Next to water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the USA. In 2019 alone, Americans consumed more than 3.8 billion gallons of tea. A surprising 84% of the tea consumed was black tea. It’s also been reported that ready-to-drink tea accounts for 76.2% of total revenue share – a figure even more dominant than Starbucks coffee.

If you’re a certified tea drinker, you can use these captions to demonstrate undying love for the beverage on social media. As a business owner, promoting a business by posting photos and captions on platforms like Facebook and Instagram is an effective promotional strategy too. In this article, I offer a library of 225 captions that captivate tea lovers.

Tea Captions

  • I got my tea. I got everything with me.
  • Tea keeps me alive.
  • Nothing is better than tea.
  • I can marry tea. That’s how much I love it.
  • Tea gives me joy in life.
  • Black tea or herbal tea? I don’t discriminate.
  • The only thing I look forward to every morning is drinking my cup of tea.
  • It’s not a bad day if I have a cup of tea waiting for me.
  • Tea makes me happy.
  • Tea is my vitamin, it’s what keeps me going.
  • You can never have too much tea in your life.
  • I can’t be friends with people who don’t drink tea.
  • Tea for today, tea for tomorrow, and the rest of my days.
  • It’s tea or never.
  • Chamomile tea is what’s inside of me.
  • Tea is my first love. I never let go of my first love.
  • I can drink tea for days.
  • I’d rather drink tea than water.
  • Water is expensive, drink tea instead.
  • Always find time to have a cup of tea.
  • This is my tea.
  • I invented the tea culture.
  • Where is the land of tea?
  • Cinnamon tea makes me feel glee.
  • Rainy mornings and a cup of tea are so perfect together.
  • You can make me happy with a cup of tea.
  • It’s so easy to make me happy. Just bring me a cup of tea and I’ll smile from ear to ear.
  • Nothing makes me happier than a freshly brewed cup of tea.
  • It’s always tea over coffee. Remember that.
  • Tea is my happy meal.

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  • I can’t believe some people don’t drink tea. I mean, it tastes good and it is good for your health.
  • Drink tea everyone!
  • You’re my favorite cup of tea.
  • A home can’t be called one without tea in it.
  • Tea is my best friend. It never leaves my side and is always there when I need it.
  • Get yourself a friend who sends over a box of tea whenever you feel sad.
  • Self-care means drinking tea whenever you feel like it.
  • Tea is the solution to all my problems.
  • Hell yeah I drink Hibiscus!
  • I’m jumping for jasmine.
  • I’ll try every corner of the planet to try all the tea in the world.
  • My life revolves around tea.
  • Need a Chia?
  • Ginger tea is gratifying.
  • Oolong? Ooh yes!
  • Having tea every meal isn’t a bad idea.
  • Create your own happiness. Have tea every morning!
  • Love at first sip.
  • Tea fuels my soul. There’s nothing else I need.
  • Tea for the future of our generation.
  • I vote tea for president.
  • Start your week right, have a warm cup of tea on a Monday morning!
  • The only fuel I need.
  • Tea cures my thirst.
iced tea fun facts

Iced tea fun facts.

Green Tea Captions

  • Green tea is the best of them all.
  • Go green. Drink green tea.
  • Green tea is always superior.
  • Better days and green tea.
  • How do I see myself in 5 years? At home drinking green tea.
  • Love yourself enough to drink green tea every day.
  • Balance your life by drinking green tea in the morning.
  • It sucks to be you because you don’t like green tea.
  • Life is better when you drink green tea every day.
  • Do yourself a favor and make yourself a cup of green tea.
  • Every drop matters.
  • You know me. Always with a cup of green tea in my hand.
  • Never leaving my house without a sip of green tea.
  • This is my forever.
  • Green tea for life.
  • Whoever invented green tea, THANK YOU!
  • I thank the heavens and all the angels for green tea.
  • My only talent is perfecting the best cup of green tea.
  • Green tea saves me from sadness.
  • I automatically smile when I take a sip of my green tea.
  • Green tea is the way to go!
  • Green tea keeps me alive.
  • Drink green tea. It’s good for your health.
  • Stay well and healthy, have a cup of green tea a day.

Lemon Tea Captions

  • Lemon tea is the bomb.
  • Never not having lemon tea every morning.
  • If you’re ever trying tea for the first time, have lemon tea. I promise you, you’ll love it.
  • Lemon tea is the reason I’m addicted to tea now.
  • Lemon tea cures my sadness.
  • One cup of lemon tea is never enough.
  • You can never have too much lemon tea to start your day.
  • Is it still legal to be this addicted to lemon tea?
  • Fighting my urge to order lemon tea wherever I go.
  • My next tattoo should be a cute cup of lemon tea.
  • Having lemon tea is a reminder that when life gives you lemons, it is just right to create lemon tea.
  • Stay positive. Drink lemon tea!
  • Want to make me happy? Bring me lemon tea and biscuits.
  • Lemon tea can cure the world.
  • You don’t have to agree with me but I think lemon tea is the best thing in the world.
  • They say money can’t buy happiness but it can buy me boxes of lemon tea.
  • Bring me happiness. Bring me lemon tea.

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  • Lemon tea is better than my first love.
  • I don’t make the rules here but I heard green tea is superior.
  • Spoil me with love. That means sending me boxes of green tea.
  • If you don’t like green tea, then I’m sorry, I can’t date you.
  • My ideal date is enjoying a cup of green tea while looking at the stars.
  • Disneyland is not the happiest place in the world. The grocery is – where they sell hundreds of boxes of green tea!
  • Lemon green tea saves the day!
  • Feeling tearific with my lemon tea!
  • Drinking lemon tea is part of my me-time.
  • Lemon tea makes me a better person.
  • I will always make time for lemon tea.
  • Casual drinking? You mean drinking a cup or two of lemon tea, right?
  • My weekend drink saves the day.

Afternoon Tea Captions

  • I used to think that afternoon tea is for elders but I guess I’m at that age where I am old enough to actually enjoy afternoon tea.
  • I’m not a Starbucks kind of person. I’m more of an afternoon tea kind of person and I’m proud of it.
  • Nothing’s better than enjoying an afternoon tea with friends and family.

Having an afternoon tea with the people close to your heart is a different kind of healing experience.

  • You can never go wrong with inviting friends over for an afternoon tea.
  • I always make time for the people who plan afternoon tea dates.
  • Life talks over afternoon tea are the best.
  • I’ll always choose afternoon tea over late-night beer sessions.
  • Find time to enjoy an afternoon tea every day.
  • My day isn’t complete without an afternoon tea.
  • Afternoon tea with grandma is the best ever.
  • I’d rather have relaxing afternoon tea sessions than late-night drunken moments. 
iced tea fun facts

Iced tea.

Evening Tea Captions

  • Evening tea is perfect for a long stressful day.
  • Evening tea always saves the day.
  • I always look forward to my alone time having my evening tea.
  • Imagine looking at the moon while drinking your evening tea. It’s the best.
  • My hobby is drinking my evening tea before I go to sleep.
  • My ideal date is a quiet place where we can enjoy a cup of evening tea. No lush gifts or fancy restaurants.
  • You don’t need to buy me food, just enjoying a cup of evening tea with me is fine.
  • Evening tea rejuvenates my body.
  • Drinking tea at night helps me sleep better.

You know what I look forward to every morning? Enjoying my evening tea at the end of the day.

  • Drinking evening tea is the new trend.
  • There’s no specific time for drinking tea because you can enjoy it in the morning, afternoon or in the evening.
  • I’m going to be that old grandma with 7 cats who spends her days drinking evening tea before bed.

Rain and Tea Captions

  • Rain and tea go so well together.
  • Don’t dare invite me out when it’s raining cause I’d rather drink tea than spend time with anyone else.
  • It makes me cry how a rainy day with a cup of tea makes me so happy.
  • I can’t believe I used to hate rainy days but now I live for rainy days and a cup of tea.
  • Therapy is expensive. Just wait for a rainy day and prepare a cup of tea.
  • They’re both water that serves a different purpose in life.
  • I can be dramatic when it’s raining and I’m having my cup of tea.
  • The best time to drink tea? When it’s raining.
  • I love sunny days but I’d rather be cozy on a cold rainy day drinking tea.

Matcha Green Tea Captions

  • Matcha green tea just makes my life so much better.
  • I love matcha green forever.
  • Matcha green tea makes me a green-minded person.
  • Matcha is my first love.
  • We are a matcha made in heaven!
  • There’s magic in matcha green tea.
  • Matcha green tea makes my heart flutter.
  • Go green. Have a matcha green tea today!
  • Baby, I’m all for matcha green tea.
  • I need more matcha green tea in my system.
  • I can’t function without my matcha green tea.
  • It’s never too late to switch to matcha green tea. You won’t regret it!
  • Go matcha or go home. There’s no in-between.
  • For the love of matcha green tea.
  • It’s a battle between another cup of matcha or two cups of matcha green tea.
  • If I could date a beverage, it would be matcha green tea.
  • There should be a religion for people addicted to matcha green tea.
  • I demand to have matcha green tea in all of McDonald’s.
  • I’d drink liquor if it was as good as matcha green tea.
  • There’s no other drink for me.
  • Hands down, it will always be matcha green tea for me.

Tea Garden Captions

  • I can live in this tea garden.
  • If I ever build my dream home, I’ll make sure it has a huge tea garden.
  • Having a field trip to different tea gardens in the world is my ultimate dream!
  • I never thought my love for tea and garden would ever come alive.
  • The best way to enjoy a cup of tea is right in the middle of a lush tea garden.
  • I hope I find a man who can afford to buy me my very own tea garden.
  • I think tea gardens are lush, sacred, and should be preserved.
  • I find joy in visiting tea gardens that give samples of their tea.
  • The only time I’ll have a garden is it was a tea garden.

Drinking Tea Captions

  • Drinking tea is my yoga.
  • There’s no rule that says you can’t drink too much tea.
  • Part of my morning routine is drinking tea by the window.
  • I can shut down from the world and be happy alone while drinking tea.
  • I was brown to drink tea every day.
  • Create your own happiness. Have a cup of tea and drink it every day.
dutch bros coffee

Cold tea and coffee drinks.

Tea Quotes

  • “Happiness is a cup of tea.” – Anonymous
  • “A cup of tea makes everything better.” – Anonymous
  • “The best time to drink tea is now.” – Anonymous
  • “Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.” – Bill Watterson
  • “Tea is always a good idea.” – Anonymous
  • “A cup of tea is like a hug.” – Anonymous
  • “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – C.S. Lewis
  • “A cup of tea is an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds.” – Anonymous
  • “Tea time is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings.” – Letitia Baldrige

“Tea is the finest solution to nearly every catastrophe and conundrum that the day may bring.” – Anonymous

  • “Life is like a cup of tea. It’s all in how in how you make it.” – Anonymous
  • “A woman is like a tea bag. You won’t know how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
  • “A simple cup of tea is far from a simple matter.” – Anonymous
  • “You are not everyone’s cup of tea.” – Anonymous
  • “Life is too short to drink bad tea.” – Anonymous
  • “Tea is more than an idealization of the form of drinking. It’s a religion of the state of life.” – Kakuzo Okakura

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  • “Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors.” – Alice Walker
  • “Nothing chills out the soul like the comfort of tea and a potato.” – Aisling Bea
  • “Wherever you are drinking your tea, whether at work, in a café or at home, it is wonderful to allow enough time to appreciate it.” – Thich Nhat Hanh
  • “Let’s get lost in a world made of books, coffee, and rainy days.” – Anonymous
  • “Happiness is a cup of tea with good friends.” – Anonymous
  • “A cup of tea is a cup of peace.” – Anonymous
  • “An early morning tea is best for a good day.” – Anonymous

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” – Henry James

  • “Come and share a pot of tea, my home is warm and my friendship’s free.” – Emilie Barnes
  • “Life is like making tea. Boil your ego. Evaporate your worries. Dilute your sorrows. Filter your mistakes and get a taste of happiness.” – Anonymous
  • “The method of drinking tea at this stage was primitive in the extreme. The leaves were streamed, crushed in a mortar, made into a cake, and boiled together with rice, ginger, salt, orange peels, spices, milk and sometimes with onions.” – Okakura Kakuzo
  • “Tea is liquid wisdom.” – Anonymous
  • “Tea is the elixir of life.” – Lao Tzu
  • “I love days when my only problem is tea or coffee.” – Anonymous
  • “Looking out at the lake, drinking good tea. That’s his only luxury. And what an enormous luxury that was.” – Banana Yoshimoto
  • “A good morning always comes with great thoughts and great tea!” – Anonymous
  • “I’m glad I was not born before tea.” – Sydney Smith 

Funny Tea Captions

  • Will drinking 7 cups of tea make me slim and sexy?
  • Tea is the real deal.
  • Is it ironic that I want to drink tea while my friend shares the tea of the day? If you know what I mean.
  • Don’t ever think about disturbing me when I’m drinking my tea.
  • No one touches my tea. NO ONE.
  • I can get tea drunk so easily.
  • I’ve parted ways with so-called friends who said tea isn’t their cup of tea. I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.
  • Tea starts with the letter T but it should be L because it is my love and my life.
  • Nothing’s funnier than someone saying she’s a tea person but only drinks milk tea.

International Tea Day Captions

  • Every day should be Tea Day.
  • Don’t wait for International Tea Day to drink tea!
  • It’s the best day of the year.
  • Gather up, tea lovers! Happy international tea day!
  • Let’s celebrate the best beverage in the world. Happy international tea day!
  • Tea is meant for relaxing the body, not the mouth.
  • International tea day is the best excuse to get drunk drinking different types of tea.
  • I am not for celebrations but I would go all out to celebrate international tea day!
  • Friends, it’s time you send over your tea suggestions!
  • Today is the day I can wholeheartedly celebrate and boast about my love for tea!
  • Cue up the drinks! We’re spending the whole day drinking tea!

I hope you’re up for some drinking because don’t expect me to stay still when we’re here to celebrate international tea day!

  • I’ve never been more excited to wake up and drink my tea than this international tea day!
  • I am at my best behavior during international tea day.
  • We should celebrate international tea day every day.
  • Fill your cup with tea! Happy international tea day!
  • Today is the day you can drink as many cups of tea as you want!
  • Today is MY HAPPY DAY. Happy international tea day!
  • I love international tea day celebrations getting tea drunk with my friends.
  • Only cool people celebrate this special day.