For more than four decades, On The Border has been delighting customers with a flavorful menu that blends the best of Mexican and Texan cuisine. Every meal, from their signature fajitas to their handcrafted chips, salsa, guacamole, and tortillas are made using mesquite-wood grills to give menu items a distinctive Border-Style flavor.

Let’s take a look at the most up-to-date menus and prices that On The Border has to offer in 2024. I also share how get $5 off your next visit along happy hour specials to help you save during your next visit.

Starters & Dips

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Mexican Crab Dip$10.99
Double Stacked Crab Tostada$13.99
Border Sampler$15.99
Crispy Honey-Chipotle Shrimp$14.89
Firecracker Stuffed Jalapeños$11.49
Stacked Nachos$13.79
Beef Empanadas$11.49
Grande Chicken Fajita Nachos$13.79
Grande Steak Fajita Nachos$15.29
Grande Steak and Chicken Combo Fajita Nachos$15.29
Grande Bean & Cheese Nachos$11.99
Guacamole Live$12.99
Guacamole App$8.99
Guac/Queso Duo$12.49
Signature Queso$9.49
Border Queso$9.99
Melted Queso Fundido$12.29
Fajita Chicken Quesadillas$13.49
Fajita Steak Quesadillas$14.99
Brisket Quesadillas$14.99
Veggie Quesadillas (Vegetarian)$13.49
Chicken Flautas$12.29

Salads & Soup

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Chicken Fajita Salad$15.49
Steak Fajita Salad$16.99
Grande Beef Taco Salad$12.79
Grande Chicken Taco Salad$12.79
Chicken Tortilla SoupCup$6.99
Chicken Tortilla SoupBowl$8.99

Border Bowls

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Grilled Chicken Border Bowl$13.39
Grilled Portobello Border Bowl (Vegetarian)$13.39
Grilled Shrimp Border Bowl$14.89
Grilled Steak Border Bowl$14.89


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
El Gran Papi$16.99
Crab Combo$16.49
Create Your Own Combo - Pick 2$11.79
Create Your Own Combo - Pick 3$13.79
Create Your Own Combo - Pick 4$15.79

Mesquite Grill

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Carne Asada$20.49
Grilled Queso Chicken$14.49
Mexican Grilled Chicken$14.49
Loaded Queso Burger$12.99


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
The Ultimate Fajita$29.99
Classic Grilled Chicken Fajitas$19.89
Classic Grilled Steak Fajitas$21.89
Classic Carnitas Fajitas$21.89
Classic Fajitas for Two$39.49
Smokehouse Fajitas$40.99
Monterey Ranch Chicken Fajitas$20.49
Border Smart Chicken Fajitas$16.39
Add Shrimp Skewer$4.99
Add Chipotle Ribs$10.59
Add Jalapeño Sausage$5.99


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Honey-Chipotle Shrimp Tacos2 Pcs$13.49
Honey-Chipotle Shrimp Tacos3 Pcs$15.49
Birria Quesa Tacos2 Pcs$14.79
Birria Quesa Tacos3 Pcs$16.79
Brisket Tacos2 Pcs$13.59
Brisket Tacos3 Pcs$15.59
Southwest Chicken Tacos2 Pcs$11.99
Southwest Chicken Tacos3 Pcs$13.99
Dos XX Fish Tacos2 Pcs$12.49
Dos XX Fish Tacos3 Pcs$14.49
Chicken Tacos Al Carbon2 Pcs$12.99
Chicken Tacos Al Carbon3 Pcs$14.99
Steak Tacos Al Carbon2 Pcs$14.99
Steak Tacos Al Carbon3 Pcs$16.49
Tacos Al Pastor2 Pcs$12.99
Tacos Al Pastor3 Pcs$14.99

Burritos & Chimis

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
The Chicken Big Bordurrito$15.49
The Steak Big Bordurrito$16.99
Classic Beef Burrito$13.49
Classic Chicken Burrito$13.49
Classic Fajita Steak Burrito$14.99
Bean & Cheese Burrito$13.49
Veggie Burrito (Vegetarian)$13.49
Classic Beef Chimichanga$13.49
Classic Chicken Chimichanga$13.49
Classic Fajita Steak Chimichanga$14.99
Veggie Chimichanga$13.49


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Stuffed Crab Enchiladas2 Pcs$16.99
Stuffed Crab Enchiladas3 Pcs$18.99
New Mexico$12.99
Border Queso Beef Enchiladas$12.79
Tres Cheese Enchiladas (Vegetarian)$13.79


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Border's Best Lunch Beef Fajitas$16.89
Border's Best Lunch Chicken Fajitas$14.89
Border's Best Lunch Steak and Chicken ComboFajitas$16.89
Chicken Quesadilla Combo$10.99
Steak Quesadilla Combo$11.99
Brisket Quesadilla Combo$11.99
Create Your Own Lunch Combo$10.49
Lunch Beef Burrito$11.49
Lunch Chicken Burrito$11.49
Lunch Beef Chimichanga$11.49
Lunch Chicken Chimichanga$11.49

Sides & Add-Ons

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Mexican Crab Dip$10.99
Grilled Shrimp Skewer$4.99
Crispy Beef Taco$4.39
Soft Beef Taco$4.39
Crispy Chicken Taco$4.39
Soft Chicken Taco$4.39
Crispy Veggie Taco$4.39
Soft Veggie Taco$4.39
House Salad$6.49
Chips & Salsa$2.49
Flour Tortillas3 Pcs$0.99
Flour TortillasDozen$3.99
Corn Tortillas3 Pcs$0.99
Corn TortillasDozen$3.99
Tortilla ChipsSmall Bag$3.39
Tortilla ChipsLarge Bag$9.49
Signature Queso Side$1.29
Signature Queso Quart$20.49
Border Queso Quart$21.49
Guacamole Side$1.29
Guacamole Quart$25.99
Pico de Gallo Side$1.29
Pico de Gallo Quart$8.49
Mixed Cheese Side$1.29
Mixed Cheese Quart$6.99
Sour Cream Side$1.29
Sour Cream Quart$8.29
Black Beans (Vegetarian) Side$1.59
Black Beans (Vegetarian) Quart$8.29
Refried Beans Side$1.59
Refried Beans Quart$8.29
Cilantro Lime Rice (Vegetarian) Side$1.59
Cilantro Lime Rice (Vegetarian) Quart$9.69
Mexican Rice Side$1.59
Mexican Rice Quart$8.29
Sautéed Vegetables (Vegetarian) Side$2.29
Sautéed Vegetables (Vegetarian) Pound$12.79
French Fries$1.99


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Border Brownie Sundae$7.79
Strawberry Cheesecake Chimis$8.49
Tres Leches Cake$9.99
Caramel Swirl Cheesecake$8.99
Sopapillas5 Pcs$6.79
Sopapillas2 Pcs$3.39


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Big Kid Beef Nachos$8.79
Big Kid Fajita Chicken Nachos$9.49
Kids Border Chicken Strips$8.39
Kids Corn Dog$7.79
Kids Cheese Quesadilla$7.99
Kids Fajita Chicken Quesadilla$9.49
Kids Crispy Taco Plate$8.59
Kids Soft Taco Plate$8.59
Kids Beef Enchilada With Chile Concarne$7.79
Kids Chicken Enchilada With Sour Cream Sauce$7.79
Kids Cheese Enchilada With Chile Concarne$7.79
Kids Grilled Chicken Soft Taco$8.59


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Diet Coke$2.99
Coke Zero$2.99
Dr Pepper$2.99
Minuta Maid LemonadeRegular$2.99
Minuta Maid LemonadeGallon$13.49
Strawberry LemonadeRegular$3.29
Strawberry LemonadeGallon$13.49
Iced TeaRegular$2.99
Iced TeaGallon$9.99
Mango Iced TeaRegular$3.29
Mango Iced TeaGallon$10.49
Peach Ice TeaRegular$3.29
Peach Ice TeaGallon$10.49
Battled Water$2.99
Cherry Border Blast$4.09
Blue Raspberry Border Blast$4.09
OTB Margarita Mix Canteen$10.49
Mango Margarita Mix Canteen$14.29
Strawberry Margarita Mix Canteen$14.29

Family Meals & Kits

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Chicken Fajita Family MealServes 4-5$61.99
Steak Fajita Family MealServes 4-5$71.99
Steak & chicken Combo Fajita Family MealServes 4-5$68.99
Build Your Own Taco KitServes 3-5$39.99
Primo Build Your Own Taco KitServes 3-5$51.99
Taco & Enchilada Family MealServes 4-5$39.99
Enchilada Family MealServes 4-5$39.99
King Ranch Mexican CasseroleServes 4-5$39.99
Veggie Mexican CasseroleServes 4-5$36.99
Large House SaladServes 8-10$28.59
Make Your Own Guacamole Live! KitServes 2-3$12.99
Mini Sopapillas Platter48 Pcs (Serves 8-12)$16.99
Add Queso And Sopapillas To Any Family Meal$24.99

Party Platters

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Create Your Own Platter - Pick 2Serves 6-8$49.99
Create Your Own Platter - Pick 3Serves 6-8$50.99
Create Your Own Platter - Pick 4Serves 6-8$51.99
Mexican Sampler PlatterServes 6-8$48.99
5-Layer DipSmall (Serves 8-10)$24.99
5-Layer DipLarge (Serves 15-20)$31.99
Beef Empanada PlatterServes 6-8$40.99
Mini Beef Chimichanga PlatterServes 6-8$37.99
Mini Chicken Chimichanga PlatterServes 6-8$37.99
Mini Beef & Chicken Combo Chimichanga PlatterServes 6-8$37.99
Mini Chicken Quesadilla PlatterServes 6-8$40.99
Mini Steak Quesadilla PlatterServes 6-8$46.99
Mini Cheese Quesadilla PlatterServes 6-8$32.99

FAQs about the On the Border Menu

What menu items have been discontinued at On the Border?

On the Border has always been known for its innovative Mexican cuisine so it should come as no surprise that they continually adding new and limited-time menu items. Let’s take a look at some of those items that have been discontinued at On the Border.

Tomatillo Chicken Enchiladas

This dish was a beloved favorite of many customers, but unfortunately, it was one of those menu items that suddenly disappeared for unknown reasons. The Tomatillo Chicken Enchiladas consisted of two chicken tinga enchiladas smothered in a tomatillo sauce and topped with queso fresco.

The enchiladas were served with a choice of sides, including black beans, cilantro lime rice, or grilled vegetables. It’s still a mystery why it was removed from the menu, but customers are hoping one day it will make a return.

Steak & Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

This was a bacon-wrapped shrimp skewer that was paired with a chimichurri butter too add a delightful zing to the dish. Many fans have speculated this dish will make a come back. I mean, you can’t go wrong with steak, bacon, and shrimp on a stick. 

On the Border catering menu

On the Border catering menu.

Mexican Pizza

This limited-time dish was a part of On the Border’s summer menu and it was a hit. The Mexican pizza had a truly unique flavor and featured a crispy tortilla crust with layers of refried beans, melted cheese, and your choice of seasoned ground beef or grilled chicken. To top it all off, the Mexican Pizza was topped with a generous helping of diced tomatoes, green onions, and a creamy jalapeño ranch sauce.

Braised Carnitas Torta

This Torta was made with a toasted bolillo roll, filled with succulent braised carnitas and topped with a creamy red chili sauce and honey-chipotle sauce. This flavorful combination was further complimented with a generous helping of shredded cabbage and pickled red onions, which add a nice crunch and acidity to the dish. If you were lucky enough to try the Braised Carnitas Torta, you’ll know how special it was.

Other discontinued items at On The Border:

  • Authentic Tlayuda Mexican Pizza
  • Grilled Queso Panela
  • Honey-Chipotle Grilled Chicken Fajitas
  • Mexican Surf & Turf
  • Smokehouse Burger
  • Mesquite-Smoked Jalapeno Sausage Tacos
  • Summer Cowboy ‘Rita
  • Coconut Paleta ‘Rita
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Chimis
  • Strawberry Pineapple Paleta

Is there a $5 off reward or other discounts you can claim at On the Border Mexican Grill & Catina?

The Border Rewards loyalty program is a great way to take advantage of exclusive deals and offers when you shop at any of their locations. Joining is easy and can be done in just a few steps. To get started, simply sign up through the website or download the app on your phone. After you join, you’ll get a $5 off reward each time you spend $75 at the restaurant. This translates into a savings of 6.67% off everything you buy at On the Border just for joining a rewards program. 

You can get 1 point for every dollar you spend and an additional point for every 10 dollars spent on catering. The more points you accumulate, the more rewards you earn.

Happy Hour Specials

Of course, On the Border doesn’t disappoint when it comes to happy hour deals on drinks and appetizers. These prices and offers will vary slightly based on location.

Drink Specials: Monday – Friday from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

  • Domestic draft beer: $3
  • Grande domestic draft beer: $4
  • Corona or Dos Equis beer: $4
  • House Margaritas: $4
  • Strawbrrritas or Mango Tango: $5

Bar Bites: Monday – Friday from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

  • Catina Nachos: $5
  • Five Mini Crispy Tacos: $5
  • Cheese Quesadillas: $5
  • Queso Sampler (smoky and signature queso sampler): $5
  • Four Firecracker Stuffed Jalapeños: $5
  • 3 Mini Chimis (beef or chicken): $5 or more

Weekly Food Specials

Sunday Special: Fiesta Trio Sundays starting at $14.79. This three course meal includes a lunch sized (smaller portion) of chicken or steak fajitas, house salad or cup of chicken tortilla soup, and a dessert choice of brownie sundae or 2 Sopapillas.

Monday Special: Endless Enchiladas for $10.99 (price will vary depending on location). That’s right you can get all you can eat Chicken Tinga, ground beef, or cheese enchiladas on Mondays. You also get a side of beans, rice, and endless chips and salsa included with the meal. What a deal!

Tuesday Special: Taco Fix Tuesday of Course.

  • $2 Tacos: Chicken Tinga, Ground Beef, and Veggie
  • $4 Tacos: Southwest Chicken and Brisket

Wednesday Special: Fajita Fest. Order a lunch portion of chicken fajitas for only $10.99. Other protein selections are between $2 – $4 more depending on location. Fajitas are served with flour tortillas, Pico de Gallo, sour cream, cheese, rice, and beans.

What are the most popular menu items at On the Border?

Border Smart Chicken Fajitas

The Border Smart Chicken Fajita is not only one of the most popular dishes at On The Border, but it is also one of the healthiest items on the restaurant’s menu. Prepared using mesquite-grilled chicken, sautéed onions, and bell peppers, this fajita is served with black beans, white corn tortillas, pico de gallo, and guacamole. 

The Big Bordurrito

This burrito consists of a large portion of fajita chicken or steak, encased within a seared flour tortilla. Inside, you’ll find a mix of Mexican rice, mixed cheese, black beans, sautéed poblano & onion, and pico de gallo, all drizzled with the restaurant’s Signature Queso to give it a delicious finishing touch. Every Big Bordurrito is served with a side of Mexican rice and beans of your choice. If you’re hungry, you can’t go wrong ordering this item. 

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Chips and Salsa

Chips and salsa are a must-have when you visit On the Border. The chips are thick, crunchy, and perfectly salted, just waiting for that delicious salsa to be scooped on top. With each bite, you’ll notice a subtle sweetness that is balanced by the slight kick of spice. 

Dos XX Fish Tacos

If you’re searching for a flavor-packed dish that will really make a splash at your next meal, then look no further than the Dos XX Fish Tacos. This entree is made with Dos XX beer-battered fish, coated in a creamy red chile sauce, and topped with shredded cabbage, a blend of cheeses, and pico de gallo. It’s all tucked into two hand-pressed flour tortillas and is served with Mexican rice and finished off with your choice of beans.

Border Queso Beef Enchiladas

The recipe starts with two seasoned ground beef enchiladas that are smothered in a creamy border queso sauce. The dish also comes with Mexican rice and beans. 

Tacos Al Carbon

Tacos Al Carbon is a classic Tex Mex dish that is popularly served at On the Border. This menu item consists of warm White corn tortillas filled with succulent fajita chicken or steak, creamy Jack cheese, crunchy diced onion, and fragrant chopped cilantro. The order is served with pico de gallo, fresh guacamole, a zesty roasted red chile tomatillo salsa, savory Mexican rice, and a choice of beans. 

Is there a secret menu at On the Border?

Yes! There are some secret menu items you can order at On the Border. One item is called La Bandera, a dish featuring a combination of an enchilada, taco, and burrito. You can also order Double Stacked Quesadillas. These quesadillas come loaded with chicken, three kinds of cheese, bacon, guacamole, onions, tomatoes, and a red sauce chili. 

Are there any menu items for specialty diets?

To make it easier for guests to make informed choices, On the Border provides nutrition information for many of its menu items. Let’s take a look at some of those options below. 

On the Border vegetarian menu

On the Border vegetarian menu.

Low-Calorie Food Items:

  • Signature Queso without Chip Basket: 480 Calories
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup (Cup):  340 Calories
  • Chicken Fajita Salad (Without Dressing): 410 Calories
  • Steak Fajia Salad (Without Dressing): 490 Calories
  • Mexican Grilled Chicken: 480 Calories
  • Crispy Beef Taco: 250 Calories
  • Soft Beef Taco: 240 Calories
  • Crispy Chicken Taco: 200 Calories
  • Soft Chicken Taco: 190 Calories
  • Crispy Veggie Taco: 180 Caloies
  • Soft Veggie Taco: 170 Calories
  • House Salad: 210 Calories
  • Chips and Salsa: 390 Calories
  • Two Sopapillas: 360 Calories

Gluten Free Food Items:

  • Guacamole (Without Tortilla Chips)
  • Guacamole/Queso Duo (Without Tortilla Chips)
  • Signature Queso (Without Tortilla Chips)
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup (Without Tortilla Strips)
  • Chicken or Steak Fajita Salad (Without Onions)
  • Chicken Tinga or Ground Beef Grande Taco Salad (Without Tortilla Shell)
  • Bolder Border Bowls (Grilled Chicken, Grilled Steak, Grilled Shimp, Grilled Portobello)
  • Tacos Al Carbon (Chicken Or Steak)
  • Sizzling Classic Fajitas
  • The Ultimate Fajitas
  • Smokehouse Fajitas
  • Montery Ranch Chicken
  • Shimp Skewer
  • Chipotle Ribs
  • Jalapeno Sausage
  • Grilled Queso Chicken
  • Mexican Grilled Chicken
  • Carne Asada
  • Black Beans
  • Refried Beans
  • Mexican Rice
  • House Salad (Without Tortilla Strips)
  • Cilantro Lime Rice
  • Avocado Slices
  • Sauteed Vegetables
  • Pico del Gallo
  • Mixed Cheese
  • Sour Cream 
  • Corn Tortillas
  • Chocolate Sundae
  • Strawberry Sundae
  • Salsa Verde
  • House Made Salsa
  • Jalapeno BBQ
  • Honey Chipotle
  • Spicy Avocado Ranch
  • Lime-Cilantro Chimichurri
  • Roasted Red Chili Tomatillo Salsa

Vegetarian Food Items:

  • Signature Queso
  • Guacamole
  • Veggie Quesadilla
  • Fajita Salad
  • Grilled Portobello Bowl
  • Vegetable Burrito
  • Cheese Enchiladas
  • Cheese Chili Releno
  • Avocado Slices
  • Flour and Corn Tortillas
  • Cilantro Lime Rice
  • Black Beans 

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  • Sauteed Vegetables
  • Sour Cream
  • Pico del Gallo
  • Mixed Cheese
  • Honey Chipotle Sauce
  • House-Made Salsa
  • Jalapeno BBQ
  • Lime-Cilantro Chimichurri
  • Spicy Avocado Ranch
  • Salsa Verde
  • Roasted Red Chili Tomatillo Salsa
  • Border Brownie Sundae
  • Caramel Swirl Cheesecake
  • Tres Leches Cake

Vegan Food Items:

  • Guacamole Quesadillas
  • Spicy Avocado Enchilada
  • Fried Portobello Tacos
  • Portobello Mushroom & Vegetable Fajitas
  • Chips with Salsa or Guacamole
  • House Salad (Without Queso)
  • Black Beans
  • Cilantro Lime Rice
  • Sautéed Vegetables
  • Veggie Quesadilla:(Without Cheese and Ranch Cream)
  • Fajita Salad (Without Queso Fresco)
  • Vegetable Burrito (Without Cheese and Ranchero)

Who is the target audience of this On the Border menu?

On the Border’s ideal target market consists of college students and millennial professionals aged 18 – 45, though they are not limited to this age range. Considering they’ve been in business for more than four decades, they’ve built a following of older diners as well. Their targeted customers tend to be part of the Middle-class demographic and enjoy the approachable flavors of Tex-Mex cuisine.

The restaurant strives to provide an inviting atmosphere, complete with an upbeat and lively ambiance to create a memorable dining experience. I encourage you to give On the Border Mexican Grill and Cantina a try, even if it’s just for happy hour. Speaking from experience this has been one of my go-to Mexican spots for an easy weeknight meal with the family.