Food truck customer list building should be placed at the top of your food truck marketing strategy for this year. That is, if it already isn’t. But why you might ask? Simple, the size and quality of your food truck’s customer list will help generate business when and where you want it.

While Twitter and Facebook are great avenues for marketing to your local community, however the lists of followers and likes do not belong to you and are regulated by both Twitter and Facebook. Who will see your post, when they will see it and what the content can consist of are only a portion of the rules placed on you by those entities.

By building a strong food truck customer list, you are in control and you can determine who, what and where you send your marketing and promotional messages.

So, you want the control, now what are some of the ways to get it?

Taking Control Of Your Food Truck Customer List

Staff Involvement

The most important way to take control of your food truck customer list is through the experience a customer receives while at your food truck. Your truck’s staff members are the best way to collect customer contact info and encouraging sign-ups to your food truck customer list.

Why this doesn’t happen in the food truck industry still puzzles me. I think in the last 4 years of covering the industry, I’ve been asked for my email address a total of three times. And in those three cases, I’ve never once received an email from those trucks.

If you’ve tried asking in the past and received a no, you must try again but this time give your staff the training needed for success. This should include a developed script that can be easily memorized and delivered.

Passive Acquisition

The best way to build your food truck customer list is through direct customer interaction. It can also be done passively. Think about the menus and flyers you pass out at every stop.

You can put a bowl in your service window to collect business cards. You can also include a call to action on your order slips to encourage email signups. Just be sure to give instructions on how to join.

Online Tips

As far as filling up your food truck customer list online, you need to have a signup on your website. Not only on the home page, but make sure the sign up form is available on all of your site’s pages. It should be easy and even consider offering a gift or discount for signing up.

Since most food trucks use Facebook to communicate with their customers, your food truck’s Facebook page is another good spot is to encourage signups. Many email service providers provide easy to install tools to do this.

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Fundraisers & Charity Events

Food trucks typically participate in many neighborhood, community and charity events. In these situations, you are likely being exposed to customers who are experiencing your truck for the first time.

Give them a compelling reason to join your email list and many will. Give them a bounce back or a free drink for signing up. Promise them a free birthday meal. A great plan can quickly fill your food truck customer list…which should be your goal.

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The Bottom Line

Building your food truck customer list should be a consistent part of your food truck’s marketing plan. Your customers are the backbone of your food truck business. Explain to your staff about the lifetime value of a customer. Show them the importance of just one extra visit per month can mean to the bottom line.

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Do you have any additional tips for building a food truck customer list? Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Twitter | Facebook