As we wrap up the first week of September, like it or not, for most of the United States the leaves aren’t far from their annual transformation from green to oranges, yellows and reds to their inevitable fall to the ground. Today we’ve provided you with three easy fall food truck menu changes you can make in your mobile food business offerings this year.

3 Easy Fall Food Truck Menu Ideas

If they haven’t already, temperatures will soon be dropping and the people in your area will change their daily attire from shorts and tank tops into jeans, long sleeves and sweaters or jackets. The seasons change whether you want them to or not, and often the food consumers crave changes with them.

Rich and hearty meats

Whether you use beef, pork, lamb or chicken, fall is the time for a food truck to add hearty, hot, stewy meals. Consider the possibilities…roasted chicken; the many options of fall vegetables, beef stew, shepherd’s pie, etc… Your options are almost limitless.

Dig into your recipe books and find what fit’s your truck’s concept the best. Every region of the world or style of cuisine has its own hearty, comforting slow-cooked favorites. If you don’t currently have any on the menu, consider adding some fall specials. Customers will love to stop by to grab a dish that will help break the new chill in the air.

Hot drinks

The first of our fall food truck menu tips is to add to your beverage list. If you haven’t heard, beverage sales are great way for food trucks to boost their bottom line. Everyone wants something to drink. In the summer, consumers love smoothies, milkshakes, ice teas and cold sodas. In the fall most people turn to something else to quench their thirst.

Think about coffees, teas, and hot chocolates, throw in some seasonal ingredients such as pumpkin spice to tie into the fall season. Don’t just write off beverages as a throw in for your menu, consider what might pair perfectly with some of your customers favorite fall dishes.

Hot soups and sandwiches

We understand that there are many trucks that focus on these items year round, however if you don’t, consider adding some of them to your fall menu. A hot bowl of French onion soup or a regional spin on chili is the perfect addition for your customers.

For those looking to add a nice pairing for your soups, consider something like a grilled panini or patty melt. You may not have to even change your menu for this tip. Just be sure to feature and sell the menu items that are especially comforting as it gets cooler in your market.

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The Bottom Line

While some of you may be thinking that it’s a bit early to start thinking about fall flavors, just remember, a food truck owner can never be too prepared. Fall is right around the corner and it’s time to get creative with your food truck menu!

If you have any other suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Facebook | Twitter