How hard can it be to market one of America’s classic favorites? In the United States alone, people devour about 50 million burgers every year. That’s a whole lot of ground round. 

But there’s also a whole lot of competition when it comes to burgers, from global brands like McDonald’s to lesser known establishments like White Castle. You’ll need a compelling tagline and advertising campaign to standout in the marketplace.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Here’s the ultimate list of marketing slogans and catchphrases you can use for your business.

Burger Marketing Slogans

Highlight the unique selling proposition of your hamburger with one of these slogan ideas. 

  • Let’s Get This Patty Started!
  • Better With Buns Together.
  • One Hand Is Not Enough.
  • Made For Your Two Hands.
  • Sink Your Teeth, Taste The Beef.
  • Hungry? Try Our Burgers Made with Half Pound Patties.
  • No Better Burger Than This.
  • Bringing Joy a Quarter Pounder at a Time.
  • Patty Good, Better Food.
  • Just One More Bite.
  •  Fight For the Greatest Bite.
  • Your Patty Buddy.
  • Two Buns Is Better Than One.
  • Flip ‘Em Tables, Flip ‘Em Burgers!
  • Seasoned Well for All Seasons.
  • The Holy Grail for Hellish Grills.
  • Mark my Grills.
  • Well-done Beef for Rare Moments.
  • The Whole-y Patty.
  • Classic Taste, Timeless Patties.
  • Bring The Burgers Out!
  • A Pat of Goodness from the Best Patty.

Burger Taglines

Looking for taglines to entice your customers? Search no more! Feel free to use any of these. 

  • The Beefy Taste You’ll Miss.
  • Can’t Beef Enough?
  • Raised By Farmers, Raised For Burgers.
  • Fresh Burgers Served with All The Fixings.
  • Beef You Can’t Resist.
  • Thank God It’s Burger!
  • Flipping Beef Goodness All Day.
  • Feel Mighty Today and Beef It Up!
  • Come Beef, Come Back.
  • Fill Your Mouth With Every Bite.

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  • The Best Part is in Between the Buns.
  • Dare To Take Another Bite.
  • For The Love of Burgers!
  • The Burger Worth Spending For.
  • It’s A Craving Apocalypse!
  • Everything You Need To Eat.
  • The Patty Buddy for Your Taste Buds.
  • Would You Want To Share This Patty?
  • Patty Knows Best.
  • It’s The Grill-marked Patty For Me.
  • Meant To Be Grabbed.

Funny Burger Slogans

Flaming burger patties to perfection!

Demonstrate both your wit and burger flipping excellence with these suggestions. 

  • The Patty Your Tongs Can’t Handle.
  • Better Than Krabby Patty.
  • Taking Orders and Flipping Burgers.
  • Insane Beef Taste for Your Sanity.
  • Spread Your Buns and Fry.
  • Make Those Burger Buns Clap!
  • Here Comes The Life of the Patty!
  • Give In To What You See.
  • Don’t Be Shy, Take A Bite!
  • Your Spirit Animal in Flesh.
  • When It’s Smokin’ Hot, Take a Shot!
  • Follow Your Taste Buds.
  • Worth Your Wallet.
  • Behold, The Patty!
  • Don’t Think About It, Eat It!
  • All Done? Grab Another One!
  • What a Pile!
  • Burgers, Assemble!
  • It’s Patty, Not Fatty.
  • Tasty In Every Part.
  • Pave The Way For The Buns!

Chicken Burger Slogans

We also have slogans for the chicken lovers! Check the list below.

  • Cheers, Chicken!
  • Bang For The Buck, Go For The Cluck!
  • What’s Cluckin’?
  • It’s All I Can Chick Of
  • Chick These Buns Out
  • A Chicky Treat That’s Hard To Beat
  • The Chicken Part Is A Work Of Art
  • Where Do Chicken Burgers Go?
  • This Burger Is Chicken Out of Ten
  • Flattering Taste from a Fluttering Meat
  • A Hen’s Touch In Every Bite
  • Tuck A Cluck Between The Buns
  • Chicken Worth Spendin’
  •  Buns Out, Clucks In!
  • Never Too Early For A Chicken Patty
  • It’s Got To Be Chicken
  • Just Checkin’ the Chicken
  • Dance With The Chicken in Buns!
  • Catch A Lover With A Chicken Burger
  • The Chicken Patty Comes First

Taglines for Burgers and Fries

Is it even a burger experience without fries and soda?

Burger and fries are inseparable.  Here are some ideas to promote this power combo. 

  • Sticks and Buns Go Well As One
  • The Best Way To Eat Potato and Meat
  • The Ultimate Snack-Meal Choice
  • Nothing To Be Guilty About
  • Keep Your Eyes On The Burger Fries
  • Snacks Time Better With The Power Combo
  • Sliced and Fried For Moments of Pride
  • Wrapped in Foil with Lesser Oil
  • Keep The Combo Classic
  • Don’t Forget the Sauce
  • More Ketchup Please
  • The Classic Way To Celebrate
  • Eat ‘Em One At A Time
  • Meant For Your Fingers
  • Go Forkless With Your Meal
  • Let Your Fingers Do The Work
  • Travel Everywhere, Eat Anywhere
  • Timeless Pair For All Affairs
  • Any Sauce Will Do
  • What Are Your Two Hands For?
  • Add Some Fries To Your Burger’s Price
  • Fries and Buns Sound Hella Fun!

Burger Captions

Show off your burger meal and make your social network salivate with these captions for Instagram.

  • Go get that buns!
  • This is me trying to be fit by fitting a whole burger in my mouth.
  • I’d rather go for a double cheeseburger than go on a double date.
  • My kind of drip is dripping sauce on a double-pound cheeseburger.
  • You mess with me, I mess with your burger.
  • Surprisingly tender meat, Creamy melting cheese, and fresh veggies to lessen your guilt. 
  • Sometimes, happiness is found in between two buns covered in sesame seeds.

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  • In tough times, grab my buns and hold me tight.
  • Celebrate each breath with slice of good meat in between bread.
  • If life is a sandwich, make it better with some buns and patty.
  • Saving the world with a cheeseburger in hand.
  • Lettuce is tasty, especially if it’s on top of a patty.
  • The best way to lift me up is to lift a burger to my mouth.
  • It’s no wonder why it’s America’s favorite.
  • Get that oomph in every bite.
  • Grinding my teeth on this meat after grinding my day to afford it. 
  • I didn’t want to cheat but this burger was so good at seducing me!
  • Life is a mess and so is my burger.
  • If my tummy is a bank, my currency is a burger.
  • If I was Eve, the snake would have to offer me a burger to tempt me. 

Burger Puns

So tall! Un-BURGER-livable!

Eating burgers are more fun when paired with a witty pun.

  • Hi, Patty! Glad to see you. It’s bun a while.
  • For burger or for worse, in sauce and in health, till death do us patty.
  • Who runs the world? Burgers!
  • With great power comes with a great burger.
  • What’s in that burger that makes me smile? Oh, it must be the cheese!
  • So juicy! Unburgerlievable!
  • Meating your makes me say “Lettuce be together!”
  • You can’t just make bun of me, I’m burger than you!
  • That animal ate way too many burgers. It became a bunny.
  • Patty was trying to put her hair up into a bun.
  • He was sad he couldn’t eat some burgers, so I gave him a patty on the shoulder.
  • We just ran out of cheese, the burgers must have stolen it!
  •  I’d dive down the rabbit hole if it leads to Burgerland.
  • That burger is wild! He went Patty-ing all night.
  • What did the carpenter do to the burger? He hammed it. 
  • Why are burgers easily offended? Because they are always roasted. 
  • Have you gone to the gym often? Your buns are getting a burger.
  • Don’t put the burger in the freezer. It’ll get frostbite. 
  • Where do monster burgers hide? Under the bun.
  • These burgers are so close. Their BUN is pretty strong! 
  • Forever my bun in a million.
  • Mr. Burger was a veteran. In the war, he was flamed to death.

Burger Shop Slogans

Invite more burger lovers to your restaurant with these slogans no one can top.

  • Making your dream burgers come true.
  • Flippin’ on Hot Grills
  • Hop On for Some Burgers, Buddy! 
  • Relishing Every Release
  • Just Keep Roasting
  • Top Up Your Buns
  • Beyond the Buns
  • Trademarked by Grills
  • A Better Roast in Every Toast
  • Keep Piling, Keep Eating
  • Where Monster Burgers Hide
  • It’s Hella Bun Here!
  • Bonded by Buns
  • Buns to the Rooftop!
  • The Best Part is Yours
  • Best Buns with Best Buds
  • Flippin’ As You Come
  • Where Patty Takes You For Buns
  • We’ve Been Everywhere
  • Meaty Treat Down the Street

Veggie Burger Slogans

Vegan burgers for a guilt-free snack.

Don’t forget about vegetarians or customers who like to skip meat on occasion.  

  • Smashing Beans, Slaying Buns
  • Meatlessly Good 
  • Veggie Good All The Time
  • The Healthy Patty
  • Save The World Without Giving Up Burgers
  • Tuckin’ Greens Under The Bun
  • It’s A Salad, It’s A Patty
  • Don’t Compromise Your Cravings
  • The One You Want, The One You Need
  • Fried With Benefits
  • Looks Tasty, Tastes Healthy
  • The Right Burger For You
  • No More Hesitations
  • Healthy Hack, Classic Snack
  • Wanna Grill a Salad?
  • A Solid Bite of Salad Delight
  • Believe Me, It’s Not Meat
  • Kinda Meat But It’s Not It
  • Patty Right Till Sundown
  • Finessing the Plant-based Burger Craft
  • Shaping Greens To Meet Your Cravings
  • Grilling Greens All Day

Burger Truck Slogans

Here’s a bonus before you choose the perfect slogan, discover how to avoid the 5 common mistakes for food truck start-ups

  • Bring The Grill On The Wheel
  • It Only Gets Beefier From Here
  • The Search Is Over
  • Roasting on the Road
  • It’s a Burger Parade!
  • Let’s Patty All the Way
  • Buns of Fun Under The Sun
  • Patties on the Roll
  • Bigger Dreams, Burger Heights
  • Where Should We Patty Next?
  • Take Patty With You
  • Don’t Leave Your Hands Empty
  • Broom, Burger, Broom!
  • Hit the Gas, Lit the Grill
  • Roasting on the Road
  • Here Comes the Patty
  • Don’t Skip the Burger Trip
  • Track The Ultimate Snack
  • Follow The Burger Scent
  • Lead the Way, Patty
  • Smokin’ Ready 
  • Let’s Fry for A Ride
  • Feeding Burgers Worldwide
  • Takin’ the Patty to your House
  • Grab Some On the Road

Cheeseburger Slogans

Cheese overload!

I always prefer ordering a burger with a slice of medium cheddar cheese. Browse the list for irresistible cheeseburger slogan ideas. 

  • I Cheese Can’t Get My Hands Off You.
  • Cheers to Cheese!
  • I Cheese Want A Burger.
  • Drip Slowly. 
  • Gooey Goodness You Can’t Let Go.
  •  Cherish the Cheesy Moments.
  • Feel it Melt.
  • See How Far it Can Stretch!
  • Say Howdy to a Cheesy Patty.
  • Chase the Cheese!
  • Cheese The Comfort You Crave.
  • Buns Up, Cheese Down!

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  • A Cheesy Way to Savor Meat.
  • Glazed with Cheese, Eat With Ease.
  • Trace the Cheese on the Bun Cheeks.
  • If You Want It Messy, Make It Cheesy.
  • You Gouda Believe It’s Good.
  • Cheese in Love With Burgers. 
  • Cheese Own It.
  • Can’t Deny the Cheese.
  • Bring it On, Brie.
  • Char the Meat with the Cheddar Treat.
  • It’s Worth the Mess.
  • Gouda Goodness in every Bite.
  • Glide Your Tongue.

My Favorite Quotes about Burgers

Below is a list of what famous people have to say about hamburgers.

  • “Food rules. Little rivals the pleasure of tearing into a glistening burger.” – Mary H.K. Choi
  • “We all need to make time for a burger once in a while.” – Erica Durance
  • “I always want to find the best burger in town.” – Dennis Quaid
  • “It requires a certain kind of mind to see beauty in a hamburger bun.” – Ray Kroc
  • “The hamburgers in America are the best in the world.” – Liam Hemsworth

“I enjoy healthy foods, but I’m not scared to have a cheat meal or cheat day, have a burger or whatever.” – Jimi Manuwa

  • “I enjoy the burger joint the same way I enjoy fancy meals.” – Aby Rosen
  • “Hamburgers! The corner-stone of any nutritious breakfast.” – Quentin Tarantino
  • “The journey of a thousand pounds begins with a single burger.” – Chris O’Brien
  • “Give the people what they want and then go have a hamburger.” – Judy Garland
  • “Oh, I love a good burger, I really do. With chips and a beer and ice cream afterward.” – Joe Wicks

Couple eating hamburger.

Here are phrases you can pair to the irresistible burger posters you will share:

  • Taste Art In Every Part.
  • Crafted To Your Taste.
  • Tongue-Flippin’ Goodness!
  • Natural Tummy Pleaser.
  •  Oozing, Sizzling, Amazing!
  • Your Burger is Always Made to Order.
  •  Taste America’s Favorite.
  • Grills Don’t Lie.
  • The Premium You Can Taste.
  • The Jaw-Dropping Beef Taste.
  • You’ll Moo for Our Natural Patties.
  • The Best Cure for Hunger.
  • Made Out of Greatness.
  • Catch Your Drool.
  • How Wide Can You Open Your Mouth?
  • Seize the Burger!
  • The Size Matters.
  • Effortlessly Tempting.
  • The Best Meat ‘n Buns Combo.
  • Did You Say Burgers?
  • The Guiltless Cheat Treat.
  • Eat the Noble Meat. 
  • The Classic Cheat Day Choice.
  • Just Like Real Burgers.
  • Smokin’ Taste that Clings To Your Tongue.
  • It’s All In the Patty.
  • A Messy Pile Of Everything You Crave.

With the rising trend of food delivery and at-home consumption since the start of the health crisis, the competition in the burger industry is getting tighter. Although the market value of this sector went down to $108.51 billion U.S dollars in 2020 from $123.27 billion U.S dollars in 2019. The industry bounced back to $126.92 billion U.S dollars in just a year as it reached $126.92 billion U.S dollars in 2021.

With this insane market size, it’s essential to establish a remarkable brand that will make you stand out from your competitors. I hope the ultimate list has helped you decide what slogan to use for your growing burger business.