An international movement designed to help people reduce meat consumption, Meatless Monday is being adopted by food trucks across the country. When food truck customers request vegetarian items for Meatless Monday, you may wonder how to accommodate without being boring. Vegetarian food truck plates can be just as creative and tasty as their meat filled counterparts, if done correctly. Food trucks are successfully serving up delectable vegetarian meals in various types of cuisine and we have compiled our favorites.

Does Your Food Truck Participate In Meatless Monday? Here’s Why It Should

Southern Comfort Food

Located in Kentucky, V-Grits is famous for their vegan cheese sauces. Offering Pizza Couscous Casserole and Southwestern Stuffed Sweet Potatoes from their food truck in the warmer months, V-Grits has taken their food truck to the next level and now offers subscription meal kits.


Spicing up Meatless Monday in Fremont, California is the Mantraah! food truck. Described as fast casual Indian street food, hungry customers in long lines crave samosas and naan wraps on a regular basis. Their food truck is so popular that they have added online ordering in an attempt to reduce lines.


One of the most popular types of food truck fare, tacos are a favorite vegetarian plate for The Vegan Nom. Whether folks are ordering the Tofu Scramble breakfast taco or the Mock Fish Taco, non-vegetarians admit to loving the menu.


No one does vegetarian American food quite like GMonkey Mobile. Featured in THRIVE magazine and the winner of a PETA award, GMonkey Mobile has made its mark on Connecticut street food with their Epic Cheeseburger and Chili Cheese Fries. The GMonkey menu is so hearty that you will forget it’s Meatless Monday.


Offering “No Bull Brisket” and “Tempeh Ribs,” BBQ Revolution in Austin, Texas, uses local ingredients and traditional BBQ techniques to provide a Meatless Monday every day…with all of the BBQ fixins. They must be doing it right because they have a 4.8 Facebook review rating and are known to sell out quickly.

As we have explained in the past, food trucks and vegetarianism are a great match for several reasons:

  • Encourage the good health of your customers.
  • Introduce new, healthier foods to customers’ diets.
  • Vegetarian diets are good for the planet.
  • Be the Meatless Monday go-to food truck.
  • Challenge yourself to do something different.

The Bottom Line

Although vegan and vegetarian food trucks are flourishing across the country, it is not necessary to abandon your omnivorous ways entirely. Offering one or two vegetarian plates can increase your food truck’s popularity and attract new customers every Meatless Monday that rolls around. Pick a couple of plates that are simple to incorporate into your existing menu and yield a decent profit and go for it. Be sure to advertise on social media every Meatless Monday and look for new, excited faces in your line.

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