Whether you’re craving a classic pepperoni slice or venturing into one of their gourmet specialties, Mountain Mike’s has a pizza option everyone can appreciate. While many competitors have shifted to an emphasis on delivery or pickup, Mountain Mike’s has maintains a more traditional dine-in experience with lunch buffet and arcade options.

Here are the updated menu prices at Mountain Mike’s in 2024, including happy hour deals and the Mountain Rewards program that will earn you $5 off your next visit.


Menu ItemSize / QuantityPrice
Classic (1 topping)Small$11.99
Classic (1 topping)Medium$15.99
Classic (1 topping)Large$20.99
Classic (1 topping)Mountain$32.99
Sizzlin' Bacon ClassicSmall$15.99
Sizzlin' Bacon ClassicMedium$19.99
Sizzlin' Bacon ClassicLarge$23.99
Sizzlin' Bacon ClassicMountain$35.99
The EverestSmall$15.99
The EverestMedium$19.99
The EverestLarge$23.99
The EverestMountain$35.99
Chicken ClubSmall$15.99
Chicken ClubMedium$19.99
Chicken ClubLarge$23.99
Chicken ClubMountain$35.99
Pineapple Chicken LuauSmall$14.99
Pineapple Chicken LuauMedium$21.99
Pineapple Chicken LuauLarge$25.99
Pineapple Chicken LuauMountain$35.99
Snowy AlpsSmall$15.99
Snowy AlpsMedium$19.99
Snowy AlpsLarge$23.99
Snowy AlpsMountain$35.99
Robber’s Roost (with White or Red Sauce)Small$15.99
Robber’s Roost (with White or Red Sauce)Medium$19.99
Robber’s Roost (with White or Red Sauce)Large$23.99
Robber’s Roost (with White or Red Sauce)Mountain$35.99
Mt. VeggiemoreSmall$15.99
Mt. VeggiemoreMedium$19.99
Mt. VeggiemoreLarge$23.99
Mt. VeggiemoreMountain$29.99
Pike’s PeakSmall$15.99
Pike’s PeakMedium$19.99
Pike’s PeakLarge$23.99
Pike’s PeakMountain$35.99
Garlic TuscanSmall$15.99
Garlic TuscanMedium$19.99
Garlic TuscanLarge$23.99
Garlic TuscanMountain$35.99

Oven-Baked Sandwiches

Both sandwich options come with a side of chips.

Menu ItemSize / QuantityPrice
Cliff Hanger Salami, Ham, or LA Hot Sausage$7.99
Half Dome Open Face Pizza Sandwich$7.99


Menu ItemSize / QuantityPrice
Individual Salad
All-You-Can-Eat Salad Bar $9.50
Family Salad Serves 5 - 6 people$21.99


Menu ItemSize / QuantityPrice
Wings (Bone In)6 pcs. $7.99
Wings (Bone In)12 pcs. $14.99
Wings (Bone In)24 pcs. $20.99
1/2 Pound Boneless Wings$8.99
1 Pound Boneless Wings$17.99
Garlic Bread$3.99
Loaded Mountain Fries$9.99
Mountain Fries$6.99
Mozzarella Sticks8 pcs.$7.99
Garlic Bread w/ Cheese$4.99
Garlic Sticks w/ Cheese$7.50


Menu ItemSize / QuantityPrice
Dr. Pepper2 Liter$3.99
Root Beer2 Liter$3.99
Starry2 Liter$3.99
Diet Pepsi2 Liter$3.99
Pepsi2 Liter$3.99


  • Cinnamon Dessert Pizza: $8.99
  • Pizza Cookie: $6.99
  • Mini Churros: $6.99
  • Cinnamon Not Knots: $5.99 (Limited Time Item)

Lunch Buffet

This is available Monday – Friday from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Lunch buffet includes all-you-can eat pizza and salad bar. A drink is not included in the price.

  • Adult: $9.99
  • Kids (10 years of age and under): $6.99

Does Mountain Mike’s Have an Arcade?

Yes, some Mountain Mike’s locations have an arcade. The location near my home in Meridian, Idaho, has one and I checked it out with my four year old daughter. My daughter spotted the arcade at the back of the restaurant immediately.

We made our way to the iconic “Cruisin’ USA” game. She eagerly climbed into the driver’s seat, her tiny hands gripping the wheel with determination. I couldn’t help but chuckle as I realized her feet dangled inches above the pedals and put the $1 bill into the slot. So, playing the dual role of co-pilot and gas manager, I pressed down on the accelerator while she steered us on a virtual adventure across Death Valley.

As you can see in the photo below there were only 3 games at our location and some coin operated machines that sold differently novelty items. The “Terminator Salvation” game was too old for her. But the allure of “The Claw” was next, with its promise of cuddly stuffed animals and different Disney characters was a favorite even if we didn’t win.

Mountain Mike's Arcade.

Mountain Mike’s arcade.

Does Mountain Mike’s Have Gluten-Free Options? 

Gluten-free crusts are available in small size only at Mountain Mike’s. This is gluten-free option is similar to a thin-crusts even if it’s not called that. You can order a gluten-free specialty pizzas for $17.99 or a gluten-free classic 1 topping pizza for $14.99.

half pepperoni half sausage gluten free crust

Half pepperoni, half sausage gluten-free crust.

What toppings and sauce options are available at Mountain Mike’s?

Mountain Mike’s Pizza offers a delightful array of toppings to customize your pizza to perfection. Here’s a list of their pizza topping options:

  1. Meats:
    • Pepperoni
    • Italian Sausage
    • Ham
    • Linguica
    • Grilled Chicken
    • Louisiana-style Hot Sausage
    • Salami
  2. Vegetables:
    • Mushrooms
    • Black Olives
    • Bell Peppers
    • Onions
    • Diced Tomatoes
    • Sliced Tomatoes
    • Sun-Dried Tomatoes
    • Green Onions
    • Pineapple
    • Garlic
    • Jalapeños
    • Artichoke Hearts
    • Fresh Spinach

In addition to the wide range of toppings there are also distinct sauce options available like classic red, KC Masterpiece BBQ, and Creamy Garlic White. You can order traditional, thin, or gluten-free crust options.

Happy Hour Specials

Mountain Mike's Happy Hour

Mountain Mike’s Happy Hour.

Happy hour is available from Sunday – Thursday from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

  • $2 off beer and wine
    • $3 Coors Light (Draft Pints)
    • $3.75 Variety Draft Beer (Pints)
    • $3 Variety of Cabernet and Chardonnay
  • Half of pitchers
    • $8 pitchers of Coors Light
    • $9.50 pitchers of other drafts
  • Half-Off Side and Apps

Alcoholic Beverages: 

One thing to keep in mind is that Mountain Mike’s tap list will vary depending on location. In my area, I get a variety of local beers from Payette. You may have other local options on tap in your area

Draft Beer

  • Coors Light: $5 pint, $16 pitcher
  • Other Draft: $5.75 pint, $19 pitcher

Draft options: Blue Moon, Modelo, 805, Mind Hazy IPA, Payette Sofa King, One Tree Lemon-Basil Cider.

beers on tap

Tap list at my Mountain Mike’s location.


  • Poverb Cabernet: $5 per glass
  • Dark Horse Cabernet: $5 per glass
  • Proverb Chardonnay: $5 per glass
  • Edna Valley Chardonnay: $5 per glass
  • Champagne: $4 per glass

Hard Seltzers 

  • Topo Chico (lemon lime, exotic pineapple, strawberry guava, tropical mango): $5
  • High Noon (grapefruit, watermelon, pineapple, passionfruit, mango)

Mixed Cocktails: 

  • Payette Brewing Anytimers (Greyhound or Moscow Mule): $7.75
Mountain Mike's Happy Hour deals.

Mountain Mike’s adult beverages.

Mountain Mike’s Rewards Program

The Mountain Rewards program by Mountain Mike’s Pizza offers enticing benefits for its members. Here’s a quick summary:

  • For every 100 points you accumulate, you receive $10 towards your next purchase.
  • Upon signing up for Mountain Rewards, you instantly get a $5 discount on your first order.
  • Rewards can be redeemed exclusively through the Mountain Mike’s Pizza mobile app.

As you continue to visit and order from Mountain Mike’s, you’ll climb through these reward tiers, unlocking more benefits and offers. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the Mountain Rewards® point system.

  1. Base Camp (Start at Sign-up)
    • $5 off on your first visit.
    • Free side on your 2nd visit.
    • Personalized offers.
    • Refer a friend and earn a $5 reward.
  2. Mountain Guide (After 5 visits)
    • Enjoy a free cinnamon dessert pizza or a free small pizza on your birthday.
    • Personalized offers.
    • Refer a friend and earn a $5 reward.
  3. Trail Blazer (After 10 visits)
    • Earn 15 points for every $1 spent.
    • Enjoy a free cinnamon dessert pizza or a free small pizza on your birthday.
    • Earn 1 surprise reward each month.
    • Personalized offers.
    • Refer a friend and earn a $5 reward.

Hours of Operation

Most Mountain Mike’s locations are open from 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily. You can confirm the hours of operation of your location by visiting the locations page here.

Monday 11AM – 10PM
Tuesday 11AM – 10PM
Wednesday 11AM – 10PM
Thursday 11AM – 10PM
Friday 11AM – 10PM
Saturday 11AM – 10PM
Sunday 11AM – 10PM

History of Mountain Mike’s 

Mountain Mike’s Pizza, a name that resonates with pizza lovers across the Western U.S., has a rich history that dates back to 1978. Founded in Palo Alto, this family-style pizza chain began its journey with a simple yet profound mission: to offer fresh, quality, delicious pizza in a family-oriented casual dining environment.

Unlike many chains that have shifted their focus to assembly-line lunches or primarily delivery and carryout services, Mountain Mike’s has remained true to its roots. The restaurant is renowned not just for its mouth-watering pizzas but also for its signature crispy, curly pepperoni that has become nothing short of legendary.

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Today, with more than 270 restaurants sprinkled throughout the Western U.S., Mountain Mike’s stands as a testament to the power of community and family. As COO and President Jim Metevier aptly puts it, “If you have a Mountain Mike’s Pizza franchise in your community, this is the place to meet.” It’s the go-to spot for celebrations, be it a soccer team’s victory or a family gathering. Parents can relish a variety of craft beers and wines, cheering for their favorite team on the TV, while the kids dive into arcade games, sipping on sodas. And at the heart of it all is the shared joy of savoring a delectable pepperoni pizza.

soft drink machine

Pepsi products are available at Mountain Mike’s Pizza.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza is not just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of family, community, and the timeless love for pizza. Over the decades, it has woven itself into the fabric of countless communities, becoming an integral part of celebrations, memories, and is know the official pizza of the San Francisco 49ers.