The increasing interest in pizza has given rise to pizza trucks across the country. If you’re thinking of opening a pizza truck, you have a lot to consider. Do you want to buy or lease a truck? What will be on your menu? You also have to think about logistics. This will include what pizza equipment you’ll need inside and outside your truck.

To be able to function efficiently and serve their customers quickly, pizza trucks need to have top quality pizza equipment. Today we’ll share a list of equipment every pizza truck will need to get started.

Common Pizza Equipment List

Walk Through The Process

When equipping your pizza truck, think about the entire pizza making process. What is needed before you place the pizza in the oven? Where will this process take place? From the dough to the sauce to the cheese and toppings to the oven. Once this process has been determined, you need to think about the finishing area. How is this process going to flow?

The easiest way to do this is to work from the back forward. Think about steps included from the ingredients being received to final steps to the service window. If you’re making your own sauce or grilling toppings, you’ll need an oven range or grill. Also consider boxes for serving, or display cases for single slice sales.

The Oven

The type of pizza your truck will offer will influence your most important piece of equipment; the oven. What style of pizza will you serve? And what capacity do you need to serve to make a profit? The most popular choices include deck ovens and conveyor or impinger ovens. If you have a bit more to spend, you can even think about a wood fired brick oven.

Whatever style you choose, it must be durable and operate for long periods of time without needing repair or service.

Dough Making

The dough making process is a major consideration for food trucks that don’t buy dough. Again, knowing your production process is a must to understand your needs. Standard pieces will include a mixer, a dough prep table, or even a sheeter or press.

Bonus Tip: Do not purchase a mixer under 40-quart capacity. Why? Because a 40-quart mixer will hold a 25-pound bag of flour.


To start off, you will need stainless-steel sheet pans or other dough storage containers. Speed racks are common for holding the dough after it is made.

Stainless-steel prep tables for work service. Your pizza table placed adjacent to the oven should hold all toppings, sauce and cheeses. This will make prep work a breeze. In a food truck kitchen, you need everything within arm’s reach.


The equipment needed for storage in your pizza truck must include a refrigerator and freezer. Purchase equipment that will hold your ingredients at safe temperatures. Make sure to have any idea about your capacity needs and find equipment that will fit into your truck in places that make it easy to access during a busy shift.

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The Bottom Line

We hope this list of the basic pizza equipment helps you make the leap from aspiring vendor to mobile pizza entrepreneur. While this is not a complete list of all the equipment you need or a comprehensive must have list of food service equipment for a pizza truck, it is simply a rough guide of what you generally find there.

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