Whether you wish to serve vegans or flexitarians; adding vegetarian lingo to your menu has its benefits to your food truck business. Mobile Cuisine strives to share various aspects to the benefits of joining the Meatless Monday organization for the expansion of this program throughout the mobile food industry.

Bringing Vegetarian Lingo To Your Food Truck

Gone are the days when people thought of vegetarians as a small group of earth-loving hippies who spent top dollar for bruised-looking produce at health stores. Vegetarians of every type, from the “flexitarian” (occasional meat eater) to the strict vegan, have gone main stream. To better understand the various types of vegetarian diets, we have put together this quick list of the different types:

  • Vegan. Strictest of all, eats only plant products.
  • Lacto-vegetarian. Eats dairy products along with a plant-based diet.
  • Ovo-vegetarian. Eats eggs along with a plant-based diet.
  • Lacto-ovo vegetarian (the most common type). Eats both dairy products and eggs.
  • Pescotarian. Eats fish along with a plant-based diet.
  • Flexitarian. While there’s no formal definition, this generally refers to a lacto-ovo vegetarian who occasionally eats meat, fish, or poultry. Sometimes called semi-vegetarian.

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The Bottom Line

If you missed it, vegetarianism is a fairly strict lifestyle and those who have made this lifestyle choice are always looking for help finding vegetarian dishes. Help them and help your food truck business by including vegetarian lingo in the options you offer from your food truck. Use this handy glossary of commonly used vegetarian terms. They are useful for anyone from absolute beginners to those with a bit of cooking experience.

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