The customer is always right as the saying goes but not in every restaurant. In fact, there are some restaurants whose entire goal is to treat you poorly, call you names, and give you major attitude. You read that right. In each one of the restaurants, the staff will be purposely rude to customers.

Below are six restaurants that make being rude an entertaining and memorable dining experience. Do you dare eating at any of these diners?

Karen’s Diner

Karen’s Diner is probably one of the top picks to go to if you want to experience dining at a rude restaurant. They’re a hit all over social media with their Tik Tok account having 1 million followers and 30 million likes. The name of the diner comes from the slang term for an American white woman who is rude and the servers and staff of Karen’s Diner make sure you get the full Karen experience from the minute you enter the restaurant up until you leave.

Karen's Diner Staff

The friendly staff at Karen’s Diner.

The nicest thing they can do for you? They’ll post for pictures with you in their mini photo area so you can share a piece of the action online. But to get the full Karen’s Diner experience, with the cussing, rude stares, smart ass comebacks, and the hat of shame, then you need to dine with them to see for yourself.

  • Menu: Burgers, chicken wings, hot dogs, cocktails
  • Locations: Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and USA

Dick’s Last Resort

I’ve been to this Dick’s Last Resort for a work event at the Mall of American in Minnesota. It was a memorable experience to dine with coworkers to say the least. The staff forced my boss to eat his wings in a baby seat. Pretty entertaining!

Of course the restaurant will also make you wear a big white paper hat with different derogatory messages on it. A few messages I’ve seen written on these hats include the following:

  • I’m the product of alcohol.
  • Cute, but not worth the STD.
  • It’s not small at all!
  • My girlfriend. (With a hand finger pointing at the person.)
  • And a “for sale” sign written on a child.
Dick's Last Resort dining

Dining at Dick’s Last Resort.

At Dick’s Last Resort, the servers tell you to leave your manners at the door. Dick’s is one restaurant where you get the rude experience of a lifetime. Dick’s was founded by Richard Chase who is apparently the dead-eyed mascot you always see standing in front of the restaurant. The fun (or rudeness) starts as soon as you enter the restaurant. A seen from a vlog by ImDavisss, there weren’t any servers who greeted them but a staff does yell where they can sit. Menus and silverwares are tossed on their tables upon them sitting down and it’s just snide remarks, sexual innuendos, and derogatory comments from start to finish.

Though Dick’s Last Resort is not one for the faint hearted, they do throw a good party since many like to celebrate birthday bashes, bridal showers, and bachelor’s party in their premises.

They even have a Dick’s Big Meat Challenge that many try to take on. The challenge consists of two large steaks, Dick’s 12 inch wiener, their Macho Nacho appetizer, house salad, a double portion of their cheddar mashed taters, and a double order of broccoli. You’ll need to be able to finish it in one hour for the meal to be free. Otherwise, it’s $79.99. To add to the humiliation, you need to sit in a big baby high chair while eating the meal.

  • Menu: Steaks, nachos, grilled fish, Surf n Turf meals, cocktails, wines, pasta, chicken, and wieners
  • Location: Texas, Tennessee, Indiana, South Carolina, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Alabama, and Florida

Wiener’s Circle

The Wiener’s Circle is best known as a place in Chicago where you get served delicious hotdogs and a side of cuss. This hotdog stand that opened in 1983 didn’t use to be known as a rude restaurant but through the years it has become their charm. The servers at Wiener’s Circle won’t hesitate to throw curses at you and let’s just say the customers enjoy coming back over and over again.

The Wieners Circle

Enter The Wieners Circle.

  • Menu: Char-grilled Vienna beef hotdogs and burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, sodas, and beer
  • Location: 2622 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Ed Debevic’s

A 50’s diner with an attitude! Ed Debevic’s is a retro themed diner in Chicago and they’re known for their food and staff with a snarky attitude. The servers are dressed in flashy uniforms and they don’t skimp on serving the rudeness.

Aside from this classic diner, Ed Debevic’s is known for their extensive menu that caters to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So if you don’t mind getting a full order of rude stares and sassy comments along with your meal then Ed Debevic’s is for you.

  • Menu: Breakfast toasts, salads, burgers, wieners, sandwiches, pies, and their famous world’s smallest sundae
  • Location: 159 E Ohio St. Chicago, IL 60611

Sam Wo

Now this place isn’t that rude as compared to the ones mentioned above but Sam Wo is included on the list for being the home of the ‘world’s rudest, worst, most insulting waiter’. Edsel Ford Fung was known as Sam Wo’s rude waiter who flirted with women, reminded people to tip him, and criticized customers. And yet, people flocked to Sam Wo just to experience Fung’s rudeness. Fung died in 1984 but Sam Wo honors him at their restaurant with his apron framed and displayed on their walls.

  • Menu: Chinese cuisine such as B.B.Q. Pork Noodle Roll, Beef Stew Wonton Soup, Fish Jook, and Dry Mixed Noodles
  • Location: 713 Clay St, San Francisco, CA 94108, United States

The Elbow Room

The Elbow Room was once a spot in Vancouver known for their brazen side comments and their “Big Ass Pancakes”. I say “once” because sadly, the diner closed down in 2018 when the building they operated in went through a redevelopment. This redevelopment put the restaurant out of business and the snide remarks have been missed ever since.

  • Menu: Eggs and pancakes, soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers
  • Location: This restaurant is permanently closed but they used to be located in downtown Vancouver.

Why would someone want to eat at a rude restaurant?

You might be wondering why are rude restaurants a thing? Who would want to eat a restaurant that gives off a negative vibe?

There’s no single answer to that. But there are some people who just go to experience what the concept of a rude restaurant is and nothing more. Some enjoy the “rude” entertainment that’s not real when you walk out the door. Others come for the diner style food being served. Whatever the reason is, the appeal of a rude restaurant must intrigue a lot of people because these establishments are still popping up all over the place or have survived for years.

Dick's Last Resort

Dick’s Last Resort on Social Media.

What might happen at one of these rude restaurants?

Expect a lot of rude things to happen to you when you dine at restaurants like Karen’s Diner, Ed Debevic’s, Dick’s Last Resort, and The Wiener’s Circle. Most of these can be rude comments can be about your physical looks, your inability to choose a menu item on time, or even your food choices. You might also be asked if you have a reservation (even though you don’t need one) or told that you are too early or late to be seated. You overhear staff talking about how they hate their jobs and are tired of working. You will definitely get complaints from staff if you don’t tip well.

Their body language also says it all with the way they roll their eyes at you or throw the menu on the floor for you. But they do draw the line at certain things. For instance, Karen’s Diner does not include body shaming, racist, sexist or homophobic jokes. Staff is trained not to take things too far with guests.

Is the food bad at rude restaurants?

Contrary to the negative vibe and the rude staff, the food at these restaurants are always given high praises. One review called Karen’s Diner’s food absolutely delicious. At Ed Debevic’s, one customer rated the food and service as 10 out of 10.

While the service can be bad for entertainment purposes, the food should never be poor quality at these restaurants. Rude restaurants must still meet all the local health code requirements just like any other chain restaurants. These restaurants must cook and prepare food safely for guests.

Should you still tip? 

Yes, you should still tip at rude restaurants. Despite the intentional poor treatment for entertainment purposes, servers are performing their roles and providing the unique experience you came for. Tipping remains a gesture of appreciation for their service and their efforts entertaining you.

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The standard tipping rate in most countries is between 15% to 20% of the total bill. At rude restaurants, while the experience is unique, the tip should still fall within this range. However, if you feel that the server exceptionally played their part or if the overall experience was notably entertaining, you might consider tipping a bit more as a gesture of appreciation. But it’s not obligatory to tip more just because of the restaurant’s theme.

After reading all of this, do you think you have what it takes to dine at a rude restaurant? If you do, then you might want to give these restaurants a try. Let me know what kind of abuse you take.