Do you love Bundt cakes? If so, you’ll want to try the unique baked goods shop Nothing Bundt Cakes. Dena Tripp, together with Debbie Shwetz, opened Nothing Bundt Cakes in 1997 after realizing the world needed more readily available founded delicious and swoon-worthy cakes that didn’t skimp on quality ingredients. 

Here are the updated prices for everything on the Nothing Bundt Cakes menu in 2024.

Nothing Bundt Cake Prices

8-inch Bundt Cakes – Serves 8 – 10

Menu Item Size / Quantity Price
Frosted in a Bakery Box8”$18.50

10-inch Bundt Cakes – Serves 18 – 20

Menu Item Size / Quantity Price
Frosted in a Bakery Box10”$28.50

Tiered Bundt Cakes – Serves 26-30

Menu Item Size / Quantity Price
8” Cake Over 10” Cake$65.00

Bundtlets Menu 

Personal-sized bundt cakes. Gluten-free flavor is also available.

Menu Item Size / Quantity Price
Individual1 Pc.$3.99
Bundtlet Bundle Box12 Pc.$45.00

Bundtlet Towers

Wrapped bundtlet towers (gift packaging).

Menu Item Size / Quantity Price
Bundtlet Towers1 Pc.$5.99
Bundtlet Towers2 Pc.$9.98
Bundtlet Towers3 Pc.$13.97


Bite-sized bundt cakes

Menu Item Size / Quantity Price
Bundtinis12 Pc.$18.50

Nothing Bundt Cakes Product Prices

(Katy-Cinco Ranch, TX bakery branch). Bundt Cakes – starts at $3 for additional frosting charge for Bundt cakes.

Menu Item Size / Quantity Price
Cake in a Bakery Box8”$28.00
Cake in a Bakery Box10”$38.00
Cake Gift Wrapped in Cellophane8”$30.00
Cake Gift Wrapped in Cellophane10”$40.00

Decorated Cakes

 Starts at $3 for additional frosting charge.

Menu Item Size / Quantity Price
Let It Snow!8”$38.00
Let It Snow!10”$48.00
Let It Snow!Tiered $78.00
Let the Fiesta Begin8”$38.00
Let the Fiesta Begin10”$48.00
Let the Fiesta BeginTiered $78.00
Delicious Wishes8”$38.00
Delicious Wishes10”$48.00
Delicious WishesTiered $78.00
Cele’bundt’ing You8”$38.00
Cele’bundt’ing You10”$48.00
Cele’bundt’ing YouTiered$78.00
Happy ‘Bundt’day8”$38.00
Happy ‘Bundt’day10”$48.00
Happy ‘Bundt’dayTiered $79.00
Prettiest Princess8”$38.00
Prettiest Princess10”$48.00
Prettiest PrincessTiered $78.00
‘Center’ of Attention8”$38.00
‘Center’ of Attention10”$48.00
‘Center’ of AttentionTiered$78.00
Today, You’re the ‘Center’ of Attention8”$38.00
Today, You’re the ‘Center’ of Attention10”$48.00
Today, You’re the ‘Center’ of AttentionTiered $78.00
‘Hole’ in One8”$38.00
‘Hole’ in One10”$48.00
‘Hole’ in OneTiered $78.00
MVP - Football8”$38.00
MVP - Football10”$48.00
MVP - FootballTiered$78.00
MVP - Basketball8”$38.00
MVP - Basketball10”$48.00
MVP - BasketballTiered$78.00
MVP - Baseball8”$38.00
MVP - Baseball10”$48.00
MVP - BaseballTiered$78.00
MVP - Soccer8”$38.00
MVP - Soccer10”$48.00
MVP - SoccerTiered$78.00
MVP - Hockey8”$38.00
MVP - Hockey10”$48.00
MVP - HockeyTiered$78.00
Thanks - Teacher8”$38.00
Thanks - Teacher10”$48.00
Thanks - TeacherTiered$78.00
Home Sweet Home8”$38.00
Home Sweet Home10”$48.00
Home Sweet HomeTiered$78.00
C’round’ for the Day (Plum)8”$38.00
C’round’ for the Day (Plum)10”$48.00
C’round’ for the Day (Plum)Tiered$78.00
C’round’ for the Day (Navy)8”$38.00
C’round’ for the Day (Navy)10”$48.00
C’round’ for the Day (Navy)Tiered$78.00
Flour Bouquet8”$38.00
Flour Bouquet10”$48.00
Flour BouquetTiered$78.00
You Did It!8”$38.00
You Did It!10”$48.00
You Did It!Tiered$78.00
Baby Gender Reveal8”$38.00
Baby Gender Reveal10”$48.00
Baby Gender RevealTiered$78.00
Baby Cakes (Blue)8”$38.00
Baby Cakes (Blue)10”$48.00
Baby Cakes (Blue)Tiered$78.00
Baby Cakes (Pink)8”$38.00
Baby Cakes (Pink)10”$48.00
Baby Cakes (Pink)Tiered$78.00
Yours, Mine, Ours8”$38.00
Yours, Mine, Ours10”$48.00
Yours, Mine, OursTiered$78.00
Love You to Pieces8”$38.00
Love You to Pieces10”$48.00
Love You to PiecesTiered$78.00
Happy Everything8”$38.00
Happy Everything10”$48.00
Happy EverythingTiered$78.00
God Bless (Pink)8”$38.00
God Bless (Pink)10”$48.00
God Bless (Pink)Tiered$78.00
God Bless (Blue)8”$38.00
God Bless (Blue)10”$48.00
God Bless (Blue)Tiered$78.00
Best Mom A’round8”$38.00
Best Mom A’round10”$48.00
Best Mom A’roundTiered$78.00
Best Dad A’round8”$38.00
Best Dad A’round10”$48.00
Best Dad A’roundTiered$78.00
Thanks - Nurse8”$38.00
Thanks - Nurse10”$48.00
Thanks - NurseTiered$78.00
Thanks - Doctor8”$38.00
Thanks - Doctor10”$48.00
Thanks - DoctorTiered$78.00
Bunny Bundt8”$38.00
Bunny Bundt10”$48.00
Bunny BundtTiered $78.00
Witch Way to the Cake?8”$38.00
Witch Way to the Cake?10”$48.00
Witch Way to the Cake?Tiered$78.00
Give Thanks8”$38.00
Give Thanks10”$48.00
Give ThanksTiered$78.00
Baking Spirits Bright8”$38.00
Baking Spirits Bright10”$48.00
Baking Spirits BrightTiered$78.00
Merry and Bright8”$38.00
Merry and Bright10”$48.00
Merry and BrightTiered$78.00
Happy Hanukkah8”$38.00
Happy Hanukkah10”$48.00
Happy HanukkahTiered$78.00
Hello New Year8”$38.00
Hello New Year10”$48.00
Hello New YearTiered$78.00


Menu Item Size / Quantity Price
Individual Bundtlet$5.25
Triple Bundtlet Tower$17.75
Double Bundtlet Tower$12.50
Single Bundtlet Tower$7.25
Bundtlet Bundle12 Pc.$57.75

Bundtinis by the Dozen

Starts at an additional $0.25 for every selection of Bundtinis sentiment flag

Menu Item Size / Quantity Price
Signature Bundtinis12 Pc.$26.00
Confetti Bundtinis12 Pc.$26.00
Red Velvet Bundtinis12 Pc.$26.00
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bundtinis12 Pc.$26.00
Tuxedo Bundtinis12 Pc.$26.00

Decorated Bundtinis by the Dozen

Starts at an additional $0.25 for every selection of Bundtinis sentiment flag.

Menu Item Size / Quantity Price
Gold Sparkle Hats and Poms Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Silver Sparkle Hats and Poms Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Celebration Hats Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Birthday Presents Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Football Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Basketball Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Baseball Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Soccer Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Fiesta Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Confetti Pom Poms Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Soft Pastel Pom Poms Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Hey Girl Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Oh Boy Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
White Hearts Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Love Hearts Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Flowers for Mom Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Best Dad Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Waving Flag Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Graduation Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
School Days Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Bunnies and Eggs Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Witches Hats and Boots Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Fall Leaves Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Christmas Trees and Hats Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00
Ugly Sweaters Bundtinis12 Pc.$36.00

FAQs about the Nothing Bundt Cakes Menu

Who are Nothing Bundt Cakes’ main competitors?

Nothing Bundt Cake has at least 6 top competitors, namely: Gigi Cupcakes LLC, Drop Off INC, The Eli’s Cheesecake Co, Cupcake Royale, Susiecakes LLC, and Sprinkles. These are ranked based on their popularity and revenue.

Of course there are also thousands of ma-and-pa bakeries located across the United States serving baked goods. But this franchise has firmly positioned themselves as the go-to destination for bundt cakes. They’ve created their own market.

What are the top 5 popular Bundt cake items in Nothing Bundt Cake? 

Incredibly versatile, Nothing Bundt Cake comes in a wide range of flavors. Nothing Bundt Cakes’ top 5 cake items are:

Red Velvet

Nothing Bundt Cakes’ red velvet cake is a fan favorite and one of the company’s trademark flavors. This chocolate cake is rich and soft, with just the right amount of cocoa flavor to complement the cream cheese frosting that tops it. If you’re a sweet tooth, you’ll enjoy the added chocolate chips in every bite!

Strawberries and Cream

This seasonal flavor made it to Nothing Bundt’s top cake. The cake’s white chocolate undertones and strawberry fruit filling are a match made in heaven. It tastes the same as strawberry shortcake but creamier. This is the best springtime treat to try!

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

With layers of rich and supple peanut butter-infused cake, creamy peanut butter frosting and chocolate chips, it’s surprisingly not too sugary and has the most delicious peanut butter flavor. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip combines peanut butter and chocolate.  Fans of both flavors will go wild for this decadent treat, which combines a delicious peanut butter cake with chocolate chips and unique icing.

Lemon Raspberry

This is the perfect light cake with a sweet and tangy flavor.  Raspberry puree swirls brighten Nothing Bundt Cake’s lemon cake. The very sweet icing is a perfect complement to the tangy lemon and raspberry filling. A perfect afternoon snack for you and your friends!

lemon raspberry bundt cake

This is the lemon raspberry bundt cake.

Chocolate Turtle

This decadent poke cake is made with premium ingredients including dark chocolate, creamy caramel, and crunchy pecans. This crunch dessert from Nothing Bundt Cakes features an outstanding taste combination. You’ll feel like you’re biting into a warm, rich brownie.

What are the frosting options of Nothing Bundt?

Bundt cakes are universally loved, but everyone has their own preferred method of consumption. You can choose from standard, additional, and no-frosting options for all of our cake sizes. For a more subtle presentation, the 8″ and 10″ Bundt Cakes can be topped with a faint drizzle of frosting instead of their signature icing petal design.

Is there a Secret Menu at Nothing Bundt Cakes?

I asked an associate at my local Nothing Bundt Cakes and was informed there is no secret menu available at these shops. An online search for the same information did not yield positive results either.

Does Nothing Bundt offer gluten-free and dairy-free cakes?

Yes, but with limited options. The only gluten-free option is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Bundt Cake. It is manufactured using gluten-free ingredients. On the other hand, it is not baked in a gluten-free environment.

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Nothing Bundt has 2 dairy-free cakes when requested with no frosting, which are carrot and pumpkin spice flavors. Pumpkin spice is an annual seasonal flavor during fall.

Additionally, Nothing Bundt cake doesn’t offer egg-free, sugar-free, vegan, and keto cakes.

Do you use delivery services from a third-party company?

Yes, Nothing Bundt Cake management is aware that cakes are delicate items to deliver. With this, they partnered with carefully chosen third-party delivery services. However, most bakers prefer to personally deliver cakes to guarantee their quality and freshness.

Do you allow pets inside the establishment?

Dogs are such lovable creatures that you can’t help bringing your dog all around as a dog owner. In the Nothing Bundt Cakes store, the situation is just as lovely, and we welcome you and your pet. Sadly, this kind of case in which pets are allowed inside is not true for all Nothing Bundt Cake branches around the state.

Is there a discount for large orders?

It depends. Nothing Bundt discounts vary by location. Some bakers give special offers to the military, first responders, teachers, nurses, students, and senior citizens.  Large orders are always welcome, but the discount is not the same per location. Joining their Join our eClub secures the best cake promo and deals.

Can you get Nothing Bundt Cakes gift cards?

Yes, Nothing Bundt Cakes do offer gift cards to their valued patrons. This shop’s gift cards offer various ways to give customers joy and may be redeemed online or at any physical Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery. You can buy gift cards in any amount up to $1,000. They also allow purchasing a big number of gift cards as long as you contact your local bakery ahead of time.

How to claim special offers in Nothing Bundt Cakes stores?

You can get your delectable offers by visiting the bakery of your choice and presenting the coupon to the staff. For the Free Birthday Bundtlet promotion, you will be asked to show any valid identification form to confirm your birthdate. 

Nothing Bundt Cake also offers special promotions from time to time. For example, Nothing Bundt Cakes celebrated their 25th anniversary on September 1st, 2022. In honor of the event, they handed out more than 100,000 free confetti bundt cakes to customers.

Nothing Bundt Cakes uses fresh eggs, real butter, and real cream cheese in their cakes, making this cake worthy of every cent you spend. They have 8 and 10-inch bundt cakes, as well as Tiered Bundt Cakes, which are cakes with a 10-inch cake on the bottom and an 8-inch cake on top. Bundtlets are small personal-sized bundt cakes, Bundtlet Towers are stacked Bundtlets, and Bundtinis are bite-sized bundt cakes.