If you’re fond of chicken tenders, Slim Chickens could become your favorite restaurant chain. Their famous Southern-style buttermilk marinade coats 100% of their all-natural premium tenders that resonate with guests who appreciate homemade flavors made with authentic ingredients. Slim Chickens menu also includes salads, desserts, waffles, wraps, and sandwiches.

I’m sharing the updated menu prices at Slim Chickens below. I also explain how to claim a free Cayenne Chicken Sandwich for your next visit. 

Milkshake Menu 

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
Chocolate Milkshake$4.19
Vanilla Milkshake$4.19
Strawberry Milkshake$4.19
Oreo Milkshake$4.19

Tender & Wing Meals

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
Tender Mac & Cheese Bowl Meal$8.99
Buffalo Mac & Cheese Bowl Meal$9.99
Chick's Meal3 Pieces$8.99
Classic Meal4 Pieces$10.59
Slim's Meal5 Pieces$11.99
Hungry Meal7 Pieces$14.49
6 Wing Meal6 Wings$11.59
7 Wing Meal8 Wings$13.59
3 & 3 Meal$15.49
5 & 5 Meal$16.49

Craft Sandwiches & Wraps

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
Chicken Club Sandwich Meal$9.49
Chicken Club Sandwich Meal$5.99
Cayenne Ranch Chicken Sandwich Meal$9.49
Cayenne Ranch Chicken Sandwich$5.99
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich Meal$8.89
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich$5.49
Crispy Chicken Sandwich Meal$10.19
Crispy Chicken Sandwich$7.29
Wrap Meal$10.19
Buffalo Wrap Meal$10.19
Buffalo Wrap$7.29
Smokey Cheddar Wrap Meal$10.19
Smokey Cheddar Wrap$7.29

Chicken & Waffles Menu 

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
Chicken & Waffles3 Tenders$9.99
Waffle Only1 Piece$5.99

Salad Menu

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
Slim's Salad$9.99

Desserts Menu

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
Oreo Cheesecake Jar Dessert$6.99
Reese's Cheesecake Jar Dessert$6.99
Chocolate Brownie Pudding Jar Dessert$6.99
Chocolate Chip Brownie$1.99

Kids Meals

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
Kids Tender Meal2 Tenders$5.99
Kids Mac$4.79

Family Meals

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
Grab & Go Pack10 Tenders$24.99
Southern Style Family Meal12 Tenders$32.99
Picnic Pack16 Tenders$36.99
Tailgate Pack12 Tenders, 10 Wings$39.99

Party Trays

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
10 Tenders$15.99
25 Tenders$39.99
10 Wings$14.99
20 Wings$29.99
Pack of 5 Sauces$1.99
Pack of 10 Sauces$3.99
Pack of 20 Sauces$6.99
Texas Toast Tray$5.99
Small Crowd Mac & Cheese$21.99
Small Crowd Coleslaw$15.99
Small Crowd Potato Salad$19.99
Brownie Tray$16.99

Catering Menu

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
Chick's 3 Tender Box3 Tenders$8.49
Slim's 5 Tender Box5 Tenders$10.49
Crispy Chicken Sandwich Box$8.49
Wrap Box$10.49
Brownie Tray8 Pieces$16.99
25 Tenders$39.99
20 Wings$29.99
Pack of 20 Sauces$6.99
Pack of 10 Sauces$3.99
Pack of 5 Sauces$1.99
Garden Salad Tray$22.99
Small Crowd Mac & Cheese$21.99
Large Crowd Mac & Cheese$36.99
Small Crowd Potato Salad$19.99
Large Crowd Potato Salad$34.99
Small Crowd Coleslaw$15.99
Large Crowd Coleslaw$24.99
Miss Vickie's Sea Salt Kettle Cooked Potato Chips$2.00
Texas Toast Tray$5.99
Gallon of Unsweet Tea$5.99
Gallon of Sweet Tea$5.99
Gallon of Peach Tea$5.99
Gallon of Raspberry Tea$5.99
Gallon of Lemonade$9.99

Sides Menu

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
Mac & CheeseRegular$2.99
Mac & CheeseLarge$5.49
Potato SaladRegular$2.99
Potato SaladLarge$6.29
Side Salad$3.39
Fried Mushrooms$5.49
Fried Pickles$5.49
Fried Okra$5.49
Texas Toast$0.79
Side of Butter$0.33
Side of Syrup$0.33

Drinks Menu

Menu ItemsSize/QuantityPrices
Bottled Water$2.50
Sweet Tea20 oz$2.29
Sweet Tea32 oz$2.79
Unsweet Tea20 oz$2.29
Unsweet Tea32 oz$2.79
Peach Tea20 oz$2.29
Peach Tea32 oz$2.79
Raspberry Tea20 oz$2.29
Raspberry Tea32 oz$2.79
Lemonade20 oz$2.29
Lemonade32 oz$2.79
Coca-Cola20 oz$2.29
Coca-Cola32 oz$2.79
Diet Coke20 oz$2.29
Diet Coke32 oz$2.79
Coke Zero20 oz$2.29
Coke Zero32 oz$2.79
Coca-Cola Cherry20 oz$2.29
Coca-Cola Cherry32 oz$2.79
Dr Pepper20 oz$2.29
Dr Pepper32 oz$2.79
Diet Dr Pepper20 oz$2.29
Diet Dr Pepper32 oz$2.79
Sprite20 oz$2.29
Sprite32 oz$2.79
Root Beer20 oz$2.29
Root Beer32 oz$2.79
Hi-C Pink Lemonade20 oz$2.29
Hi-C Pink Lemonade32 oz$2.79
Fanta Orange20 oz$2.29
Fanta Orange32 oz$2.79
Fanta Strawberry20 oz$2.29
Fanta Strawberry32 oz$2.79
Gallon of Lemonade$9.99
Gallon of Sweet Tea$5.99
Gallon of Unsweet Tea$5.99
Gallon of Peach Tea$5.99
Gallon of Raspberry Tea$5.99

FAQs about the Slim Chickens Menu

What menu items have been discontinued at Slim Chickens?

There are no known discontinued Slim Chickens meals. Slim Chickens has a stripped down menu focused on meals with a broad appeal so perhaps this isn’t so surprising. 

However, they do have an annual limited-time item that’s brought back each Valentine’s Day. Every February 14, the restaurant releases a heart-shaped waffle that’s available for one week.

This meal is made up of three hand-breaded chicken tenders piled on a golden buttermilk heart-shaped waffle drizzled with butter and sweet syrup. Give the treat a go and find yourself treated with all the extra sweetness you deserve during heart season.

Discounts and the Free Cayenne Chicken Sandwich offer at Slim Chickens 

When you sign up for the loyalty program called Slimthusiast Rewards, you’ll get a coupon for a free Cayenne Ranch Sandwich after registering through the website or mobile app. This coupon must be used within 14 days of registering for the coupon so make sure to take advantage of the offer right away. But that’s not all!

For the mechanics of the loyalty program, you earn 1 point for every pre-tax dollar spent by scanning your receipt post-purchase (minimum of $2 for points to be valid). You can scan up to two barcodes per day. And once you bank 50 points, they will automatically be converted to a $4 dollar credit on your next purchase. You can earn another 50 bonus points for free when you refer friends to download the app and spend $5 or more.  

Finally, you’ll get a coupon for a free JAR Dessert birthday treat as a member of this rewards program. This is a truly unique dessert that’s stuffed into a mason jar that you get to keep and take home. One of the JAR options you can choose is called the Chocolate Brownie Pudding Jar Dessert that combines together a brownie, Heath bar, pudding, and whipped cream into one. The birthday coupon expires 31 days after your date of birth so make sure to use it as soon as you can.

Chocolate Brownie pudding Jar Dessert

Chocolate Brownie Pudding Jar Dessert.

Students can get a 20% off discount at Slim Chickens with a valid ID at participating locations. While other groups like seniors should sign up for the S’imthusiast Rewards Program to earn freebies, discounts, and other member-exclusive perks. 

If you live in the United Kingdom and work for the NHS, don’t forget to bring your ID card as well. Some locations offer a 10% off discount at participating locations. In the United States, some locations offer 10% discounts to members of the military with a valid ID. 

Slim Chickens also participates in occasional discounts during Veterans Day and other national holidays. Follow one of the companies social media accounts to see special offers from the restaurant. 

What are the most popular menu items at Slim Chickens?

Just like a similar themed restaurant Raising Cane’s, Slim Chickens most popular item are the chicken tenders. In fact, the tenders are included in virtually every meal they offer, including the waffles.

The Slim’s Meal contains five of the restaurant’s prized hand-breaded chicken recipes paired with their Texas Toast, two sauces, your choice of side, and a medium drink. It’s a no-brainer combo that you have to try during your next visit. 

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Here are some other popular meals to order: 

  1. Chick’s Meal
  2. Classic Meal
  3. 5 & 5 Meal
  4. Chicken & Waffles
  5. Chicken & Waffles

Is there a secret menu at Slim Chickens?

There is one single secret menu item at Slim Chickens and it’s called the Secret Slim Burger. The meal comes with two slices of Texas toast, seasoned fries, classic tenders, crispy fried onions, and finished off with the cayenne ranch sauce. Aside from the secret burger, Slims has released a menu hack to upgrade your fries into gourmet fries by pouring garlic parmesan or your sauce of choice on them.

Are there any Slim Chickens menu items for specialty diets?

There is a PETA-approved menu item at Slim Chickens called Vegan Fried Chicken; although it is only available at select UK locations at this time. They also have Veggie Wraps for vegetarians. For gluten-free options, you can order their Hand-breaded Tenders, Grilled Guacamole Wrap, and Cheesy Bacon Fries. Their breaded chicken wings, however, are not gluten-free.

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Slim Chickens have also made their Nutrition Guide available online for those who need a reference for their diets.

Who is the target audience of Slim Chickens’ menu?

Slim Chickens has just opened their 150th location in 2022 simply targeting locations that are known to appreciate good tenders recipes. There’s even a location being built a few blocks from my home that will open later this year. The company continues to expand rapidly and you could see a location opening near you soon if there isn’t one already open. 

Choosing an item at Slim Chickens is not difficult. If you’re craving hand-breaded chicken with a unique set of seasoning, you can’t go wrong by visiting this growing chicken chain.