When I think about Bojangles, I always think about their chicken and buttermilk biscuits. The breaded chicken paired with the lightly flavored with Cajun spices, makes the best fried chicken served by a fast food restaurant in my opinion. A close second would have to be the made from scratch biscuits that are served all day, unlike many restaurants.

If you’re driving to a Bojangles location somewhere in the Southeast, here’s the price of everything on the menu in 2023. Stick around until the end of the post and I share some of the most popular items you need to try.

Boneless Chicken Menu Prices

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
4 Pc. Supremes Combo with Biscuit, Choice of Fixin’, and Drink$6.29
12 Pc. Supremes Box with 4 Biscuits$15.39
12 Pc. Supremes Tailgate Special with 4 Biscuits$20.39
4 Pc. Homestyle Tenders Combo with Biscuit, Choice of Fixin’, and Drink$6.29
12 Pc. Homestyle Tenders Box with 4 Biscuits$15.39
12 Pc. Homestyle Tenders Tailgate Special with 4 Biscuits$20.39
Roasted Chicken Bites Combo with Biscuit, Choice of Fixin’, and Drink$5.99
Chicken Rice Bowl$5.39

Sandwiches Menu Prices

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
Cajun FiletCombo$6.19
Cajun Filet$4.19
Cajun Filet ClubCombo$6.69
Cajun Filet Club$4.69
Grilled ChickenCombo$6.19
Grilled Chicken$4.19
Grilled Chicken ClubCombo$6.69
Grilled Chicken Club$4.69
Pulled Pork BBQ SandwichCombo$4.99
Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich$2.99

Biscuits Menu

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
Cajun Filet BiscuitCombo$5.39
Cajun Filet Biscuit$3.29
Country Ham & EggCombo$4.79
Country Ham & Egg$2.99
Country HamCombo$4.29
Country Ham$2.39
Steak BiscuitCombo$4.19
Steak Biscuit$2.39
Bacon, Egg & CheeseCombo$4.49
Bacon, Egg & Cheese$2.79
2 Sausage BiscuitsCombo$4.29
2 Sausage Biscuits$2.49
Sausage & Egg BiscuitCombo$4.19
Sausage & Egg Biscuit$2.19
Sausage BiscuitCombo$3.49
Sausage Biscuit$1.59
Gravy BiscuitCombo$3.79
Gravy Biscuit$1.89
Egg & Cheese BiscuitCombo$3.69
Egg & Cheese Biscuit$1.89

Breakfast Fixin’s Menu

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
Bo-Tato Rounds®Small$1.49
Bo-Tato Rounds®Medium$1.69
Bo-Tato Rounds®Picnic$2.79
Picnic Grits$1.49

Dinner Menu Prices

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
2 Pc. Leg & Thighwith 1 Fixin’$5.19
2 Pc. Leg & Thighwith 2 Fixin’s$5.89
2 Pc. Breast & Wingwith 1 Fixin’$6.19
2 Pc. Breast & Wingwith 2 Fixin’s$6.89
3 Pc. Leg & 2 Thighswith 1 Fixin’$5.79
3 Pc. Leg & 2 Thighswith 2 Fixin’s$6.49
1 Breast Dinnerwith 1 Fixin’$4.89
1 Breast Dinnerwith 2 Fixin’s$5.59
2 Breast Dinnerwith 1 Fixin’$6.79
2 Breast Dinnerwith 2 Fixin’s$7.49
3 Wing Dinnerwith 1 Fixin’$5.79
3 Wing Dinnerwith 2 Fixin’s$6.49

Fixin’s & Fries Menu

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
Dirty RiceIndividual$1.49
Dirty RicePicnic$2.99
Cajun PintosIndividual$1.49
Cajun PintosPicnic$2.99
Cole SlawIndividual$1.49
Cole SlawPicnic$2.99
Mashed Potatoes ‘n GravyIndividual$1.49
Mashed Potatoes ‘n GravyPicnic$2.99
Green BeansIndividual$1.49
Green BeansPicnic$2.99
Macaroni ‘n CheeseIndividual$1.49
Macaroni ‘n CheesePicnic$2.99
Seasoned FriesSmall$1.49
Seasoned FriesMedium$1.99
Seasoned FriesLarge$2.99

Salads & Wraps Menu

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
Chicken Supremes™$4.99
Homestyle Tenders™$4.99
Grilled Chicken$5.19
Cajun Filet Wrap$4.19
Cajun Filet WrapCombo$6.19
Grilled Chicken Wrap$4.19
Grilled Chicken WrapCombo$6.19

Sweet Biscuits & More Menu

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
Bo-Berry Biscuit®1 Piece$0.99
Bo-Berry Biscuit®2 Pieces$1.89
Bo-Berry Biscuit®6 Pieces$3.99
Cinnamon Pecan Twist1 Piece$0.99
Cinnamon Pecan Twist2 Pieces$1.89
Cinnamon Pecan Twist6 Pieces$4.99
Sweet Potato Pie$1.29

Kids Meal Menu

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
2 Pc. Homestyle Tenders™$3.89
2 Pc. Chicken Supremes™$3.89
Chicken Leg$3.89
Mac ‘n Cheese$3.89

Family Meals Menu

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
8 Pc. Tailgate Special8 Pc. Chicken, 4 Biscuits, 2 Picnic Fixin’s, and 1/2 Gallon Iced Tea$19.99
12 Pc. Super Tailgate12 Pc. Chicken, 6 Biscuits, 3 Picnic Fixin’s, 1/2 Gallon Iced Tea$26.99
20 Pc. Jumbo Tailgate20 Pc. Chicken, 10 Biscuits, 4 Picnic Fixin’s, 1 Gallon Iced Tea$38.79
Family Variety Feast8 Pc. Chicken, 12 Chicken Supremes or 12 Homestyle Tenders, 8 Biscuits, 3 Picnic Fixin’s, and 1/2 Gallon Iced Tea$27.99

Box Meals Menu

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
8 Pc. Chicken & 4 Biscuits$13.49
12 Pc. Chicken & 6 Biscuits$18.49
20 Pc. Chicken & 10 Biscuits$27.79

Bojangles Beverages Menu

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
Iced Tea1/2 Gallon$2.39
Soft DrinkSmall$1.59
Soft DrinkRegular$1.89
Soft DrinkLarge$2.09
Bottled Water$1.69
Orange Juice$1.59

FAQs about the Bojangles Menu

What menu items have been discontinued at Bojangles?

Back in 2018, Bojangles made the heart-breaking announcement they would be closing 10 of their stores and discontinuing four items from the menu due to lack of sales. These four items were good recipes with a cult following. But, when corporate says they have to go to help the bottom line there isn’t much super fans can do about it. Here are those four discontinued menu items alone with a description of the dish.

Jambalaya Bowl

A meat lovers power meal. The Bojangles Jamabalaya bowl consisted of chicken bites, pieces of smoked sausage layered on Cajun Pintos, and dirty rice. Add a generous amount of shredded Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese with a side of buttermilk biscuit.

Smoked Sausage Biscuit

Add a bit of flavor to your favorite Bojangles biscuit by sneaking in a sliced smoked sausage served inside a delicious buttermilk biscuit.

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Barbecue Pork Sandwich

Pulled pork filling mixed with creamy coleslaw in between soft, freshly baked buns is what made this missed sandwich. I’m surprised this simple sandwich didn’t make the cut. Such a shame.

Cheddar Bo Biscuit

If you can’t get enough cheese for breakfast, Bojangles used to serve a biscuit with two slices of melted cheddar cheese to complement the buttermilk flavor. Sadly, you’re going to have to get your fix from some other menu item since it’s been a while since the Cheddar Bo Biscuit made an appearance even as a limited-time menu item. I still hold hope the item will return as part of a future promotion. 

Are there any discounts you can claim at Bojangles? 

Menu items at Bojangles.

They also have a rewards program called the E-Club where you can get exclusive deals, freebies, and the inside scoop on the latest promotions when you sign up online through their website. When you sign up for program you’ll immediately get a coupon for a free 1/2 gallon of Legendary Ice Tea with a purchase. You also get a free Bo-Berry Biscuit on your birthday.  

Bojangles does not have a student discount all year long. Although on certain the restaurant will allow students to get 10% up to 15% off of their purchase. Similarly, senior discounts are open for select locations. Those aged 60 and above can take advantage these discounts when presenting their valid IDs.

What are the most popular menu items at Bojangles?

Bojangles makes some of the best chickens in the industry according to their loyal fanbase. They serve crunchy, breaded chicken that are lightly seasoned with Cajun-style spice and it’s no surprise that’s one of the most popular items, aside from their biscuits.

It’s made with marinated chicken breast hand-breaded with Bo’s secret spices, layered with cut pickles, mayonnaise, and sandwiched between two buttered buns. Other popular items include Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit, Bo-Berry Biscuits, 4-Piece Chicken Supremes Combo, and Bo-Tato Rounds.

Is there a secret menu at Bojangles?

Bojangles does not have an official secret menu. However, there have been some online circulations that suggest Bojangles has one. The truth is they don’t. These food items are customer creations that have been diligently passed on thanks to the power of the internet and gained a bit widespread popularity. 

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The good news is, you can ask for customized orders to try create some fan-fiction menu items. Here are a few menu items people on the internet have come up with based on these customizations. 

Customer-Created Menu Items:

  • The Dirty Bird
  • The Uva
  • The Ultimate Cajun Breakfast Biscuit 

Are there any Bojangles menu items for specialty diets?

Bojangles does not have a specific menu for vegans and vegetarians. However, they serve salads, coleslaw, mashed potatoes n’ gravy, mac n’ cheese, green beans, and fries as better options for vegetarians. Additionally, below is a list of low-calorie options from Bojangles.

  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich: 570 calories
  • 3 Wings: 450 calories
  • Egg & Cheese Biscuit: 430 calories
  • Garden Salad: 120 calories
  • Chicken Leg Kids’ Meal: 520 calories

Who is the target audience of Bojangles’ menu?

Bojangles customer base is made up of 51% males in their 20s all the way up to 50s. The all-day chicken and breakfast menu fairs well with this demographic. That isn’t to say Bojangles is not popular among women, as roughly 49% of the customer base is made up of them. Bojangles caters to people with a craving for southern-style cooking.

The main menu is breakfast dishes and meals served all day. A mix of chicken meals, salads, sandwiches, desserts, and lots of biscuits make up Bojangles’s menu. This restaurant chain has been in business since the 1970s, but the food on the menu is timeless.