Chicken Express is a fast food restaurant chain with over 250 locations in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. The restaurant is known for its fried chicken, chicken tenders, and side dishes. Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention their famous sweet tea, which they sell by the gallon.

I’m sharing the menu menu prices at Chicken Express in 2024 below. I also reveal my favorite ways to save money at this beloved chicken chain. 

Chicken Express Menu and Prices


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
4 Express Tender Combo$9.69
7 Express Tender Combo$13.69
3PC (your choice) Chicken Combo$9.99
2PC (your choice) Mixed Chicken Combo$8.69
Liver/Gizzard Combo$9.69
8 Boneless Hot Wings$9.69
2 Pieces Fish Combo$9.69
3 Pieces Fish Combo$11.49
Kids Meal$6.29


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
4 Express Tender Dinner$9.69
7 Express Tender Dinner$13.69
7 Express Tender Dinner$13.69
2PC (your choice) Mixed Chicken Dinner$8.69
2PC (your choice) Mixed Chicken Dinner$8.69
3PC (your choice) Mixed Chicken Dinner$9.99
Liver/Gizzard Dinner$9.69
8 Boneless Hot Wing Dinner$9.69
2 Piece Fish Dinner$9.69
3 Piece Fish Dinner$11.49

Family Meals

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
8PC Chicken Family Meal$23.99
12PC Chicken Family Meal$30.99
16PC Chicken Family Meal$38.99
20PC Express Tender Family Meal$35.99
25PC Express Tender Family Meal$43.99
30PC Express Tender Family Meal$53.99
8PC Express Fish Family Meal$32.99

Express Extras

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
4 Tenders$7.59
7 Tenders$11.49
15 Tenders$23.99
2 Pieces Chicken$6.09
3 Pieces Chicken$7.29
8 Hot Wings$7.59
24 Hot Wings$15.99
6 Livers$6.00
12 Livers$6.00
9 Gizzards$6.00
18 Gizzards$6.00
1 Piece Fish$4.49
2 Pieces Fish$7.49
3 Pieces Fish$9.99
8 Pieces Fish$25.99


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Regular Fries$2.39
Family Fries$4.59
Regular Okra$2.39
Family Okra$4.59
Regular Cole Slaw$2.39
Family Cole Slaw$4.59
Reg Green Beans$2.39
Family Green Beans$4.59
Reg. Macaroni & Cheese$2.39
Family Macaroni & Cheese$4.59
Regular Mashed Potatoes$2.39
Family Mashed Potatoes$4.59
Reg Mashed - No Gravy$2.39
Family Mashed - No Gravy$4.59
3 Poppers$2.39
9 Poppers$4.59
1 Corn on the Cob$2.39
4 Corn on the Cob$4.59
2 Cheese Sticks$2.39
6 Cheese Sticks$4.59
8 Fried Pickles$2.39
24 Fried Pickles$4.59
8 Corn Nuggets$2.39
24 Corn Nuggets$4.59

Extras and Sauces

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Gravy6 oz$0.99
1 Jalapeno$0.59
6 Jalapenos$2.29
1 Roll$0.49
6 Rolls$2.29
1 Biscuit$0.49
6 Biscuits$2.29
3 Rolls+3 Biscuits$2.29
4 Hushpuppies$0.99
16 Hushpuppies$2.49
Hot Serendipity$0.00
Jalapeno Ranch$0.35
Honey Mustard$0.35
Cocktail Sauce$0.35
Tartar Sauce$0.35
Hot Sauce$0.35


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Lemonade16 oz $0.92
Lemonade32 oz$1.99
Lemonade44 oz$2.39
Powerade16 oz$0.92
Powerade32 oz$1.99
Powerade44 oz$2.39
Fruit Punch16 oz$0.92
Fruit Punch32 oz$1.99
Fruit Punch44 oz$2.39
Root Beer16 oz$0.92
Root Beer32 oz$1.99
Root Beer44 oz$2.39
UnSweet Tea16 oz$0.92
UnSweet Tea32 oz$1.99
UnSweet Tea44 oz$2.39
UnSweet TeaGallon$4.59
Sweet Tea16 oz$0.92
Sweet Tea32 oz$1.99
Sweet Tea44 oz$2.39
Sweet TeaGallon$4.59
1/2 & 1/2 Tea16 oz$0.92
1/2 & 1/2 Tea32 oz$1.99
1/2 & 1/2 Tea44 oz$2.39
1/2 & 1/2 TeaGallon$4.59
Cup of Ice16 oz$0.92
Cup of Ice32 oz$0.79
Cup of Ice44 oz$0.99
Water16 oz$0.92
Water32 oz$0.79
Water44 oz$0.99
Sweet Arnold Palmer16 oz$0.92
Sweet Arnold Palmer32 oz$1.99
Sweet Arnold Palmer44 oz$2.39
Unsweet Arnold Palmer16 oz$0.92
Unsweet Arnold Palmer32 oz$1.99
Unsweet Arnold Palmer44 oz$2.39
Coke32 oz$1.99
Coke44 oz$2.39
Diet Coke32 oz$1.99
Diet Coke44 oz$2.39
Sprite32 oz$1.99
Sprite44 oz$2.39
Dr Pepper32 oz$1.99
Dr Pepper44 oz$2.39
Diet Dr Pepper32 oz$1.99
Diet Dr Pepper44 oz$2.39
Strawberry32 oz$1.99
Strawberry44 oz$2.39


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
1 Chocolate Chip Cookie$0.92
6 Chocolate Chip Cookies$4.49
13 Chocolate Chip Cookies$7.99
1 Apple Pie$0.92
4 Apple Pies$3.99
1 Cherry Pie$0.92
4 Cherry Pies$3.99
2 Apple+2 Cherry Pies$3.99

FAQs about the Chicken Express Menu  

What menu items have been discontinued at Chicken Express?

Chicken Express has kept the same menu items since anyone can recall; the same batter and recipes have been used. The only alteration in the past decade was that they changed the type of fish used for their Fried Fish Fillet. The original catfish has been discontinued and replaced with the Basa Fish. 

The Basa Fish is native to Southeast Asia and it’s renowned for its high-quality protein and healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids. Its mild flavor and flaky yet firm texture have made the fish a customer favorite. Otherwise, Chicken Express isn’t fixing what ain’t broken. 

Chicken Express customer.

Outside a Chicken Express.

Are there any discounts you can claim at Chicken Express? 

Chicken Express is a little bit old school. There’s no customer loyalty program like most other regional restaurants have adopted to get free food. This approach is actually kind of refreshing in my opinion. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for savings.

One big tip is to follow the social media account for your local Chicken Express location. I’ve found all sorts of limited-time deals on these local accounts. Here are a few of the regional deals that have been published:

  • 43 Express Tenders and 12 Rolls for $43.43 in Cypress, Texas
  • Free Side with Any Combo or Free Family Side with Any Family Meal
  • 12 Express Tenders, 8 Piece Mix Chicken, 8 Rolls or Biscuits, 2 Family Sides, Gallon of Tea for $35.99

Another weekly deal you need to be aware of is Tender Tuesdays. These deal gets you 3 tenders, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuit or roll, plus a 16 oz drink for just $5.00. You can also get 12 tenders, family sized mashed potatoes and gravy with four biscuits and rolls for $15.99. There are no substitutions allowed for this deal.

Chicken Express does not offer any company-wide student, military, or senior discounts. They do not offer any loyalty or rewards programs as well. This is somewhat unusual for a fast food chain, as many offer these types of programs to keep customers coming back. 

What are the most popular menu items at Chicken Express?

Fried Chicken Tender 

Chicken Express is a popular fast-food restaurant that specializes in chicken tenders. The tenders are soaked in brine and seasoned well, making them a delicious and hearty meal. Additionally, the tenders are made out of buttermilk, which gives them a distinctive and delicious flavor. Chicken Express customers love the simplicity of chicken tenders, which explains why it is such a popular item.

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Fried Chicken Liver

If you’re a fan of Chicken Express but fancy something different than the usual chicken tenders, try the fried chicken livers! It’s served with gravy and a biscuit roll – adding the gravy really brings out the flavor of the gizzards! The chicken livers are delicious on their own, too.

Chicken Express sign

The Chicken Express sign.

Fried Fish Fillet

Other than the chicken-based menu at Chicken Express, this scrumptious catfish dish is a delightful seafood option. Fried to a golden crisp, the catfish is seasoned with a special blend of breading that customers are sure to enjoy.

Fried Pickle Slices

Fried pickles are the perfect accompaniment to Fried Chicken Express – crunchy and flavorful, they provide a unique and delicious snack experience. If you think fried chicken is tasty, wait until you try these fried pickles! The same batter and tangy pickles ensure an enjoyable crunch with every bite – one can’t discuss addictive snacks without mentioning this delectable side dish!

dogs and chicken express

Have you ever seen anything cuter?

Apple Pie or Cherry Pie

After devouring your fill of chicken tenders, it’s time for a sweet and fruity dessert. The Apply or Cherry Pie will have you reaching for seconds, and maybe even thirds. They’re filled with sweet apples and cream and are sure to hit the spot. It’s the perfect way to end the meal. 

Is there a secret menu at Chicken Express?

Chicken Express does not have a secret menu and would prefer to stay with the regular menu instead.  Nevertheless, they may come up with some fresh ideas for an eventual secret menu in the future. 

Are there any menu items for specialty diets?

Sadly, Chicken Express doesn’t have any vegan or vegetarian-friendly options. This chicken-focused chain primarily sells tenders, poppers, and wings at very low prices. So it’s difficult to find anything on the menu that would be suitable for these dietary preferences. The best I can provide is some low-calorie meal options. 

  • Fried Fish Fillet: 100 Calories
  • Fried Chicken Wing (1pc): 165 Calories
  • Corn on a Cob (85g): 80 Calories
  • Fried Pickle Slices (4pcs): 124 Calories
  • Fried Okra: 190 Calories
  • Coleslaw (w/o dressing): 140 Calories

Who is the target audience of the Chicken Express menu?

The target audience of the Chicken Express menu is families, value seekers, and people who are looking for a quick and convenient meal. The menu items are affordable and the food is made fresh to order.

At the end of the day, who doesn’t appreciate fresh cooked fried chicken? Overall, the target audience of the Chicken Express menu is people who are looking for affordable, fresh, and convenient food.