Founded in Southern Oregon in 1992 by brothers Dane and Travis Boersma, Dutch Bros has grown from a single pushcart operation to one of America’s fastest growing drive-thru coffee concepts. It’s not just the quality coffee and exceptional customer service that sets Dutch Bros apart; it’s their versatile and adventurous drink menu containing a treasure trove of fan-created secret menu items.

In this article, I unlock the flavorful vault and reveal the amazing concoctions that Dutch Bros secret menu has to offer across the expansive food and drink menu. Let’s take a look.

Secret Rebel Drinks Menu

Menu ItemSize / QuantityPrice
Blended Shark Attack RebelSmall$3.50
Blended Shark Attack RebelMedium$4.50
Blended Shark Attack RebelLarge$6.50
Iced or Blended Aftershock RebelSmall$3.50
Iced or Blended Aftershock RebelMedium$4.50
Iced or Blended Aftershock RebelLarge$6.50
Iced Peach RebelSmall$3.50
Iced Peach RebelMedium$4.50
Iced Peach RebelLarge$6.50
Iced or Blended Electric Berry RebelSmall$3.50
Iced or Blended Electric Berry RebelMedium$4.50
Iced or Blended Electric Berry RebelLarge$6.50
Iced Blue Raspberry RebelSmall$3.50
Iced Blue Raspberry RebelMedium$4.50
Iced Blue Raspberry RebelLarge$6.50
Iced or Blended Aquaberry RebelSmall$3.50
Iced or Blended Aquaberry RebelMedium$4.50
Iced or Blended Aquaberry RebelLarge$6.50
Blended Dino Egg RebelSmall$3.50
Blended Dino Egg RebelMedium$4.50
Blended Dino Egg RebelLarge$6.50
Blended Galaxy Fish RebelSmall$3.50
Blended Galaxy Fish RebelMedium$4.50
Blended Galaxy Fish RebelLarge$6.50
Iced or Blended OG Gummy Bear RebelSmall$3.50
Iced or Blended OG Gummy Bear RebelMedium$4.50
Iced or Blended OG Gummy Bear RebelLarge$6.50
Iced or Blended Dragon Slayer RebelSmall$3.50
Iced or Blended Dragon Slayer RebelMedium$4.50
Iced or Blended Dragon Slayer RebelLarge$6.50
Blended Eclipse RebelSmall$3.50
Blended Eclipse RebelMedium$4.50
Blended Eclipse RebelLarge$6.50
Iced or Blended Majestic Forest RebelSmall$3.50
Iced or Blended Majestic Forest RebelMedium$4.50
Iced or Blended Majestic Forest RebelLarge$6.50
Iced Palm Beach RebelSmall$3.50
Iced Palm Beach RebelMedium$4.50
Iced Palm Beach RebelLarge$6.50
Iced Starry Night RebelSmall$3.50
Iced Starry Night RebelMedium$4.50
Iced Starry Night RebelLarge$6.50
Iced or Blended Ray of Sunshine RebelSmall$3.50
Iced or Blended Ray of Sunshine RebelMedium$4.50
Iced or Blended Ray of Sunshine RebelLarge$6.50
Blended Strawberry RebelSmall$3.50
Blended Strawberry RebelMedium$4.50
Blended Strawberry RebelLarge$6.50
Iced Freedom RebelSmall$3.50
Iced Freedom RebelMedium$4.50
Iced Freedom RebelLarge$6.50
Iced or Blended Midnight RebelSmall$3.50
Iced or Blended Midnight RebelMedium$4.50
Iced or Blended Midnight RebelLarge$6.50
Iced Passion Water RebelSmall$3.50
Iced Passion Water RebelMedium$4.50
Iced Passion Water RebelLarge$6.50
Blended Sweet Sunrise RebelSmall$3.50
Blended Sweet Sunrise RebelMedium$4.50
Blended Sweet Sunrise RebelLarge$6.50
Iced Orangesicle RebelSmall$3.50
Iced Orangesicle RebelMedium$4.50
Iced Orangesicle RebelLarge$6.50

Secret Coffee Drinks Menu

Menu ItemSize / QuantityPrice
White ZombieSmall$3.00
White ZombieMedium$3.50
White ZombieLarge$4.50
White RussianSmall$3.00
White RussianMedium$3.50
White RussianLarge$4.50
White Coffee S’mores BreveSmall$3.00
White Coffee S’mores BreveMedium$3.50
White Coffee S’mores BreveLarge$4.50
White Coffee Cookie BreveSmall$3.00
White Coffee Cookie BreveMedium$3.50
White Coffee Cookie BreveLarge$4.50
The VaderSmall$3.00
The VaderMedium$3.50
The VaderLarge$4.50
Sugar CookieSmall$3.00
Sugar CookieMedium$3.50
Sugar CookieLarge$4.50
S’more Breve LatteSmall$3.00
S’more Breve LatteMedium$3.50
S’more Breve LatteLarge$4.50
Pumpkin Pie BreveSmall$3.00
Pumpkin Pie BreveMedium$3.50
Pumpkin Pie BreveLarge$4.50
Picture PerfectSmall$3.00
Picture PerfectMedium$3.50
Picture PerfectLarge$4.50
The Nutty IrishmanSmall$3.00
The Nutty IrishmanMedium$3.50
The Nutty IrishmanLarge$4.50
Ninja TurtleSmall$3.00
Ninja TurtleMedium$3.50
Ninja TurtleLarge$4.50
Molten LavaSmall$3.00
Molten LavaMedium$3.50
Molten LavaLarge$4.50
The GrasshopperSmall$3.00
The GrasshopperMedium$3.50
The GrasshopperLarge$4.50
The Grand CanyonSmall$3.00
The Grand CanyonMedium$3.50
The Grand CanyonLarge$4.50
Golden EagleSmall$3.00
Golden EagleMedium$3.50
Golden EagleLarge$4.50
German ChocolateSmall$3.00
German ChocolateMedium$3.50
German ChocolateLarge$4.50
French Toast BreveSmall$3.00
French Toast BreveMedium$3.50
French Toast BreveLarge$4.50
The FleckSmall$3.00
The FleckMedium$3.50
The FleckLarge$4.50
Dirty MacchiatoSmall$3.00
Dirty MacchiatoMedium$3.50
Dirty MacchiatoLarge$4.50
The CureSmall$3.00
The CureMedium$3.50
The CureLarge$4.50
Crazy HawaiianSmall$3.00
Crazy HawaiianMedium$3.50
Crazy HawaiianLarge$4.50
Chai NogSmall$3.00
Chai NogMedium$3.50
Chai NogLarge$4.50
Caramel NogSmall$3.00
Caramel NogMedium$3.50
Caramel NogLarge$4.50
Candy CaneSmall$3.00
Candy CaneMedium$3.50
Candy CaneLarge$4.50
Bob MarleySmall$3.00
Bob MarleyMedium$3.50
Bob MarleyLarge$4.50
Banana BreadSmall$3.00
Banana BreadMedium$3.50
Banana BreadLarge$4.50

Secret Smoothies Menu

Menu ItemSize / QuantityPrice
Birthday Cake FrostSmall$3.50
Birthday Cake FrostMedium$4.50
Birthday Cake FrostLarge$6.50
Bubble Gum FrostSmall$3.50
Bubble Gum FrostMedium$4.50
Bubble Gum FrostLarge$6.50
Cake Batter FrostSmall$3.50
Cake Batter FrostMedium$4.50
Cake Batter FrostLarge$6.50
Capt’N Crunch FrostSmall$3.50
Capt’N Crunch FrostMedium$4.50
Capt’N Crunch FrostLarge$6.50
Cinnabon FrostSmall$3.50
Cinnabon FrostMedium$4.50
Cinnabon FrostLarge$6.50
Cinnamon Toast Crunch FrostSmall$3.50
Cinnamon Toast Crunch FrostMedium$4.50
Cinnamon Toast Crunch FrostLarge$6.50
The Coral ReefSmall$3.50
The Coral ReefMedium$4.50
The Coral ReefLarge$6.50
Cotton Candy FrostSmall$3.50
Cotton Candy FrostMedium$4.50
Cotton Candy FrostLarge$6.50
Creamsicle FrostSmall$3.50
Creamsicle FrostMedium$4.50
Creamsicle FrostLarge$6.50
Freedom FrostSmall$3.50
Freedom FrostMedium$4.50
Freedom FrostLarge$6.50
Molten LavaSmall$3.50
Molten LavaMedium$4.50
Molten LavaLarge$6.50
Ninja FrostSmall$3.50
Ninja FrostMedium$4.50
Ninja FrostLarge$6.50
Peppermint BarkSmall$3.50
Peppermint BarkMedium$4.50
Peppermint BarkLarge$6.50
Pink Flamingo FrostSmall$3.50
Pink Flamingo FrostMedium$4.50
Pink Flamingo FrostLarge$6.50
Pumpkin Pie FrostSmall$3.50
Pumpkin Pie FrostMedium$4.50
Pumpkin Pie FrostLarge$6.50
Toasted Mellow FrostSmall$3.50
Toasted Mellow FrostMedium$4.50
Toasted Mellow FrostLarge$6.50
Vanilla Bean FrostSmall$3.50
Vanilla Bean FrostMedium$4.50
Vanilla Bean FrostLarge$6.50

Secret Chai Menu

Menu ItemSize / QuantityPrice
Wookie SpiceSmall$3.00
Wookie SpiceMedium$3.50
Wookie SpiceLarge$4.50
Chai NogSmall$3.00
Chai NogMedium$3.50
Chai NogLarge$4.50
Christmas Morning ChaiSmall$3.00
Christmas Morning ChaiMedium$3.50
Christmas Morning ChaiLarge$4.50
Strawberry Horchata ChaiSmall$3.00
Strawberry Horchata ChaiMedium$3.50
Strawberry Horchata ChaiLarge$4.50
Peach Cobbler ChaiSmall$3.00
Peach Cobbler ChaiMedium$3.50
Peach Cobbler ChaiLarge$4.50
Dirty ChaiSmall$3.00
Dirty ChaiMedium$3.50
Dirty ChaiLarge$4.50

Secret Hot Drinks Menu

Menu ItemSize / QuantityPrice
The CureSmall$3.00
The CureMedium$3.50
The CureLarge$4.50
Pumpkin Pie BreveSmall$3.00
Pumpkin Pie BreveMedium$3.50
Pumpkin Pie BreveLarge$4.50
Caramel Cinnamon RollSmall$3.00
Caramel Cinnamon RollMedium$3.50
Caramel Cinnamon RollLarge$4.50
Toasted Mellow MochaSmall$3.00
Toasted Mellow MochaMedium$3.50
Toasted Mellow MochaLarge$4.50
French Toast BreveSmall$3.00
French Toast BreveMedium$3.50
French Toast BreveLarge$4.50
Molten Lava MochaSmall$3.00
Molten Lava MochaMedium$3.50
Molten Lava MochaLarge$4.50
Bob MarleySmall$3.00
Bob MarleyMedium$3.50
Bob MarleyLarge$4.50
White Coffee Smores BreveSmall$3.00
White Coffee Smores BreveMedium$3.50
White Coffee Smores BreveLarge$4.50
The Grasshopper MochaSmall$3.00
The Grasshopper MochaMedium$3.50
The Grasshopper MochaLarge$4.50
Golden Eagle BreveSmall$3.00
Golden Eagle BreveMedium$3.50
Golden Eagle BreveLarge$4.50
Snickerdoodle BreveSmall$3.00
Snickerdoodle BreveMedium$3.50
Snickerdoodle BreveLarge$4.50

Secret Food Items

Menu ItemSize / QuantityPrice
Blueberry Muffin$2.00
Banana Muffin$2.00
Bran Muffin$2.00
Gluten-free Lemon Poppyseed Muffin$2.00
Chocolate Chip Muffin$2.00
Almond Granola Bar$2.00
Chocolate Chip Granola Bar$2.00
Assorted Cookies
Assorted Scones

Dutch Bros Secret Menu

Wondering about the ingredients in each of those drinks we’ve listed above? Then scroll down to know more about what makes each of those drinks special.

Secret Rebel Menu

  • Shark Attack Rebel: This drink contains Ocean Water with a pomegranate drizzle on top.
  • Aftershock Rebel: It contains a variety of syrups, including strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, and lime.
  • Peach Rebel: This refreshing drink contains a combination of the classic Dutch Bros Rebel energy drink and peach syrup.
  • Electric Berry Rebel: This Dutch Bros energy drink infuses their classic Rebel drink with lime and raspberry.
  • Blue Raspberry Rebel: This drink combines blue raspberry syrup with lime syrup.

You little rebel.

  • Aquaberry Rebel: Cool down with this infusion of watermelon, kiwi, strawberry, blue raspberry, and Dutch Bros exclusive energy drink.
  • Dino Egg Rebel: This popular Rebel drink combines the Blue Rebel energy drink with blue raspberry and a unicorn blood drizzle.
  • Galaxy Fish Rebel: This secret Rebel drink combines three syrups, including strawberry, passion fruit, and lime.
  • OG Gummy Bear Rebel: It’s a Rebel that contains a mix of kiwi, lime, and white chocolate.
  • Dragon Slayer Rebel: Craving for something sweet? This drink is just for you. It contains raspberry and blue raspberry syrups that has a blackberry drizzle on top.
  • Eclipse Rebel: This rebel has a combination of peach and passion fruit syrups with a Starry Night Drizzle, which is made of blue raspberry and blackberry. It’s also more popular as a blended drink.
  • Majestic Forest Rebel: This is another popular Rebel, containing kiwi, blue raspberry, and blackberry flavors.
  • Palm Beach Rebel: It combines the flavors of peach syrup and pomegranate syrup, which tastes exactly like you’re on vacation.

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  • Starry Night Rebel: Originally, it has blue raspberry and blackberry syrups, but you can also add lemonade to it.
  • Ray of Sunshine Rebel: This drink offers you a combination of peach, grapefruit, and blackberry.
  • Strawberry Rebel: Essentially, a Rebel drink that contains a lot of strawberry syrup.
  • Freedom Rebel: It combines Vanilla Frost with drizzles of red and blue raspberries.
  • Midnight Rebel: This is a Rebel infused with pomegranate and blackberry.
  • Passion Water Rebel: Another refreshing drink, this rebel combines passion fruit and watermelon syrups.
  • Sweet Sunrise Rebel: This fruity blend comes with a blend of banana, peach, orange, and passion fruit syrups.
  • Orangesicle Rebel: This drink combines orange and vanilla flavors and is served with a soft top.

Secret Coffee Menu

  • White Zombie: This is made with vanilla breve and white chocolate.
  • White Russian: This combines the popular “Kicker” drink and white chocolate.
  • White Coffee S’mores Breve: This is a breve with white and dark chocolate, cinnamon syrup, black sugar syrup, and chocolate macadamia.
  • White Coffee Cookie Breve: This infuses macadamia nut and white chocolate together to make it taste like a cookie.
  • The Vader: This one’s for those who want that extra kick in the morning. It’s made with three shots of espresso, Blue Rebel, double mint, and dark chocolate.
  • Sugar Cookie: This drink is made with a white coffee breve, white chocolate, vanilla, and almond roca.
  • Snickers: Ever wonder what would a Snickers bar taste like as a drink? Well, this one does and it’s made with dark chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut.
  • S’more Breve Latte: Now this drink combines white and dark chocolate, black sugar syrup, cinnamon syrup, and chocolate macadamia.
Dutch Bros menu prices

Dutch Bros menu prices.

  • Pumpkin Pie Breve: Contains a combination of Dutch Bros’ delicious cold brew and half-and-half, along with a delicious pumpkin drizzle, salted caramel sauce, and just a sprinkle of cinnamon. Essentially, it’s a tasty pumpkin slice in a cup.
  • Pocahontas: This delicious cup of coffee has a mixture of dark chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel. Fun fact, it’s called “Pocahontas” because she’s the caramel to John Smith’s white chocolate.
  • Picture Perfect: With this drink, you’ll have a combination of a caramel latte with dark chocolate drizzle and finished with whipped cream on top.
  • The Nutty Irishman: This is simply a regular breve with the addition of hazelnut and Irish cream.
  • Ninja Turtle: When you order this, you’ll get a creme de menthe with white chocolate mocha.
  • Molten Lava: This is a delicious mocha with cinnamon and chocolate.
  • The Grasshopper: This is a combination of creme de menthe mocha with mint and dark chocolate.
  • The Grand Canyon: A popular option is this drink that contains a white chocolate Annihilator, caramel, and chocolate milk.
  • Golden Eagle: This popular specialty drink combines espresso, caramel, and vanilla syrup with milk, and it’s finished with a flourish of caramel drizzle and a dollop of whipped cream.
  • German Chocolate: This combination consists of caramel, coconut, and rich dark chocolate.
  • French Toast Breve: This breve, flavored to resemble a beloved breakfast treat, is touted for its delicious taste. It’s also available in a mocha version.
  • The Fleck: This breve is a blend of white chocolate, hazelnut, and coconut flavors.

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  • Dirty Macchiato: Request this item, and you’ll receive a breve infused with the flavors of English toffee and caramel.
  • The Cure: This concoction consists of a shot of espresso, enhanced with chocolate milk and a touch of cinnamon.
  • Crazy Hawaiian: This mocha features the rich flavors of caramel, chocolate macadamia nut, and dark chocolate.
  • Cookie: This breve includes chocolate macadamia nut and white chocolate, creating a taste sensation akin to a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie.
  • Chai Nog: This classic popular concoction simply contains an eggnog chai latte.
  • Caramel Nog: Essentially, it’s a caramel eggnog latte, which is best paired with a cold winter’s day.
  • Candy Cane: This is simply a peppermint mocha with a joyous holiday name.
  • Bob Marley: Request this well-loved item and receive a Cocomo, a blend of dark chocolate and coconut, with the addition of a banana.
  • Banana Bread: This breve, crafted with hazelnut and crème de banana syrup, is said to offer an extraordinary, otherworldly taste experience.
  • Ba-Nay-Nay: This delightful mocha blends dark chocolate and banana flavors, crowned with a dollop of whipped cream.

Secret Smoothies Menu

  • Birthday Cake Frost: This refreshing dessert combines vanilla ice cream and whipped almond roca with white chocolate, all garnished with a sprinkle of confetti.
  • Bubble Gum Frost: This delightful creation is a blend of vanilla, banana, strawberries, and ice cream.
  • Cake Batter Frost: This frosty dessert, inspired by cake, is crafted with a combination of almond roca and white chocolate.
  • Capt’N Crunch Frost: This concoction evokes the sensation of crunch berries, as it’s creatively crafted with strawberries and hazelnut.
  • Cinnabon Frost: Request this item, and you’ll receive a delicious chilled drink, infused with the flavors of black sugar syrup, cinnamon syrup, and a hint of salted caramel.
dutch bros coffee

Dutch Bros Coffee.

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch Frost: This concoction consists of white chocolate, black sugar syrup, and cinnamon syrup. If prepared as a frost, it will be without espresso. If made as a freeze, it will include a touch of espresso.
  • The Coral Reef: Sample this delightful blend of orange and vanilla, enhanced with a finishing touch of blue raspberry drizzle.
  • Cotton Candy Frost: This creation is a blend of white chocolate combined with the tangy flavor of blue raspberry.
  • Creamsicle Frost: Composed of orange and white chocolate, this concoction is sure to evoke memories of your younger days.
  • Freedom Frost: This is a vanilla-infused frost, adorned with a colorful blend of red and blue raspberry drizzle.
  • Molten Lava: This contains two ingredients only, which are dark chocolate and cinnamon.
  • Ninja Frost: This concoction combines white chocolate with the refreshing flavor of creme de menthe.
  • Orangesicle: When you order this, you’ll receive a delightful treat infused with orange and vanilla flavors.
  • Peppermint Bark: This delicious delight is crafted with a blend of dark chocolate, white chocolate, and the unmistakable taste of peppermint.
  • Pink Flamingo Frost: This creation is a blend of white chocolate, combined with the fruity flavors of strawberry and peach.
  • Pumpkin Pie Frost: Destined to become a fall delight, this frosty treat is crafted with a blend of spices and the essence of pumpkin.
  • Toasted Mellow Frost: This simple combination brings together the flavors of vanilla and chocolate macadamia nuts.
  • Vanilla Bean Frost: Reminiscent of a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino you might find at Starbucks, this frosty beverage is crafted with vanilla and chocolate macadamia syrup.

Secret Chai Menu

  • Wookie Spice: A distinct Rebel Drink, infused with the flavors of Oregon Chai, prepared through a steaming process.
  • Chai Nog: This simple concoction is only an eggnog chai latte.
  • Christmas Morning Chai: This beverage combines Oregon Chai and white chocolate, and it’s specially crafted by the barista using half-and-half instead of the traditional 2% milk.
  • Strawberry Horchata Chai: This delicious concoction offers you chai, milk, caramel and white chocolate sauces, cinnamon and strawberry syrups, and a soft top.
  • Peach Cobbler Chai: This has chai, milk, peach and chocolate macadamia nut syrups, white chocolate sauce, and finished with a soft top.
  • Dirty Chai: This is simply a chai with a shot of espresso.

Secret Hot Menu

  • Caramel Cinnamon Roll: As its name suggests, it has cinnamon and caramel syrup.
  • Toasted Mellow Mocha: Experience the ultimate marshmallow-like sweetness in this drink, infused with the flavors of vanilla syrup, chocolate macadamia nut syrup, and rich chocolate milk.
  • French Toast Breve: This beverage encapsulates the comforting essence of a leisurely morning, combining the flavors of homemade French toast and freshly brewed coffee into one delectable blend infused with white chocolate, cinnamon, and brown sugar.
  • Molten Lava Mocha: Imagine the rich taste of a chocolate lava cake, enhanced by a hint of cinnamon. This beverage captures that very essence, allowing you to enjoy it in a drinkable form.
  • White Coffee Smores Breve: This beverage is a flavorful blend of black sugar syrup, cinnamon syrup, and chocolate macadamia syrup, along with the rich addition of both white and dark chocolate sauce.
  • The Grasshopper Mocha: This simple concoction is your regular mocha infused with mint to give it a cooling sensation.
  • Snickerdoodle Breve: This enticing coffee breve combines the flavors of white chocolate sauce, chocolate macadamia nut syrup, and a touch of cinnamon syrup.

Secret Menu FAQs

What is the secret menu Snickerdoodle at Dutch Bros?

The “Snickerdoodle”

The “Snickerdoodle” from Dutch Bros Coffee’s secret menu is a fan-favorite drink inspired by the cookie of the same name. Typically served as a latte or frost with the delicious blend of white chocolate and cinnamon flavors. Whether you prefer it hot, iced, or blended, this off-the-menu gem offers a comforting dessert-like experience.

But is this drink any good? It’s important to remember taste is a subjective matter of course. If you’re anything like me and aren’t a big fan of cold and sweet coffee drinks you might not like this. But here are a few comments I heard from a couple Dutch Bros Coffee customers I spoke to.

This drink is amazing! It tastes just like a snickerdoodle cookie, but in liquid form. It’s the perfect treat for a cold day.

I love the Snickerdoodle drink because it’s so rich and creamy. The cinnamon flavor is perfect, and the chocolate macadamia nut syrup adds a nice touch.

What’s in a Trixie Rebel?

The Dutch Bros “Trixie Rebel” is a custom creation from the unofficial secret menu, boasting a vibrant mix of almond, orange, and pomegranate flavors that amplify the Rebel energy drink’s invigorating impact. You can also customize your Trixie Rebel by adding whipped cream and/or a flavor shot and get the drink served on ice or blended.

If you are not a fan of almond, you can ask the barista to substitute a different flavor syrup. Some popular options are raspberry, peach, or strawberry.

What flavor is Vampire Slayer Rebel?

The Vampire Slayer Rebel at Dutch Bros is a strawberry and pomegranate flavored drink. The drink has a Rebel energy drink base, which is a flavorless energy drink with strawberry and pomegranate syrup added. The result is a sweet and tart drink that is perfect for a hot day or as a pick-me-up.

What does Dutch Bros use in their rebel drinks?

Dutch Bros Coffee’s Rebel drink is a proprietary energy drink blend, a caffeine-fueled concoction with a secret recipe. Its exact composition is kept under wraps by Dutch Bros, but it likely includes ingredients common to energy drinks, such as caffeine and sugar, carbonated water, sugar, dextrose, citric acid, taurine, natural and artificial flavors, D-glucuronolactone, sodium citrate, caramel color, caffeine, preservatives, inositol, niacinamide, pyridoxine HCl, D-Calcium pantothenate, yellow 5, and vitamin B12. The sugar-free version of the Rebel energy drink base is made with sucralose instead of sugar.

What sets Rebel drinks apart is their customization potential, with an array of flavor syrups, creams, and additional espresso shots to choose from. Popular versions like the “OG Gummy Bear Rebel” and the “Blackberry Rebel” illustrate a couple of the drink options.

What is a pink flamingo at Dutch Bros?

Ever try a Pink Flamingo?

A Pink Flamingo at Dutch Bros is a frost drink that is made with strawberry, peach, and white chocolate syrups. This drink is usually served blended, but can also be ordered on ice.

What is in a Scooby Snack at Dutch Bros?

A Scooby Snack at Dutch Bros is a secret menu item that is made with the following ingredients:

  • Rebel energy drink base: This is the base of the drink and provides a boost of energy.
  • White chocolate syrup: This gives the drink a sweet and creamy flavor.
  • Almond syrup: This gives the drink a nutty flavor.
  • Blue raspberry syrup: This gives the drink a tart and fruity flavor.
  • Ice: This keeps the drink cold and refreshing.

Does the cookie dough freeze from Dutch Bros have coffee?

No, the Cookie Dough Freeze from Dutch Bros does not have coffee. It is made with chocolate milk, chocolate chip cookie dough flavoring, and ice. It is then topped with Soft Top and chocolate sprinkles.

If you are looking for a coffee drink with cookie dough flavor, you can try the Cookie Dough Cold Brew. This drink is made with cold brew coffee, chocolate milk, and chocolate chip cookie dough flavoring. The drink is finished off with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

As you can see, the secret menu options at Dutch Bros is huge. Now that you know what’s on this menu, the toughest part will be deciding what you want to order.