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Food Truck Money Matters

Money Matters

Looking to purchase a new food truck or expand your existing mobile food empire? These articles were designed to help everyone from the novice to food truck veterans in the areas of money matters.

Food Truck Finances Articles

401+ Finance Team Name Ideas for Competitive Number Crunchers

The best way to instill unity and camaraderie in the work place is to get everyone to feel like they’re one big family. It makes a huge difference when a member knows they have a team backing them up in times of success and[...]

By |Jan 5, 2022|Accounting, Marketing|

Understanding How FUTA Affects Your Food Truck

Food truck owners must pay federal and state unemployment taxes in order to fund the unemployment tax system. Unemployment compensation is designed to pay benefits to workers when they lose their jobs through no fault of their own. The Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) fund and state unemployment[...]

By |Nov 16, 2020|Taxes|

Selecting An Inventory Accounting System For Your Truck

One accounting decision that food trucks that maintain a food inventory is which inventory accounting system to use to record the cost of goods sold expense, which is the sum of the costs of the products sold to customers during the period. You deduct the[...]

By |Nov 9, 2020|Accounting|

Credit Card Financing Your Food Truck Business

Are you one of the many food truck vendors financing or planning to finance your food truck startup with credit cards? Today we’ll examine credit card financing of a food truck business and discuss its downsides and alternatives for prospective vendors. When using credit cards[...]

By |Nov 4, 2020|Financing|
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How To Avoid Common Food Truck Financial Mistakes

If you are a food truck owner determined to keep your truck service window open, you've got to have your eye on each and every issue that could potentially stall your mobile food business. That means not overspending or wasting supplies, keeping only necessary staff[...]

By |Aug 12, 2020|Accounting|

5 Financial Red Flags: How To Keep Your Food Truck Afloat

As all food truck veterans already know, this is an industry that is very unforgiving. This includes when it comes to achieving bottom line profits. Not only is there little room for financial management missteps, the problem is compounded by the lack of business experience[...]

By |Aug 6, 2020|Accounting|