Food Moves hopes to change the way Americans eat by making every meal an adventure. The Food Moves app will be the first real-time food truck tracking application to hit the mobile food industry. The app will provide an interactive map to display the food trucks in your area and provide live menus to see what the trucks are currently serving.

Up to this point in, most food truck tracking apps scrapped data from food truck social media accounts. The Food Moves tracking function represents a breakthrough in finding food trucks as it shows an accurate location of open food trucks. Using GPS technology to follow the trucks, Food Moves gives you the locations of your favorites plus those in your area to provide an up-to-date idea of where trucks are located. While some have tried, to date, no other food truck tracking service provides this level of accuracy.

Food Moves creators Joel Cettina and Christopher Donohue are both foodies. They both love to cook and eat all kinds of food. They don’t shy away from any type of cuisine and are always eager to try something new.

Coming from an entrepreneurial background, Joel has worked in marketing and is now a product manager. This gives him unique insight into the consumer and product side of the business.

Christopher lives in the mobile space. He does tech public relations and has experience working on content, services and mobile apps. He’s built strong relationships with tech and local media, which will expand Food Moves’ profile amongst influencers, the public and investors.

What You Will Get With Food Moves:

  • Real-time tracking of your favorite food trucks
  • Turn-by-turn directions accurate to the side of the street
  • Daily specials
  • Share trucks with your friends
  • Curated content from around the Internet created by passionate foodies like you