One of the scariest things  a food truck owner can do is to change their menu. There is almost always a fear that by making menu changes the results will lead to complete failure. There’s also a fear that converting rising food costs into your menu pricing will chase off all of your hard earned customers.

As you spend time to trying to increase your food truck revenue, consider some of the tools you have available to help influence the purchasing of the customers that walk up to your food truck service window. Today we’ll discuss some simple menu changes that can add to your bottom line.

5 Easy And Profitable Food Truck Menu Changes:

  1. Item Location. The first of our food truck menu changes is to place your high-profit items where your customers see them first. This can be on an a-frame sign board or on a menu board on the side of your truck (both are nice if that is an option) . Numerous studies have been conducted which show that where customers look first when they begin reading a menu.
  2. Don’t Create A Price List. Take a look at your current menu, does it have an item name and then to the far right the price is listed all by itself? If so, STOP IT! Have your prices listed immediately after your well-written item description. Eliminate the use of dollar signs and make the price a smaller font size. This will allow your customers to read the description and start drooling. This will keep them from running down the price list to select their order rather than letting the description sell it.
  3. Mix-up Item Placement. If you break your menu into categories (appetizers, entrees, desserts) you need to understand that in many cases it will be your first and second items per category that will naturally sell the most. This is where you want to position your your most profitable food truck items (per category). This will help you to make the most money.
  4. Use Boxes, Highlights Or Pictures. Use graphics to attract your customers eyes to the items on your menu you want them to focus on (your most profitable). This can be done with boxes, bright colors colors, stars, asterisks, etc. I have always suggested using photos to help sell your menu.
  5. Keep Your Menu Simple. The final of our profitable food truck menu changes is to keep your menu as simple as you can. Limiting your menu will assist you in keeping the number of ingredients on your truck to a manageable amount. It will also help you to waste less food and labor while providing your customers with more consistent food.

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The Bottom Line

Don’t think that you have to make all of these changes immediately. It can be intimidating, especially the first time, but it gets easier every time. In time these menu changes will help you earn more profit for your food truck and isn’t that what owning a business is all about?

What menu changes have you made for increased profits at your food truck? We’d love to hear your tips. You can share them below or on social media. Facebook | Twitter