Goodbye to Cigars, Greet a World of Stars.
  • Beyond the Vape, A Healthier Shape.
  • Cigarettes Down, Lift Your Crown.
  • Cigars No More, Wellness in Store.
  • Vaping’s End, Wellness Trends.
  • Crush the Cigarette, A Healthier Bet.
  • Put Out the Cigar, Life’s Better by Far.
  • Clear the Vapor, Nature’s Enrapture.
  • No More Smoke, Life’s Fresh Stroke.
  • Cigars in the Past, Fresh Air to Last.
  • Vape’s Escape, Life Reshapes.
  • A Cigarette Dropped, A Healthier Heartbeat Unlocked.
cigar smoke is gross

Cigar smoke is gross.

World No Tobacco Day Inspired Slogans 

World No Tobacco Day is observed on May 31st each year. The primary purpose of this day is to highlight the health risks associated with tobacco use and advocate for effective policies to reduce or even end tobacco consumption.

  • No Tobacco Day: Clear the Smoke, See the Hope.
  • Breathe Health, Not Smoke – Celebrate No Tobacco Day.
  • Choose Life Over Tobacco – Today and Every Day.
  • Growing Food Is More Important Than Tobacco.
  • Replace Tobacco Fields with Corn Fields.
  • Break Free: Make Every Day a No Tobacco Day.
  • Clear the Air – Say No to Tobacco.
  • No Tobacco, No Regrets – Choose a Healthier Path.
  • Inhale Freedom, Exhale Tobacco – Celebrate Clean Air.
  • Tobacco-Free Is the Way to Be.
  • Celebrate Breath, Not Death – Say No to Tobacco.
  • Embrace a Tobacco-Free Life – It Starts Today.
  • Pledge for Health: No Tobacco Today and Always.
  • No Tobacco, More Life – Make the Promise Today.
  • Join Hands for a Tobacco-Free World.
  • Say Goodbye to Tobacco, Hello to a Better Life.
  • No Tobacco, Know Health – Make the Choice.
  • Every No Tobacco Day Counts – Pledge Today.
  • Unite for a Smoke-Free World on No Tobacco Day.
  • Tobacco-Free Today for a Healthier Tomorrow.
  • No Tobacco, No Trouble – Choose Wellness.
  • Celebrate No Tobacco Day – Your Lungs Will Thank You.
  • Today’s No Tobacco Pledge, Tomorrow’s Healthier Edge.
  • Leave Tobacco Behind, Embrace Life’s Shine.
  • Breathe Easy, Live Freely – No Tobacco Today.
  • No Tobacco, Full Life – Embrace the Change.
  • Clear Skies Ahead: No Tobacco Day Celebrations.
  • Commit to Quit: Celebrate No Tobacco Day.
  • Take the No Tobacco Challenge – Transform Your Life.
  • No Tobacco Today, For a Brighter Healthway.
  • Stand Up to Tobacco: Choose Health, Choose Life.
  • A Day without Tobacco: A Step Towards a Healthier You.

World No Tobacco Day is used as a platform to encourage governments worldwide to implement strong tobacco control measures. This includes policies like higher taxes on tobacco products, bans on advertising and promotion, and smoke-free environments to reduce tobacco consumption. What will you be doing on this day to encourage others to kick the habit?