In the United States, we’ll see more than 27.7 million join the 50-and-over crowd soon. The split between men and women hitting who hit this milestone birthday is nearly even with women representing 53.5% of the cohort.

If you know someone who will be celebrating a 50th birthday, you need the appropriate message to commemorate this life achievement. Fortunately, I’ve organized a variety of appropriate messages whether you’re writing a message for a parent, a friend, a workmate or a neighbor. Coming up with the right words for a birthday message of this magnitude can be a challenge, but these suggestions will make a thoughtful birthday card, social media caption or message for a cake worry free. 

50th Birthday Slogans

  • 50 Is Five Perfect 10s
  • 5 Decades Down, More To Go
  • 50 And Proud
  • 50 Never Looked This Good
  • Keep Calm And Stay Awesome At 50
  • Life Begins At 50
  • 50 And Thriving
  • 50 Is The New Awesome
  • I am 49+1
  • Cheers to 50 Years
  • Fabulous 50
  • 50 Is Just A Number
  • Not Old, But Classic. Happy 50th!
  • They say 50 is the new 30.
  • Hit The Big 50 Fabulously
  • Filthy Fifty

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  • Cruising My Way To 50
  • 50 Is Just A Number
  • Don’t count your candles, just enjoy the glow!
  • Being 50 keeps you glowing!
  • Fifty and proud!
  • Glowing At 50
  • 50 And Bolder Than Ever
  • 50 And Aged To Perfection
  • Turn 50 And Rule The World
  • Keep Rocking At 50
  • There’s No Better Time To Be Alive Than Turning 50
  • Live Well And Continue The Race At 50
  • 50 Is Like Turning 18, Just A lot Wiser And Brighter

Funny 50th Birthday Slogans

birthday balloons

Don’t take yourself too seriously on your 50th birthday.

  • Bad News: You’re 50 | Good News: I’m Not
  • Old Lives Matter. Enjoy your 50s!
  • Stay Being A Legend. You’re Half A Century Young
  • Better me. Version 50.0
  • It took 50 years to get here. Celebrate with me!
  • 50! You’re Not Old, You’re Mid-Century Modern
  • Turning 50? More Like 20 With 30 Years Of Experience
  • You make 50 look great! 

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  • You made it to 50, now make sure you make it to 80. 
  • May your life be as abundant as the white hair in your head. 
  • No one can make 50 look good as you. 
  • Turning 50 means you can put those years in the bag and start over.
  • I want to meet someone as good looking as me in their 50s. 
  • You can always find something you want, unless you’re 50 and your eyes are starting to get blurred. 
  • Some people just need a high-five because they can’t make 50 look good. 
  • Don’t let turning 50 bring you down, it’s too hard to get back up. 
  • Turning 50 isn’t as bad as getting drunk and passing out when you’re in your teens. 
  • Sometimes, turning 50 is just like being recycled teenagers. 
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re 50, everyone ages anyway. You’re just ahead of the game.
  • Bones may start breaking but at least you’re not breaking hearts at 50. 

50th Birthday Captions for Social Media 

  • You make 50 look sexy.
  • Be 50 and proud!
  • It’s your second time turning 25.
  • Enjoy your fabulous 50th birthday!
  • No better age to celebrate than turning 50!
  • Turn 50 and rule the world.
  • Single, 50 and fabulous. 
  • Keep slaying that awesome life! Welcome to 25 version 2. 
  • Take that glass of wine and party like you’re 18.
  • I turned 50 with Facebook.
  • No better time to classy than on your 50th birthday.
  • Happy 50th! At least you’re not as old as you will be next year.
  • Get that party started! You’ve waited 50 years to get your groove on. 
  • Turning 50 is like turning a new page in a book. Enjoy the new chapter!
  • You don’t need to feel ashamed in turning 50, even wine tastes better when it’s aged.
  • Keep thriving at 50!
  • It’s never too late to find love at 50. Keep your heart open!
  • 50 years down and more to go. Enjoy life to the fullest!
  • Five decades of domination!
  • No body turns 50 and thinks there isn’t time left. You have all the time in the world.
  • Make your 50s the best years of your life. Adventure starts today!
  • Nothing is as beautiful as turning 50 and getting more excited with life.
  • Keep your head high and your feet on the ground, life’s only getting started at 50.
  • 50 is the glorious age of wisdom, strength and prosperity. 
  • Remember how excited you were when you turned 5. You should be ten times that excited to turn 50. 
  • No shame at being 50. You never feel more alive than ever!
  • All dolled up to enter my golden years.
  • You may never own gold but at least you have your golden years.

50th Birthday Quotes

“You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely.” – Ogden Nash

“Turning 50 doesn’t mean you’re getting old, but instead getting wiser and better than ever.” – Anonymous

“You may no longer be as young, as you turn fifty. But nothing is stopping you from being naught and nifty.” – Anonymous

“Forty is the old age of youth. Fifty is the youth of age.” – Victor Hugo

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“Being a hottie at 50 means you still get hot post-menopausal hot flashes.” – Anonymous

“All rock-and-rollers over the age of 50 look stupid and should retire.” – Grace Slick

“Your 50th birthday brings a whole new set of skills to the table. Now you can laugh, sneeze, cough and pee.. all at the same time.” – Anonymous

“By the time we hit fifty, we have learned our hardest lessons. We have found that only a few things are really important. We have learned to take life seriously, but never ourselves. “ – Marie Dressler

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it’s up to you to merit that face you have at fifty.” – Coco Chanel

“Age is no issue to me. I think 50 is the new 30 and 70 is the new 50. There are no rules that say you have to dress a certain way or be a certain way.” – Tina Turner

“Age 50 is the mile marker where any mildly perceptive person becomes accurately aware that he or she is accountable for the content and coherence of their character.” – Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

“At age 50, every man has the face he deserves.” – George Orwell

“I turned 65 last year, and each year I get more and more interested in human health. For most people, it happens around age 50. But I’ve always been a slow learner. It’s critical in terms of the cost of health care.” – Craig Venter

“After you turn 50 years old, you can’t recognize letters up close, but you recognize idiots from 50 yards.” – Anonymous

“It’s not like 50 is the new 30. It’s like 50 is the new chapter.” – Sharon Stone

“When you turn 50, you no longer have to apologize for your opinions.” – Robert T. Palmer

“Turning 50 should mean you’ve had at least 30 years of experience and now you’re ready to become a mentor to help others build their dreams and live great lives.” – Anonymous

“Oh don’t be silly. Do you really believe people couldn’t wait until you turned 50 just to make jokes about age?” – Anonymous 

“You know you’re 50 when pumping gas is considered much of a workout as pumping iron used to be.” – Anonymous 

“Turning 50 is like visiting an all-you-can-eat buffet. What should be hot is cold, what should be firm is limp, and the buns are bigger than anything else on the menu.” – Anonymous 

“Suddenly you find, at the age of 50, that a whole new life has opened before you.” – Agatha Christie

“Turning 50 changed me and I’m far more accepting of myself. I’m not thin, but I am a size 10. I go in at the middle and very much out at the bottom and top. And now I think, “Well, that’s how I am”.” – Carol Vorderman 

50th Birthday Wishes for Women 

gift wrapped

A special wrapped gift for her.

  • May your day be as special as you. Happy 50th birthday!
  • The world won’t be as bright without you. Enjoy your 50th birthday. 
  • Sending a big hug with a bottle of champagne. Rock that 50! 
  • Youth is overrated. Life begins at 50. Happy birthday!
  • You’re a year old but I wish you knew you that you shine like gold!
  • Wishing you nothing buy blue skies, warm hugs and a day full of smiles. Happy 50th birthday!
  • Happy 50th birthday! Look forward to brighter days in the decades to come!
  • May you stay as fabulous as you are. Keep rocking that 50s life!
  • Just like fine wine, you get better with age. Happy 50th birthday!
  • Hoping it’s a fun-filled day with lots of love and celebration. Happy 50th birthday!
  • You shine brighter than the stars. Enjoy your 50s!
  • Cheering for more high heels, blind dates and drunken nights. Happy birthday!
  • Every woman deserves the best things in life once they turn 50. Happy birthday!
  • You’re as lovely as you’ve always been. Wishing you a more fruitful years to come, happy birthday!
  • Stop grinding and start living, you deserve it. Happy 50th birthday! 
  • No woman should feel like they’re too old to bungie jump off a cliff. Take on those adventures! Happy birthday!
  • Get your hair done, your nails painted and your new heels ready. It’s time to celebrate 50 glorious years of your life. Happy birthday!
  • May you be more fabulous as your 50 years on earth. Happy birthday!

50th Birthday Wishes for Men 


You’re 50. Pop a bottle.

  • Happy 50th birthday! You don’t get old, you get classic.
  • If gray hair is a sign of wisdom, then you’re a real genius. Congratulations on hitting that 50!
  • At 50, you can look back with pride or look forward with hope. Happy Big 50!
  • Happy 50th! Stay awesome and drink more beer! 
  • A man becomes a true gentleman when he hits 50. Happy birthday! 
  • Happy birthday ancient old man, wishing your body can stay active and healthy as your turn 50.
  • May your tummy be as round as the earth. Happy 50th birthday!
  • Growing old as you are only means you’re as fine as a wine. Cheers to 50 years!
  • Celebrate the good old memories and get ready to create new ones. Happy 50th!
  • May your life be as nice as the fine lines in your face. Happy 50th birthday!
  • Get ready to go rock and rolling to the next decade. Enjoy your 50th birthday.
  • You are older than yesterday but younger than tomorrow. Happy birthday!
  • I wish you strength and determination to fulfill your dreams now that you’re 50. Enjoy your day!
  • Happy 50th birthday. May you fly high on the wings of success! 
  • Don’t worry about turning 50, you’re still gonna do dumb stuff, only slower! Happy birthday!
  • Wishing you another year filled with adventures, realizations and happiness. Happy 50th birthday!
  • I wish you grow older to be the man you’ve always wanted to be. Keep inspiring others. Happy 50th!
  • Life’s too short to be counting the years but it’s important to look back at the decades you made mistakes and start correcting them today. Enjoy the new chapter in your life, happy birthday!
  • You are definitely dapper than you were in your 20s. Go and enter your golden years with a blast! Happy birthday!
  • You’ve truly grown into a wonderful man through the years. Make your life even better! Happy 50th birthday!

50th Birthday Slogans that Fit on a T-Shirt

  • I’m not 50, I’m 49.95 plus tax.
  • 50 years smarter than you.
  • Not everyone looks this good at fifty
  • This man just turned 50.
  • Too sexy to be 50.

For those who are young at heart, the half century marker can represent a new chapter in life to do whatever’s left on their bucket list. While for others, this can be time to slow down and enjoy life in the moment. 

It takes effort to make someone feel special, especially on a landmark date like a 50th birthday. But I hope this collection of messages will ensure you have the right words to say when the big day arrives.