Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy Store is a unique concept selling ice cream, hamburgers, breakfast, meats, baked goods, and more under one roof. It is like a mixture of Trader Joes, In-N-Out, and Thrifty’s ice cream all lumped into one experience. Sounds pretty awesome, am I right? 

You’ll also be happy to learn that Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy store has an extremely affordable and extensive menu. Don’t forget to check out the latest specials to eat a meal or frozen yogurt dessert for less. 


Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrice
Quarter lb Cheeseburger Combo$8.39
Doubler Quarter lb Cheeseburger Combo$11.89
Triple 1/4 lb Cheeseburger Combo$14.69
California Chipotle Cheeseburger Combo$9.09
1/4 lb Bacon Cheeseburger Combo$9.09
Jalapeno Pepper Jack Cheeseburger Combo$9.09
Chicken Sandwich Combo$8.15
Chicken Club Sandwich Combo$9.09
4 Chicken Strip Combo$8.39
Chicken Strip Dinner Combo$9.09
Chili w/ Beans, Cheese Combo$7.85
1/6 Deluxe Cheeseburger Combo$6.85
1/6 lb Jr Cheeseburger Combo$5.59
1/6 lb Double Jr Cheeseburger$6.99
2 Chicken Strip Combo$5.59


Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrice
5 Bag of Burgers - Junior$7.79
Bacon Cheeseburger$6.29
Jalapeno Pepper Jack Cheeseburger$6.29
Deluxe 1/6 lb Hamburger$3.79
5 Bag of Burgers - Deluxe$7.79
Deluxe 1/6 lb Cheeseburger$3.79


Menu ItemsSize / QuantityPrice
Chicken Strip Dinner$7.45
Chicken Sandwich$4.75
Chicken Sandwich Club$6.29
Chicken Strips$4.89
Chicken Bacon Jack Sandwich$6.29

Salads and Chili

Menu ItemsSize / QuantityPrice
Garden Salad$4.89
Grilled Chicken Salad$6.99
Chicken Strip Salad$6.99
Chili with Beans$4.19

Kid’s Meals

Menu ItemsSize / QuantityPrice
Kid's Cheeseburger Meal$5.05
Kid's Meal with Chicken Strips$5.05
Kid's Hamburger Meal$5.05

Ice Cream

Menu ItemsSize / QuantityPrice
Banana Split$5.59
Hand-Dipped SundaeSingle$2.65
Hand-Dipped SundaeDouble$4.05
Hand-Dipped SundaeTriple$5.45
Hand-Dipped ConeJunior$1.85
Hand-Dipped ConeSingle$2.14
Hand-Dipped ConeDouble$2.94
Hand-Dipped ConeTriple$3.95
Frozen Yogurt ConeJunior Cone$1.85
Frozen Yogurt ConeSmall Cone$2.14
Frozen Yogurt ConeLarge Cone$3.20
Fancy Sundae$4.75
Sherbet FreezeSmall$2.79
Sherbet FreezeMedium$3.78
Sherbet FreezeLarge$5.48

Drinks and Fries

Menu ItemsSize / QuantityPrice
Iced Tea and LimeadeSmall$1.39
Iced Tea and LimeadeMedium$1.84
Iced Tea and LimeadeLarge$2.24
Iced Tea and LimeadeX-Large$2.79
Cofee and Hot ChocolateSmall$1.85
Cofee and Hot ChocolateMedium$2.14
Cofee and Hot ChocolateLarge$2.44
Crinkle Cut French FriesSmall$1.85
Crinkle Cut French FriesMedium$2.14
Crinkle Cut French FriesLarge$2.44

FAQ’s about the Braum’s Menu 

What menu items have been discontinued at Braum’s?

Several items have been discontinued at Braum’s including the banana nut cookies from their market. Other than that, Mac and Cheese and Cranberry apple pie were also cut from their menu. Considering the number of food options at Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy Store, I guess it’s no surprise a few select items had to be removed when they don’t resonate with the customer base. 

Are there any specials or other discounts you can claim at Braum’s?

Braum’s always keeps a section for their limited offers and specials on their menu. Some of these offers include a breakfast happy hour available from 6 am to 10:30 am daily, where you can buy soft drinks, iced teas, and limeades for $1. The deals on the specials menu are hard to believe they’re so cheap. Check out the latest special offers below. 

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Braum’s Special Offers:

  • Crave & Save Combos
    Double quarter pound Nacho cheeseburger with a side and 16 oz shake or malt for $8.49.
  • $1.35 Sausage Biscuit
    This offer is available from 6 am to 10:30 am. However, this is a limited-time offer.
  • California Chipotle Breakfast Burrito Combo
    California Chipotle breakfast burrito that comes with hash browns and coffee for $3.99.
  • The California Sandwiches are Back!
    100% pure beef patty with fresh guacamole, tomatoes, cheese, and chipotle sauce.
  • Froyo Special
    You can have a taste of your favorite yogurt for $1.20 for small and $1.79 for large.
sausage biscuits

Sausage biscuits deal only $1.35 each served 6 am – 10:30 am. What a deal!

If you want to know more about these offers, here’s the link to their special section: They also have a 10% senior discount, and students from their Book Buddy program can get 6 coupons throughout the year. The Book Buddy program is open for 1st to 5th-grader students.

If you want to learn more about this program, here’s the link to the section on their webpage for more information

What are the most popular menu items at Braum’s?

Braum’s is known for their ice cream. If you want to know which flavor to choose on your next visit, this section helps you know what to expect. 

Braum’s Top 3 Favorites:

Coconut Chocolate Cheesecake

This ice cream flavor is a combination of coconut cheesecake, fudge ribbon, and chocolate brownie. This combination is so random and weird, but you’ll find yourself enjoying it after the first lick. The exquisite taste of the flavor that melts in your mouth gives you a creamy, chocolaty, and sweet experience. The brownie makes the texture even better, it adds a little kick to the chocolate, and it is the cheesecake that you will mostly feel.
You’ll just want to lick the creaminess of this dessert. 

Caramel Cookie Dough

This bad boy is based on Braum’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Ribbons of creamy caramel are added to the original cookie dough ice cream to match the taste of the vanilla in the ice cream. The flavor of this one is rich and intense. With every scoop, you’ll be amused by the playful taste of the caramel. You’ll be drooling just to get a piece of it.

Braum's breakfast menu

Braum’s breakfast menu.

Premium Cherry Chocolate Chip

Cherry Ice Cream flavors are great and go along with any other flavors, especially chocolate. Braum’s offers plenty of cherry-flavored ice cream, but Cherry Chocolate Chip is my personal favorite. The Instagramable looks to match the taste. Braum’s Cherry Chocolate Chip is a combination of cream, chocolate chip, and of course maraschino cherries. Maraschino cherries provide a sundae-like flavor.

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You’ll find every lick in this cherry-flavored ice cream to be perfectly balanced with the chocolate. I think that this flavor never gets old as it gives you that classic taste.

Braum’s Other Favorites:

  • Pistachio Almond
  • French Eggnog
  • Pecan Praline and Cream
  • Vanilla Hershey’s Gold
  • Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • Chocolate Almond
  • Fudge Ripple
  • Rocky Road

New Ice Cream Flavors at Braum’s:

  • Peach Triple Berry
  • Sopapilla Cheesecake
  • Neapolitan Cookie
  • Banana Nut Bread
  • Triple Berry Cheesecake
  • Cookie Brownie Delight

Is there a secret menu at Braum’s?

Unfortunately, Braum’s doesn’t have a secret menu. Their 120 flavors of ice cream, frozen yogurts, and sherbet are already enough to satisfy their customers. Although these 120 flavors are not available all at once because of freezer space limitations in their stores.

Are there any Braum’s menu items for specialty diets?

desserts menu

Dessert is on the menu at Braum’s.

Unfortunately, Braum’s does not offer vegan-friendly ice cream. Fruits and Italian ice will be the only safe products you can get at Braum’s if you’re a vegan since these are 100% non-dairy. Make sure to consult your server at Braum’s to determine if a food item meets your diet. 

Who is the target audience of Braum’s menu?

Braum’s appeals to the young and old. After all, nobody is too old for ice cream. And no one is too young to appreciate their low-cost specials. The menu mostly attracts families with children.

Braum’s also offers tours of their Bakery and Processing plant in Tuttle, Oklahoma. The company encourages big groups including students on school trips and other field trip activities. It is available every weekday at 9 am or 11 am. Although reservations for larger groups are recommended because space is limited. If you want to watch how the ice cream is made firsthand, you can call Braum’s tour reservation line at 405-228-4604.

Braum’s top priority is the freshness and quality of their products. Braum’s even produces their own milk for their ice cream and dairy. This is why Braum’s stores are only available within a 300-mile radius of Braum’s processing plant because every other day their trucks deliver fresh food to their stores.